Lemlist Review 2024: Its Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Wondering if Lemlist is a fitment for your needs? Our Lemlist review will help you understand what other professionals think about Lemlist. So if you are looking around for an unbiased opinion, then you have come to the right place.

Lemlist is a great tool and is amongst the top 10 platforms for sales engagement.

I work with SmartReach.io, a direct competitor of Lemlist. So, at some parts of the blog, you might feel I’m biased, but believe me, I have personally run a few campaigns, and I think they are good.

By the end of this Lemlist review, you will get to know more about: 

  • Its interface
  • Major features Lemlist provides
  • Lemlist’s pricing
  • What users think of Lemlist
  • Better Lemlist alternatives

So, let’s get started.

Features Lemlist SmartReach.io
Campaign soft start
Inbox rotation
AI-powered email contentLimitedUnlimited
SOC-2 Type II
Shared inbox
Reply sentiment report
Email warmup
Task manager
Outreach via LinkedIn & call
Outreach via WhatsApp & SMS
PricingStarts at $29Starts at $59

Lemlist review – Overview

Lemlist is an AI-powered sales outreach tool that assists in running lead-generation campaigns on email, LinkedIn, and calls. 

With Lemlist, you can get email addresses and phone numbers from LinkedIn, import them to the Lemlist dashboard, and launch multi-channel campaigns.

Lemlist review – Interface

Lemlist provides an easy-to-navigate dashboard where new users can check the onboarding video to know how to proceed. They have listed their dashboard features, including creating campaigns, reports, leads, templates, unsubscribes, and tasks.  

lemlist review

When you get into the campaign, you will get an option to create your sequence. Lemlist provides you with three options to create; via AI-generated campaign, manual set-up, and duplicate from existing template campaign. 

Lemlist provides an easy-to-use interface to create sequences. You also get an option to A/B test your subject lines, email content, and CTAs. .

lemlist review

Under reports, Lemlist provides you with the option to analyze based on campaign, users and channels.  This feature helps  you to make data-based decisions.

lemlist review

Under leads, you can search for your target prospect and pull their contact information. Lemlist provides the option to push the email directly to the campaign. 

lemlist review

Under templates, Lemlist gives you the option to create your own templates based on your use case. You can have different templates for emails, schedules, snippets, images, and pages.

lemlist review

The Unsubscribes section is where you can gather emails and domains you never want to send campaigns to again. 

The things that can be included are: 

▪️ People who asked to be removed from your list and were manually moved here.

▪️ People who clicked on the Unsubscribe link in your emails. Once they click, they’re automatically added to this section.

▪️ Bounced emails also get added here automatically.

lemlist review

The task section lists tasks for your multichannel sequences: emails, manual tasks, and calls. Tasks are auto-generated by the tool. After completing a task, click ‘Done’ to continue the sequence or ‘Interested’ or ‘Not Interested’ to stop that lead.

Lemlist review – Features

Let’s take a look at the prominent features of Lemlist. 


Lemlist helps you send personalized emails at scale. They provide the option to insert text variables aka (merge-tags) into your emails to personalize them for each recipient. You can use conditional logic to send different email content to different recipients based on their criteria.

It also provides dynamic content to personalize the content of your emails based on the recipient’s data.

Lemlist also provides the option to create personalized images, which can include the lead’s name, company logo, website screenshot, etc.

You can also create personalized landing pages within email that target higher engagement.

lemlist review

Multichannel Outreach

With Lemlist, your sales team can automate their outreach efforts through various channels like email, calls, and LinkedIn. 

Lemlist provides an option to automate email sequences with personalized content and follow-ups. 

lemlist review


With Lemlist, you can integrate with popular CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive to sync data, add leads, and track campaign performance.

You can find and enrich your lead data using tools like Leadcamp, Clay, Muraena, Leadfuse, Uplead, and Pharow. 

lemlist review

Lemlist Additional features

Other than cold outreach, Lemlist provides the below features as well.

lemlist review


Lemwarm is an email warm-up and deliverability booster tool that helps you ensure your emails land in your recipients’ inboxes and avoid the spam folder. 

It works by gradually increasing the number of emails you send from a new domain or email address, which helps build your sender reputation with email providers. 


Lemcal integrates seamlessly with Google Meet, Zoom, and your existing calendar, automatically adding events and sending reminders. 

You can share your availability with a customizable booking page, letting others effortlessly pick a time that works for both of you.


Taplio helps you build a strong personal brand and attract valuable connections. You can find and connect with relevant leads using advanced filters and targeted searches.

Taplio responds to comments and messages efficiently with the built-in chat assistant. You can also gain valuable insights and recommendations to refine your approach.


Tweethunter acts as your Twitter growth companion. It helps to craft high-performing tweets, attract the right followers, and even explore monetization opportunities. 

You can find ideal people to connect with, automate interactions to save time, and build targeted lists for effective engagement. 

Expert Marketplace

The platform connects businesses with experts in B2B outbound marketing and sales. It acts as a matchmaker, helping businesses find the right agency or freelancer for their specific needs and goals.

Lemlist review – Plans & Pricing

Lemlist provides three paid plans: Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.

Below is the breakdown of plans; for your quick reference.

ChannelsEmailEmail, calls & LinkedInEmail, calls & LinkedIn
Contacts per userUp to 1500Up to 1500Custom Limits
Emails per dayUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Inbox RotationNoYesYes
LinkedIn chrome extensionNoYesYes

Lemlist reviews – Pros & cons of Lemlist

Are you still confused about going for Lemlist or not?  Then, let’s dive into its key strengths and weaknesses:

Pros of Lemlist

  • Lemlist features a user-friendly design, ensuring that even beginners can navigate the platform effortlessly and launch their campaigns.
  • It offers powerful tools for creating, managing, and tracking email campaigns, including A/B testing, scheduling, and detailed analytics.
  • Lemlist provides personalization, allowing you to dynamically insert individual contact details, images, landing pages and videos into emails for a more engaging experience.
  • Access a vast database of over 450 million B2B contacts and utilize search filters to find qualified leads.
  • While primarily email-focused, Lemlist also offers automation for LinkedIn and call outreach, broadening your campaign reach.
  • Integrate seamlessly with popular CRM platforms like Salesforce, Pipedrive and HubSpot for streamlined data management.

Cons of Lemlist

  • Fewer channels for outreach – If your outreach strategy includes platforms beyond email, LinkedIn & calls, Lemlist might not be the best fit, as its other features are less developed.
  • Reporting Granularity-  While offering insightful email-level data, broader campaign-level reporting and trend analysis are less comprehensive
  • While generally user-friendly, complex features like sequences and automation might initially require a learning curve.
  • Pricing: Lemlist’s pricing plans can be higher than those of some competitors, especially for smaller teams or individual users.
  • Warm-Up Costs: Lemwarm is free only for higher plans, further increasing costs for those who are on a limited budget. .
  • Occasional bugs and glitches: Few users have reported encountering occasional bugs or technical issues that disrupt their workflow.

Limited customer support for lower plans: Lower plans have limited access to dedicated customer support, leading to frustration when facing issues.

Lemlist reviews – What their users say

If you have shortlisted Lemlist as one of the tools for your outreach needs, then you should know what their users have to say about the tool. We will show some positive as well as some negative reviews given on review platforms like G2 & Capterra.

Overall Rating
G2: 4.4 / 5
Capterra: 4.6 / 5

Here are some reviews given by Lemlisters.

G2 rating: 5 / 5
Axel L.
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

“Lemlist – A Game-Changer for Our Sales Team in the Pharma Industry!”

Thanks to Lemlist, we secured two significant sales this year, a testament to the tool’s effectiveness in a highly competitive and complex industry. The Lemlist team’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident, and their support has been exceptional. …….

Read More

The user belongs to a mid-market company, and he is very satisfied with the service that Lemlist provides. They were able to close significant sales in this year. 

Although they feel that there is still room for improvement, that can be overlooked.

G2 rating: 4/5
Joy N.
Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

“Worth the try”

Reporting: I would love to be able to be able to filter the campaign view

Read more

Capterra rating: 4/5
Digital Marketing Specialist in Canada

“Lemlist – Cold Emailing Solution”

Email limitation by day -Report not easy to use.

Read more

One of the issues faced by their users is related to reporting. Their reports lack detailed breakdowns, making it difficult to analyze performance on specific campaign elements  Some users report inconsistencies between reported data and actual campaign performance in other tools or CRMs.

Their reports have only covered a limited timeframe, making it difficult to analyze trends or compare performance over longer periods.

Capterra rating: 2/5
Verified Reviewer
Marketing & Advertising, 51–200 Employees

“Customer Service / Billing will take your money”

The customer support/billing has been atrocious. I canceled my account months ago and they have continuously charged our account…

Read more

Lemlist addressed the issue by offering a refund to a dissatisfied user, leaving them feeling neglected.

G2 rating: 1/5
Troy C.
Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

“Sketchy billing practices”

I had my account disabled for months when I was not using the service, when I reactivated the service, the billed me for the months that my account was not active as well as the current month….

Read more

An upgrade for Lemlist’s support team could be beneficial, especially concerning recurring issues with billing practices.

Capterra rating: 1/5
Marketing & Advertising, 2–10 Employees

“Can’t even use the software because one of their main features doesn’t work.”

The schedule feature doesn’t even work for me. Even after I spoke to the support team…

Read more

Lemlist’s handling of these issues has been unhelpful, marred by communication problems. It’s crucial for them to address and improve their billing practices. This situation is disappointing for those who have experienced it, revealing a lack of professionalism and unethical behavior.

Lemlist Alternative

Lemlist is considered one of the most challenging platforms in the field of cold sales outreach. But there are other options which are available such as SmartReach.io, Woodpecker, Outreach, etc.

We have a blog on the best Lemlist alternatives out there. Hope that helps.

In this section, we will see how SmartReach can be considered as the no.1 Lemlist alternative.

SmartReach is a sales engagement platform that helps with your B2B outreach activities from start to finish. That includes prospecting, automating email outreach, managing responses, analyzing detailed reports and ultimately closing the deal. Let’s see the key features of SmartReach.io.

Prospect finder: SmartReach provides free ProspectDaddy credits to its users, where they can find and build a list of verified prospects’ details on Linkedin like business emails, LinkedIn profile URLs, name, company, designation, location, etc

AI-Content Generation: The SEP also provides AI-generated email content based on the inputs provided. You can create multiple variations and choose the best-suited one.

Cold email automation: With SmartReach.io, you have the choice to execute fully automated and limitless email sequences. Additionally, there is an option to automatically pause the campaign upon receiving a response.

Inbox Rotation:  This feature allows teams to add multiple email inboxes to a single campaign. The inboxes could be of different domains or different ESPs. Hence, it minimises concerns about sending limits and email deliverability.

Multichannel Outreach: SmartReach provides cold outreach via multiple channels, including email, LinkedIn, call, WhatsApp & SMS, to reach a wider audience.

Complete LinkedIn Automation: With SmartReach, you can automate tasks like view profile, send connect request, send message and send Inmail. 

Power Dialer: The SEP offers calling functionalities, allowing you to make calls either via the extension or the mobile app as a part of your outreach sequence. Some great cold calling features are offered.

Meeting Scheduler: You get the option to connect it with both your Google and Microsoft calendars and send customized meeting links to your potential clients, add round robin and much more.

Shared Inbox: This feature enhances transparency and communication across the team.  It also includes reply sentiment, which helps in monitoring the health of the sales pipeline.

Opportunities pipeline: The tool also features an opportunities pipeline, offering a comprehensive view of your current pipeline while also providing revenue predictions.

Integration & Workflow: SmartReach provides integration with CRMs like Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive & Zoho & email finder tools. You can also integrate other CRMs via Zapier. This makes it easier for your team to consistently access the most recent data, regardless of the platform they are using.

Reports & Analytics: SmartReach offers comprehensive reports, including team activity reports, deal grid reports, sequence performance reports, advanced tracking, hot prospect reports, and more, helping to make data-driven decision-making.

Smartreach.io aims to automate and streamline the sales outreach process, helping businesses connect with more prospects, engage them effectively, and ultimately close more deals.

SmartReach.io vs Lemlist

Email validation & spam test

Verification of your prospect’s email address and spam is required for running a successful outreach campaign. While Lemlist lacks this feature, SmartReach provides it with all plans, making sure your deliverability doesn’t get affected. 

Shared Inbox  

SmartReach provides a shared inbox where you can find your inbox categorized into prospect and non-prospect responses. You can manage multiple inboxes from a single platform, creating transparency and enhancing communication among your sales teams. 

You also get reply sentiments, which will help you to spot and prioritize high-value deals. 

Lemlist lacks a shared inbox. 


Security is one of the primary concerns of the users looking out for tools for their cold outreach needs. While both SmartReach and Lemlist provide a secure platform handling sensitive customer data, SmartReach provides additional security as it is SOC-2 Type II compliant and certified. 


SmartReach’s plans are available at a much lower price than Lemlist. SmartReach’s email outreach plan starts at $29 where as Lemlist’s it is $59. 

SmartReach’s multichannel plan starts at $49, whereas for Lemlist it is $99.

Lemlist review: Final verdict

Lemlist is a popular sales outreach platform with a user-friendly interface, strong personalization features, and multi-channel outreach capabilities. However, it also has some drawbacks, such as limited reporting and analytics, higher pricing compared to competitors, and a lack of built-in email validation.

Whether Lemlist is worth investing in for your cold outreach needs depends on your specific requirements and budget. If you are looking for a more secure platform providing additional channels for your outreach, then you might find better value in alternative platforms like SmartReach.io, which offers similar features at a lower price point. 

However, here are some additional factors to consider while making the decision:

  • The size of your sales team: Lemlist is more expensive than some other options, so it may not be the best fit for small teams.
  • Your outreach needs: If you need to reach prospects on multiple channels, Lemlist may not be the best option.
  • Your budget: Lemlist can be expensive, so make sure you factor in the cost of the platform as well as any additional add-ons you may need.

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