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Sales calling software to win more deals

Integrated one-click cold calling functionality to ensure high-quality sales conversions

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Enterprises who love to use SmartReach

Your shortcut to cold calling success: Effortless set-up

Build deeper connections with your prospects through tailored sales calls using SmartReach PowerCaller

Call prospects globally

Easily get calling numbers of your desired country, including US and UK, for outbound calls to prospects in over 200 countries

Campaign call scripts

Add call script to ensure your reps stay on course and effectively deliver the sales pitch.

Transfer and forward

Better manage incoming calls with auto call forwarding, expert assistance for prospect inquiries, and seamless transfers for more engaging and meaningful conversations

Personalised Caller ID

Make your calls easily recognizable with a caller ID that displays your desired phone number to increase the likelihood of calls being answered

Calling task manager

Efficiently organize and oversee your calling assignments. Receive timely reminders for upcoming calls, along with the option to snooze or reschedule calls as required

PowerCaller Core Features

Smart sales calling to crush your quota consistently

Enhance your call quality, implement a focused approach to consistent calling, and ensure the right call sentiment is synced to your CRM system

Call Sentiment

Evaluate how prospects respond to your cold calls and assess connection rates to re-attempt prospects you haven't reached yet. Map call sentiments to your account reply sentiments to refine your outreach and sales strategy.

Call Coaching on Live Calls

Listen, Whisper and Barge-In. Make the most of your live calls with real-time coaching capabilities. Enabling you to address concerns, manage objections, and close deals effectively.

Call Reports and Insights

Document and analyze each call to understand its results. Keep track of your sales activities, including prospect details, call duration, outcomes, and any notes or comments from your sales reps.

Call Recording and Review

Use call recordings to enhance your sales approach continuously. These recordings are invaluable during self-assessments and coaching sessions, allowing you to offer precise feedback and guidance.

Power Dialer (Coming Soon)

Boost your outbound call productivity with the ease of dialing through a prospect list without the need to switch apps to update call or lead status. Even when there's no answer, the Power Dialer keeps your calling flow uninterrupted.

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