Insanely Powerful yet simple free pre-sales CRM

Manage millions of prospects with ease

With flexible and most advanced filters, you will have the ease to manage millions of prospects with ease.

Prospect management -

Prospect Feeds

Understanding how prospects interact with your communication is a very important aspect of business analytics

Know which prospects are engaging and how they are engaging with your emails with easy access to prospect feed.

Get real-time information on the prospect activities in one feed

Add or edit prospect details on the fly

Columns & categories

Custom Columns and Custom Prospect Categories

Create unlimited data columns and upload intricate details of your prospects to SmartReach pre-sales CRM to create personalised and dynamic communication.

Duplicate management

Control duplicates as you want them.

When uploading new prospects, choose whether you want to upload duplicates or just update the duplicate prospect data with new data depending on how you want to handle duplicates.

Group & tag prospects

Group your prospects with Custom Tags

You can group your prospects based on their responses or their activity on your emails for further actions within SmartReach.

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