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Increase in team productivity by 3x with Shared Inbox. Sales Reps manage more clients, collaborate better, get reply sentiment & close deals faster

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What is a Shared Inbox for Sales Teams?

Shared inbox is designed for Sales Reps to manage more clients with a single login. Sales teams can access and reply to emails from a common inbox. Sales leaders get reply sentiments, allocate leads and give role based access to members. Helps increase transparency, collaboration and productivity. Never again miss a reply from a prospect.

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How do Sales Teams benefit from SmartReach Shared inbox?

Shared Inbox by is the ultimate feature for Sales Agency Heads and Sales Leaders assisting them to increase team productivity and team collaboration.

Get Prospect & Non-Prospect Replies

Categorisation of email replies within Shared Inbox

Now never miss replies coming from the prospect's colleague or company

Change non-prospects to prospects in one click within the Shared Inbox

Integrate & Access Multiple Team Inboxes

Access multiple sending emails or team inboxes from one Shared Inbox

The entire team can read, forward or reply to sales inquiries

Sales Reps do not have to log in & out of multiple email inboxes

Sales Agencies Can Maximize Sales Rep ROI

Shared inbox allows Sales Reps to manage more email inboxes per client

Ease of switching between multiple clients allows Sales Reps the flexibility to manage more clients

Easy switch between clients gives sales reps flexibility to manage more accounts

Reply Sentiment

Auto-categorization of positive or negative email replies

Helps sales leaders monitor health of their sales pipeline

Sync reply sentiment with CRM

Qualified Lead Allocation

Assign ownership of positive sales inquiries to team members using tags

Reduce the chances of multiple sales reps responding to the same prospect

Lesser friction amongst team members over prospect ownership

Simple Switch Between Client Inboxes

Single sign-in allows Agency Heads and their teams easy access to multiple clients

Productivity increase due to time saved due to SSO give Agency Heads the flexibility of assigning more clients to their SDRs

Agency Heads assign more accounts to SDRs due to increased productivity

Monitor Team Performance

Sales leaders can track teams performance, monitor sales cycles & review conversations

Improve transparency & build competitive culture as SDRs are aware of all deals in sales pipeline

Faster Responses to Sales Inquiries

Sales leaders can reallocate responses in the absence of a prospect owner

Reduction in sales cycle from better collaboration & inquiry resolution time

Sales Reps respond faster using canned responses and sharing of drafts

What problem is SmartReach Shared Inbox solving?

Reduction in Cost & Increase in ROI

Easy switch between clients and access to multiple inboxes from a single sign-in gives SDRs flexibility to manage more accounts. Can be used as primary inbox

Transparency in Sales Rep Communications

Shared access to prospect communication allows Sales Leaders or Agency Heads monitor communication quality, TAT, and other SLA’s

Ensure Positive Replies Don't Get Missed

Positive replies from a prospects company could be missed due to constant juggle between inboxes. Shared inbox provides a separate tab for replies from (non) prospects

Collaboration on Complex Sales Process

Multiple stakeholders from enterprise sales teams deal with various prospective client personnel. Shared inbox enhances collaboration and transparency for such complex sales processes

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