How To Find Business Email Addresses Of Prospects?

find business email address

Crafting compelling emails is crucial, and ensuring your email reaches the proper inbox is equally essential. But without a valid business email address, everything else is only a sales process. 

The money is in the email address 😉

There are different ways to get verified email addresses of your prospect. But before that, let’s quickly learn about the structure of business email addresses. 

Understanding The Structure of Email ID

Understanding how business email addresses are structured is essential to finding and reaching out to prospects effectively. Here are some tips and tricks to understand the structure of an email ID – 

Most businesses follow the standard email address format. Some formats are

  • First name + Lastname: This format is most used by the business. It is separated by either period or underscore. For example,

[email protected]

[email protected]

  • First Initial + Last Name: This format combines the first initial of the first name and the last name. For example,

[email protected]

  • First name only: Some organizations use only the first name as the email address. For example,

[email protected].

Ways to find Free Business Email Addresses

1. Using Email Permutator

The Email Permutator tool helps find potential business email addresses by mixing up different versions of the person’s first, last, and domain names. It uses a list of common email formats like [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and more to create these possibilities.

Some top email permutator tools are Voila Norbert, Lusha, Mail Meteor, Metrics Sparrow, etc.

Let’s look at how Voila Norbert works:

  • Step 1: You can manually enter or bulk upload your prospect’s information.
  • Step 2: Enter the prospect’s first, last, and domain names.
  • Step 3: The tool will show the probable email addresses.

The process in which Voila Norbert works is quite simple. 

Let’s check out the following email permutator tool, Lusha

Step 1: After signing up, click on ‘Prospect search’ and start by feeding the details in the filter column. Lusha will show a list of prospects as per your search criteria.

Step 2: Click on the drop-down arrow & then click on the “show details” button.

Step 3: The tool will then show the probable business email address of the prospect.

Now let’s check out another email permutator that is free to use, Metric Sparrow

Step 1: Provide all the prospect information, like first name, last name, and domain.

Step 2: This will provide a list of probable email addresses. As shown in the below image, the permutator gave 34 possibilities.

Step 3: Open your Gmail, paste all the email addresses, and check all the potential ones. If you’re lucky, Gmail will show you some clues that you got the correct business email address, like their profile picture or their job title. If you see those, you’re good to go.

Step 4: Alternatively, you can follow the same steps with a google sheet. As shown in the image for the relevant business email address, the prospect’s image is showing up.

Note: Sending emails to the complete list is not a good practice. It would lead to a high bounce rate and domain blacklisting by the service provider. Always verify the emails before sending them. Use an email list verification tool like NeverBounce or ZeroBounce. Cold email software like SmartReach provides email validation for free.

2. LinkedIn

  1. LinkedIn provides an option to export the connection information in a CSV format, including first name, last name, LinkedIn profile, business email address, company, and position. 

As instructed by LinkedIn, follow the steps to export the list:

Step 1: Click on the ‘Me’ icon.

Step 2: Click ‘Setting & Privacy’ and then ‘Data Privacy.’

Step 3: Then click on ‘Get a copy of your data

Step 4: You can select the 2nd option i.e., ‘Want something in particular’, and choose the connection option. Then click on ‘Request Archive’.

Step 5: You will receive the complete data in your inbox.  

3. Use Google’s Advanced Search Tool

Google’s Advanced tool can help you find free business email addresses like a pro. Here’s how to use it in five easy steps:

  1. Go to Google’s Advanced Search page by clicking “Settings” and selecting “Advanced Search” from the dropdown menu or click here.
  2. Enter your search criteria by specifying keywords in the “All these words” and “This exact word or phrase” boxes.
  3. Exclude unwanted results using the “None of these words” box.
  4. Specify the domain by entering it in the “Site or domain” box to narrow your search.
  5. Click “Advanced Search” to retrieve results and find business email addresses in online directories, websites, or social media profiles.
  6. Verify the business email address’s validity before reaching out using an email verification tool or by using Google Sheets email validation.

4. ProspectDaddy & Linkedin

ProspectDaddy is a LinkedIn email finder tool that helps generate verified prospects’ email addresses of the decision makers. 

Step 1: Filter out your prospects and open the ProspectDaddy chrome extension. The extension will display all the prospect details.

Step 2: Then click on “Find Email”. ProspectDaddy will display the business email addresses of the prospect.

Step 3: Download the list in CSV format or import the data to SmartReach’s dashboard.

Users would get 50 credits free for a lifetime on signing up for ProspectDaddy, after which the credits would be chargeable. However,’s subscribers get free credits every month. 

5. Try Online Email Databases

An email database is like an extensive list of email addresses along with extra details like names, what people are like, and what they’ve bought. Businesses use it to send emails about their products, news, and other stuff to the people who buy from them and those who might buy in the future. 

Some of the top email databases are:

Uplead is one of the best sources when you are looking for B2B prospects, specifically on the tech and software side. Some top companies, like Google and Amazon, use this space. 

Step 1: You can start by adding your requirements to the filters.

Step 2: Uplead will show a huge list of prospects once done. You have the option to select your choice and then hit the download button. Viola! You got your prospect in CSV format. Alternatively, you can integrate the list into your CRM.

Another great option for the email database tool is Find That Lead; you can sign up for their free trial. 

Step 1: You can find your leads by name, domain, or technology. 

Step 2: Let’s try by entering the domain name, for e.g.,

Step 3: After providing the domain name, the tool will provide the list of the email addresses stored in their database. 

Some top email address databases you can dig into are Cloudlead, Cognism, D7 Lead Finder, and many more.

Other Options

Some of the other options that you can use to find email addresses are

  1. Search for email addresses on the ‘Contact Us’ or ‘About Us’ page.
  2. Subscribe to your prospect’s newsletters.
  3. Check out the author page for more details.
  4. Gather the email addresses of those who have left reviews on Capterra or G2.
  5. You can visit conference websites and collect information regarding the speakers.

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