Cold Email Masterclass

cold email masterclass

Jeb Blount in Fanatical Prospecting says email is one of the most effective ways to scale prospecting  – if done right – it can be up to 20 times more effective than other channels.

Of course, the “done right” part needs knowledge and discipline on how to run a cold email campaign correctly. An excellent cold email software solution will handle and automate many discipline parts. In this cold email masterclass, we will equip you with all the knowledge you need to run a successful cold email campaign.

This cold email masterclass will set the motivation for why cold email, tips on how to find prospects, subject lines, body copy, and follow ups. 

If we were to say two of the most important things in getting cold email right, they would be :

  1. Personalize your email and content to the right level to gain interest. This requires research into your prospect.
  2. Following up – and you would be surprised to learn how many you would need to get a response.

Table of Content

Lesson 1
The Case for Cold Email and the Strategy Behind It
Discover the significance of strategic cold email planning and the importance of using multiple touchpoints.
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Lesson 2
The objective of A Cold Email
We’ll understand the broader objectives of cold email outreach, including capturing attention, building trust, and information gathering.
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Lesson 3
Defining Your Target Market For Cold Email
We will learn the importance of understanding your ICP and target audience before starting a cold email outreach campaign.
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Lesson 4
How to Write Cold Email Subject Line & Body Copy? 
Explore the key components of crafting a compelling cold email that grabs attention and drives engagement. 
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Lesson 5
How to Improve Email Deliverability?
Understand the guidelines and steps necessary to reach your prospect’s primary inbox with best practices like the set-up of  DMARC, DKIM, SPF, inbox rotation and email warm-up.
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Lesson 6
How To Find Business Email Addresses Of Prospects?
We will explore different tools and methods to find verified business email addresses for your prospects. 
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Lesson 7
Best Practices for Cold Emailing
Uncover the dos and don’ts for crafting effective cold emails. The practices followed in cold emailing to achieve the best results in your outreach efforts.
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Lesson 8
Cold Email Analytics: 15 Sales Email Metrics & KPIs to Track
We will gain a solid grasp of email analytics and key performance indicators for sales emails. And how to efficiently monitor your cold outreach and make data-driven decisions.
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Lesson 9
Cold Email Templates for Your Sales Outreach Campaigns
Access carefully curated sales email templates to boost engagement and conversions in your cold email campaigns.
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