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Did you know? On average, 347 billion emails are sent every day worldwide. This number keeps increasing every year. This trend underscores the growing demand for sales email templates.

While cold emailing can be highly effective in lead generation., achieving results demands significant practice and patience. A well-structured sales email template can encourage prospects to engage with your content and convert it into a sale. 

First, let’s understand the concept.

A sales email template is a pre-written email message for reaching out to individuals or businesses with whom you have had no prior contact or relationship. Someone probably has not heard of your brand, product, or service. 

Yes, there are such people 😉 Phew. And I thought everyone knew about SmartReach…the best tool for cold emailing….blah..blah.

Jokes aside.

When sending your sales emails, sales email templates might be a good place to start. It is essential not to depend entirely on them because frequently sending templated emails would not be as successful.

Now let’s understand why.

Imagine you’re a spam filter, and you’re on the lookout for bad guys. You’ve got a lot of bad actors to deal with, so you need to be smart and efficient.

One of the things you do is look for patterns. Spammers often use templated emails, so you’re always looking for those. If you repeatedly see the same email coming in from the same person or IP, you start to get suspicious.

Of course, not all templated emails are spam. Some businesses use email templates to send out newsletters or promotional emails. But if you see the same template being used too often, or if the content of the email is suspicious, you’re more likely to flag it as spam.

Spam filters look for repetitive content, generic personalization, spammy language, suspicious links, and more when detecting templated emails.

So, if you’re sending out a lot of emails, it’s important to personalize them whenever possible and to avoid using the same template over and over again.

The secret to success is finding the right mix between using templates and setting up time to customize emails.

Having a well-crafted sales email template in your toolkit can be a game-changer. These email templates offer advantages that make your cold outreach efforts more efficient and effective.

Sales email templates are like ready-made blueprints. They save you time by giving you a starting point so you can reach out to more prospects faster.

Most large businesses with sales development teams of over 20 team members prefer to use sales email templates. It’s a more scalable approach. SDRs have a starting point and could tweak the messaging based on the prospect’s need.

New team members find it more accessible, as the context is already set. There is no way to miss out on essential cold emailing best practices.

With sales email templates, you can maintain consistent messaging within your team. Your communication quality improves as it helps eradicate silly mistakes.

While sales email templates give you a great foundation, remember you should tweak them to add a personal touch and make them more relevant to each prospect you’re contacting. 

When writing a sales email template, consider the key components that make it work.

First, the subject line is your hook. It must grab the prospect’s attention and make them want to open the email.

Next, the email body should be clear and to the point. Tell them what’s in it and why they should be interested. Keep it simple and avoid jargon. 

Don’t forget the call-to-action (CTA) is crucial. It should be direct and tell the prospect exactly what you want them to do next, whether scheduling a call, checking out a resource, or signing up for a free trial.

Personalizing the email for each prospect can significantly boost your engagement rates. 

If you have a team using the same cold email templates and they do not have time to personalize each template, then use Spintax in your templates. is the only cold email software that provides this feature for free.

 Now, what’s spintax? Spintax, when used with personalization merge-tags, can make every email you send out unique or different.

cold email sales templates using spintax - SmartReach
cold email sales template using spintax - SmartReach

1. Problem-Agitate-Solve (PAS) – Sales Email Template

Subject: Rediscover your leadership potential

Hello {{Name}},

Have you ever found yourself juggling an endless to-do list, struggling to maintain your role as an effective leader?

It’s a common challenge faced by many executives like yourself.

Our software has been the solution for professionals such as {{Name of Competitor}}. They’ve used it to save valuable hours per head every week, using that time for their most important tasks. 

I would be delighted to provide you with a personalized demo. Could we arrange a time next week that suits your schedule?


The PAS framework is a persuasive communication strategy used in various marketing, advertising, and sales forms.

Problem: Begin by showcasing a specific challenge your potential customer is facing. To discover these issues, use social platforms like Twitter, Google, Facebook, and other user-driven websites

Agitate: Now that you’ve identified the problem. Try to force an emotional response from the prospect by underlining the frustrations associated with their particular challenge.

Solve: Present your solution to the problem. Your objective is to persuade the prospect that your product or service is the obvious and hassle-free remedy that can alleviate all their concerns. Ensure this section includes a clear, easy-to-follow call to action (CTA).

2. “Website visitor” – Sales Email Template

Subject: Exploring Opportunities After Your Visit

Hi {{Name}},

You recently explored {{your_website}} and took a keen interest in {{action taken}}.

If you’re interested in {{content topic}}, you might find the following resources quite valuable:
{{relevant resource 1}}{{relevant resource 2}}]

Additionally, I wanted to highlight that we specialize in {{product/service}}. This offering could potentially assist you in {{achieving this specific result or statistic}}.

Would you be available for a chat tomorrow? 


Timing is key when using such a sales email template. It should be sent within 2 to 3 days of the website visit. The level of personalization shows that you are paying attention to their interests, which can increase the likelihood of a response. 

The email provides immediate value by recommending additional resources related to the content topic that initially caught the recipient’s attention.

3. Value Generating Resources – Sales Email Template

Subject: I thought this might help

Hi {{Name}},

I trust you’re doing well. Your recent work in the field of {{subject}} has caught my attention and inspired some interesting thoughts.

I stumbled upon this insightful article titled “{{article title}}” that I believe could provide valuable insights for you and your team.

If you’re interested in {{content topic}}, you might find the following resources quite valuable:
{{relevant resource 1}}{{relevant resource 2}}

I hope you find it helpful as you continue your outstanding work.


Sharing a resource such as an article or post is a non-intrusive way to engage the recipient. It allows them to benefit from the content without any immediate commitment. This can make the recipient more comfortable engaging with the email.

4. “Quick-Question” – Sales Email Template

Subject: Seek assistance

Good day {Name},

This is {first name}, and I’m here on behalf of {company}.

I’m reaching out to you with a query – could you kindly steer me toward the individuals who have decision-making authority in the {sales/customer relationship/product buying} department? 

I would appreciate your help.


 Such a template makes it easier for recipients to provide a helpful response. Unlike many sales emails that aim to sell a product or service, this template doesn’t have a sales agenda.

5. “Sharing value” – Sales Email Template

Subject Line: Couple of ideas for [company]

Hello {Name},

I represent {your company}, we specialize in providing [service you offer] tailored for {target industry}. 

Our track record includes successful collaborations with companies like {name of 2-3 relevant past customers}, resulting in {specific results, figures, etc.}.

I couldn’t help but notice {something related to your offering}. This observation led me to wonder: do you currently have an established process for {the solution you offer}? 

If not, I’d be delighted to share a brief video outlining two strategies that could address {the prospect’s pain point you solve}.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


The subject line mentions “Couple of ideas for [company],” which immediately grabs the recipient’s attention by focusing on potential solutions for their specific company. 

It also demonstrates that you’ve researched and understood their needs and challenges. 

6. Event, Podcast, or Webinar Invitation Email Template

Subject Line: Join Us for an Exclusive {Event/Webinar} on {Topic}

Hi {Name},

{Your company name} is excited to invite you to our upcoming {Event/Webinar} on {Topic}, which promises to be an insightful and valuable experience for professionals in {Prospect’s Industry/Field}.
Date: [Date]Time: [Time]Location: [Online/Location, if applicable]

During this event, you’ll have the opportunity to:

– Gain in-depth knowledge about {Topic} from industry experts.
– Discover practical strategies and solutions to [mention a challenge or goal relevant to the prospect].
– Network with peers and exchange insights.

We believe this event aligns perfectly with your interests and expertise. To register or learn more, please visit [Event/Webinar Registration Link]. 

Please reply to this email with any questions or additional information. 

We look forward to your participation.


Webinar invitation email templates are critical in informing potential attendees about valuable learning opportunities, industry insights, and networking prospects. 

By sending out these invitations, organizations can effectively reach their target audience and convey the event’s significance, ultimately increasing attendance rates. 

These templates provide a structured and professional way to communicate event details, topics, and benefits, making it easier for prospects to understand the value of their participation. 

7. “Straight to the point” – Sales Email Template

Subject: grow sales with the right CRM strategy

Hello {{name}},

I have a winning CRM strategy that can transform how {{company}} manages its sales pipeline.

This approach has worked wonders for businesses like yours, helping them streamline processes and significantly boost sales performance.

{{Name}}, can we set up a brief 15 min call? I want to introduce you to this CRM strategy that could be a game-changer for {{company}}. When are you available?


Straightforward communication is often associated with professionalism. Many people check their emails on mobile devices. A direct email is easier to read and digest on a smaller screen.

Sending direct emails shows a 37% higher response rate than regular emails. 

8. Intro-Describe-Ask – Sales Email Template

Subject: more productivity with our software – 10 minutes for a demo

Hi {{name}},

I’m {{your name}}, the co-founder of {{your_product}}, a software that’s transforming the way professionals work. 

Our tool has been instrumental in saving valuable time for executives like you, allowing them to regain up to 20 hours per week.
I would like to invite you for a brief ten-minute session this coming Wednesday.

During this session, you’ll see why industry leaders like {{Competitor Founders}} love our product.

Please let me know your availability.


This sales email template clearly describes the product or service’s value proposition. Mentioning well-known individuals or businesses who have benefitted from the product/service. 

The email ends with a clear and straightforward call to action (CTA) by requesting a ten-minute meeting. It adds credibility and demonstrates the solution’s relevance to the recipient’s industry or role.

9. Seek an Introduction – Sales Email Template

Subject: can you help bridge the gap?

Hi {{name}},

A glance at your connections revealed that you have a connection to {{desired connection}} over at {{their company}}.

I see a fantastic opportunity for collaboration between our companies. 

While I’m not entirely sure about the strength of your relationship with them, I wonder if you’d consider introducing us.

Hoping you’ll assist. 


Such a template sets a positive and courteous tone for the request. It gives the recipient the power to decide whether they are comfortable making the introduction. 

10. AIDA – Sales Email Template

Subject Line: {{Benefit}} with {{Your Product/Service}}

Hi {{Prospect’s Name}},

Are you looking to {{mention a specific pain point or goal}} for your business? We might have a solution for you.

My name is {{Your Name}}, and I specialize in helping businesses like yours achieve {{desired outcome}}. We’ve recently helped {{mention a relevant success story or customer}} increase {{specific result, e.g., revenue, efficiency}} by {{percentage or amount}}.

Here’s how we can assist you:

– {{Highlight a key feature or benefit}}
– {{Emphasize another valuable aspect}}
– {{Mention another benefit}}

I would love to learn more about your goals and explore if our solution aligns with your needs. 

Let’s schedule a quick call this week to discuss this further.

Feel free to reply to this email or call me directly at {{Your Phone Number}}. 


AIDA is a widely used marketing and advertising model to guide the creation of persuasive messaging

  • Attention: The subject line grabs the recipient’s attention.
  • Interest: It generates interest by addressing a pain point and highlighting benefits.
  • Desire: The email creates a desire by showcasing successful outcomes and the product or service’s value.
  • Action: It concludes with a clear call to action, inviting the prospect to take the next step, usually scheduling a call or meeting.

11. Before-After-Bridge – Sales Email Template

Subject: transform your productivity – discover the difference

Hi {{name}},

Understanding the challenges busy professionals like you face in managing time effectively is crucial.

At {{Your Company Name}}, we believe in a world where you gain control over your schedule and free up valuable hours each week.

Our innovative software has already helped professionals such as {{competitors}} achieve just that.

Could we set aside just ten minutes next week for a personalized demo? What time works best for you to connect?

I look forward to sharing this transformative experience with you.


This sales email template pushes the recipient to imagine their current situation (before using your product or service), the improved scenario (after using it), and the transition between the two.  It quickly shifts from discussing the recipient’s problems to outlining a remedy.

12. Bring up a Competitor’s Product – Sales Email Template

Subject: Exploring new possibilities for {{prospect’s company}}

Hi {Name},

I recently had the chance to explore your company’s website and noticed you’re currently using {{Competitor’s Product}}. I’m quite intrigued to learn about your experience with it.

I represent {{Your Company}}, and we offer a unique perspective on {{service}}. While {{Competitor’s Product}} is undoubtedly a solid solution, we take a somewhat different approach by emphasizing {{Key Differentiator}}.

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity for a brief conversation with you to explore this further.

Could we schedule a quick chat on this coming Wednesday? If this date isn’t suitable, please share your availability


This creates a curiosity-driven approach by mentioning the competitors. It doesn’t criticize the competitor’s product but expresses a genuine interest in the recipient’s experience.

The email doesn’t pressure the recipient to make an immediate decision or switch products. It leaves the decision-making process entirely in the hands of the recipient.

13. Introductory Email Template

Subject Line: Grow your [target]

Hi [Recipient’s Name],

I am {your name}, {Your job title} at {your company}. 

I’m reaching out to learn more about your work on {Specific project or area of expertise}. 

Your achievements have inspired me in {Y Field/Industry}. Our companies could embark on exciting projects in {Y Field/Industry}.

Could we schedule a call to explore this? Please share your availability.


14. Value Proposition Email Template

Subject: Let’s discuss {company} growth

Hi {Name},

{Prospects_Brand} has made some remarkable stridesin the {Y Field/Industry}. I am sure the journey is not an easy one.

At {Your Company}, we’re passionate about working with businesses like yours to scale to the next level with tailored solutions. We see a world of possibilities for {Company}:

– {X Solution/Result}: Imagine the impact of {X Solution} on {specific benefit for Company}.
– {Y Solution/Result}: We can help you harness the full potential of {Y Solution} to {specific outcome for Company}.
– {Z Solution/Result}: Our {Z Solution} could be the key to {specific Company goal}.

I would love to discuss how these strategies could be customized for {Company}. Can we schedule a brief call at your convenience? 


A well-structured value proposition sales email template cuts through the noise and directly addresses the recipient’s pain points and needs. 

By highlighting distinctive features, benefits, and outcomes, it informs and persuades the prospect to consider the offering. This sales email template aims to effectively communicate why a product or service is worth exploring.

Sales email templates are a valuable resource for sales outreach, offering inspiration and saving time. 

However, they aren’t a magic wand. Simply copy-pasting a template, changing the prospect’s name, and hitting “send” won’t do the trick.

Prospects can easily spot the difference between templated emails and personalized emails. 

To use sales email templates effectively, view them as starting points. Something on your email canvas. They provide structure and messaging but require thoughtful customization for individual prospects. The key is to find the right balance between template guidance and personalization.

I don’t believe all email outreach success stories. Claims like, “Get 20 meetings a month with this template,” often overlook critical factors like industry, product, price, and location. 

What worked for one business may not work for yours. Customize your approach to fit your unique situation and audience.

I am not saying you can’t book 50 or 100 meetings monthly. Cold software like SmartReach that offers personalization at scale with spintax and custom columns added as merge tags can make all the difference.

Sales email templates are meant to inspire creativity, not be copied. Avoid direct replication while encountering many sales emails or seeing great examples on platforms like LinkedIn.

Instead, use them as sources of creative inspiration.

Think of it like meme formats on Twitter; it’s okay to start with a winning sales email template and then customize and iterate to fit your unique message and audience.

sales email template for cold emailing using SmartReach. Try smartreach free for 14 days.

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