Sales Outreach Channels: Experience & Insights

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Successful cold calls average around 5 minutes and 48 seconds in duration and on average, it takes about 18 dials to connect with a buyer over the phone.

This is just one of the many sales channels Srba used over his years of experience at Deckrobot. In this edition, we’ll explore the channels he used at the beginning of his sales leadership journey and how they shaped his approach.

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Constantly Evolving Sales Tech

Sales tech is rapidly changing and so is customer behavior, hence staying ahead of the curve is important. Something that worked just a few months ago may no longer be effective today. Srba emphasizes the importance of curiosity over being right. He believes that you don’t need to have all the answers; you need to keep an open mind to new ideas and constantly test new strategies.

Sales Channels Used

So, what sales channels did Srba rely on during the early days of his sales leadership journey? Let’s take a closer look.

Automated Emails: 

Srba and his team mainly relied on automated emails and follow-ups in the initial stages. While this channel had a reasonably high open rate, ~ 60%, it faced a significant challenge – low reply rates. 

This raised questions about the effectiveness of the messages they were sending. Were they resonating with their target audience? Were they targeting the right leads? These were some of the challenges they had to address.

So, if you trying out cold emailing for the first time, you should review our Cold Email Masterclass before starting.

LinkedIn Outreach: 

Recognizing the potential of LinkedIn in enterprise sales, Srba and his team decided to leverage this platform more effectively. They noticed that their ideal customer profiles (ICP) and personas were active on LinkedIn, making it a valuable channel for sales outreach. However, Srba also recognized the importance of personal branding on LinkedIn and took steps to improve his online presence.

So if you plan to run LinkedIn outreach, firstly, ensure your LinkedIn profile is optimized with a clear photo, headline, and detailed work history. Identify your target audience and understand their preferences. Active engagement is key, so regularly share valuable content and participate in industry specific discussions.

When connecting with prospects, avoid generic messages and personalize your requests. Build meaningful relationships instead of just increasing your number of connections. Make the most of LinkedIn’s features, such as InMail and advanced search tools. 

Remember to measure your Linkedin outreach efforts and adjust your strategy based on the results. 

Cold Calling: 

In their endeavor to increase sales, Srba decided to start cold calling. They carefully developed call scripts and organized mock call sessions to fine-tune their techniques. Srba stresses on the fact that cold calling, is as human as it gets in sales. It provides an immediate response and allows prospects to gauge interest right over the phone.

You need to understand that success at cold calling often comes with time and experience, so don’t be discouraged with all the challenges that come up initially. Keep adapting and improving your cold calling techniques

Multichannel Outreach: 

As Srba’s journey continued, he shifted to an omnichannel strategy. This approach, which combines multiple outreach channels, has proven to be one of the most successful strategies for his team.

So, if you plan to implement an omnichannel strategy, remember that onboarding the right platform is the key. Your platform should seamlessly enable sending of communication via multiple channels like email, phone calls, LinkedIn, and even SMS to create a unified sale outreach strategy. 

Also remember that, with an omnichannel strategy, it’s important to maintain consistent and personalized messaging across all channels. Tailor your messaging as per the channel while ensuring that your overall communication aligns with your goals.

Omnichannel approach opens up more opportunities to connect with prospects, ultimately improving your chances of success. 

To sum it up, Srba’s story highlights the dynamic nature of sales and the need to adapt. Stay curious, test new channels, and refine your strategies to meet the evolving needs of your target audience.

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