Outreach via multiple channels increases your chances of getting a response

Multichannel Outreach

Reach prospects through their preferred channel of communication to improve response rates

Schedule customised sequences of automated emails and tasks through multiple channels like Linkedin, WhatsApp, SMS or calls

Add your channel content based on your sales engagement strategy.

Personalize your communication with unlimited merge tags

LinkedIn Outreach

Maximise your sales engagement outreach efforts on LinkedIn

Setup and manage sequences of Linkedin outreach tasks such as profile viewing, connection requests, messaging, and InMail

Run sequence in combination with automated email outreach and follow-ups

Get Linkedin profile URLs and business emails for free through ProspectDaddy

Outreach Via WhatsApp, Calls & SMS

Take advantage of channels like SMS or WhatsApp which give the best open rates

Provide the flexibility to your prospect to respond through their preferred channel

Reduce the risk of being flagged as a spammer by any single platform.

Reach your prospect's device even if they do not have access to the internet

Task Manager

Ensure all sales engagement communications and tasks are running smoothly

SmartReach Sales Linked Chrome extension to get and execute Linkedin, WhatsApp and other daily tasks from one central platform

Increase in productivity with a focused approach to complete tasks in a few minutes

Refer to notes or edit communication just before sending

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