Sales Outreach Masterclass

Are you still struggling with your Sales Outreach to achieve your target?

Sales outreach masterclass

If done correctly, sales outreach can be helpful with lead generation, relationship building, closing more deals, and the growth of your business. 

Nearly 61% of the salespeople consider selling challenging and harder than five years ago. In the case of B2B sales, an average of 6.8 people get involved in the decision-making process. That’s a lot of decision-makers.

Sales outreach, especially in prospecting, is like reaching out to someone you’ve never met. It means getting in touch with potential customers or business partners who might be interested in what you offer but don’t know you yet. You send them an email, message, or make a call to introduce yourself, your product or service, and see if there’s a chance to work together or provide value to them.

It’s also called “cold outreach” because you’re starting from scratch without any prior relationship. The goal is to warm up that prospect, build trust, and eventually turn them into customers. 

There are two methods to run sales outreach.

  1. Single Channel Outreach
  2. Multiple Channel Outreach

Single Channel Outreach

It refers to the sales strategy where the communication and engagement with the prospect is done through a single channel. That can be Email outreach, LinkedIn outreach, Cold Calling, etc. 

Multiple Channel Outreach

As the name suggests, it refers to the sales outreach done by combining more than two communication channels. The channels can be email, social, social message, calling, or text. 

In this masterclass, we shall be covering both outreach methods. First, let’s start with the single-channel outreach. The most commonly used single channel is cold emailing. 

Cold Email Outreach

What can you expect post-completion of the Cold Email Masterclass?

✅ How to build a targetted and high-quality prospect list

✅ How to make the most of cold email for lead generation.

✅ How to write a better subject line & compelling email body

✅ How to improve email deliverability

✅ How to implement effective follow-up strategies

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