Closing Big with an Omnichannel Strategy & Personal Branding

Have you ever felt your emotions running haywire when it comes to sales? 

One day, you doubt your abilities as a salesperson, thinking if you’ve made the right career move. The next, you find your inbox flooded with LinkedIn messages, and you’re the sales superstar of the day. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss how a well-executed omnichannel strategy, combined with building a personal brand on LinkedIn, played an important role in closing a game-changing deal.

Watch this if you are not much of a reader. 

In this section, Srba speaks about how the right multichannel strategy clubbed with personal branding activity on LinkedIn could land you those big deals

Importance of Omnichannel Outreach

Omnichannel or multichannel outreach is no longer just a sales & marketing buzzword; it’s the real thing.  

Imagine a scenario where nothing seems to be working. You’re sending cold emails. Then try reaching out on LinkedIn. No responses, no progress. 

That’s where an omnichannel strategy comes to the rescue.

Srba understood the importance of being omnipresent in a prospect’s inbox pretty early. Using the right sales outreach tools, he automates and executes multichannel campaigns with ease. 

While he’s busy building relationships and closing deals, the sales engagement tool is hard at work, ensuring that the prospects’ attention is captured through a combination of email, cold calls, and LinkedIn. The goal is to warm up the prospects, gradually leading to responses.

Lets quickly understand the benefits of omnichannel outreach

  • More reach: By using multiple channels, you can reach more prospects than you could with any one channel alone. 
  • Better engagement: Omnichannel outreach helps you improve engagement with your prospects by providing them with a more personalized and consistent experience. For e.g, you can send a personalized emails, and then follow up with a message on LinkedIn if they don’t respond.
  • Higher conversion: Omnichannel outreach gets you higher conversion rates than single-channel outreach. Its because it gives your prospects more opportunities to learn and engage with your product.

Power of Personal Branding on LinkedIn

Srba’s secret sauce for sales success is his personal brand on LinkedIn. He is constantly engaging with people on Linkedin. While you may not like all of content he shares, it’s clear that it works for him. He posts regularly, providing value to his audience through services, reports, and newsletters. 

His objective is to keep his prospects engaged, so when the right moment arrives and he makes a pitch, they are more likely to respond.

Prospect receives a multitude of cold emails daily. They hardly open any of them because, well, there’s only so much time in a day. But Srba’s email caught the attention of one prospect who receives over 50 cold emails everyday. 

How? It was the combination of a personalized message and the prospect’s familiarity with Srba through LinkedIn. 

Closing a Big Deal

Srba’s story isn’t just about the omnichannel approach and personal branding; it’s about the big deals that could have been missed or would have slipped away without these strategies. 

One particular prospect from the US received an average of 40 to 50 cold emails every single day. He rarely opened any. However, Srba’s approach was different. The initial contact was made through email, but it was Srba’s LinkedIn activity that helped close the deal.

In the prospect’s own words, “I get so many emails daily that I hardly read them. But this guy, Srba, caught my attention with his personalized email. I also know him from LinkedIn, where he shares interesting content. I booked a meeting with him, and now we’re in the final stages of signing a deal.”

This is a real example that highlights the effectiveness of a well planned omnichannel strategy, where LinkedIn, calls and email complement each other. This in combination with building a personal brand on LinkedIn, which helps you stay on your prospects’ radar.

In conclusion, Srba’s sales success story showcases the value of a good multichannel outreach strategy and personal branding. It need not be perfect, but it should be consistent. 

It’s not just about being seen but also about building trust and rapport with your prospects. Keep posting on LinkedIn, keep engaging via multiple channels, and watch the deals pour in.

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