Detailed Reporting for comprehensive understanding and decision making

Track open, reply, click rates to help you understand how your campaigns are working

Know how many prospects are opening, clicking and responding to your emails to help you understand how your subject lines and call to actions are working.

Detailed reports -

Advanced tracking

Track bounce rates and unsubscribe activities to help you better understand problems with accuracies in your lists and target audience

Bounce rates and unsubscribe activities will help you make corrective changes to the persona you target. High unsubscribe rate directly reflects on the quality of prospecting. High bounce rate prompts sales leaders to alter campaign strategies.

Best time to send

Best time to send helps your sales team understand the time your prospects are most active

Know the best time to send to your prospects based on our reports to help you send campaigns in those times to get you better open and response rates. Your team will achieve better open and response rates when campaigns are scheduled as per this report

Advanced Reporting

Team leaderboards to track performance of various members in your teams

Managers can see how their team members are performing with regard to their email outreach campaigns and can help team members whose campaigns aren't performing well.

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