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hero image

A hero image on a website is a big, bold image that makes the first impression when you visit a website. 

This attention-grabbing picture makes you want to see what else the site has to offer. A hero image isn’t just a pretty picture; it’s the welcoming face of a website, drawing you in and inviting you to stick around for some time.

Keep reading to find out more about the hero image. 

What is a Hero Image?

A hero image on a website, also known as a banner image, is a large and visually striking banner or image prominently displayed on a web page or digital platform.  It is generally an eye-catching bold image that takes center stage at the top of a web page. 

Occasionally referred to as a “hero header” or “hero section,” this element not only acts as the initial impression of your company for visitors but also plays an important role in enhancing the overall user experience of your website.

hero image

The goal of the hero image is to 

  • Make a strong first impression and pull users in.
  • Visually represent the website’s identity and what it’s about.
  • Create a positive association with the site.
  • Encourage users to click, explore, or learn more.

A good header image on a website conveys the content of a webpage in the simplest manner.

Why is a hero image on a website important?

A hero image holds significant importance in web design for several reasons:

Visual Impact

Hero images on a website can capture your visitor’s attention and set the tone for the entire page. It is a physiological effect. Visitors can process visuals faster than text. This makes the hero image crucial for making a strong first impression. 

Retention and Engagement

When you have a captivating hero image, visitors tend to linger and explore further. This, in return, increases your visitors’ engagement and retention. 

Value Proposition

Your hero image can summarize your website’s essence brand identity and deliver a key message. A good hero image tells a story without words, connecting with users on an emotional level.

Differentiate from Competition

A good hero image can make your website stand out by showcasing its unique personality and offerings. It also creates a lasting impression.

Direct Attention

When your website has a good hero image, it can guide users toward important information or call-to-action buttons, encouraging desired actions.

Information at a glance

If you have complex concepts, then a hero image can help with better understanding and simplifying the user experience.

Higher Click-Through Rates

An effective hero image on a website, can drive users to click through to further content or engage with specific aspects of the website, translating into higher conversion rates.

Increased Traffic and Revenue

When you have a well-designed hero image, it can contribute to increased website traffic, improved brand awareness, and, ultimately, higher revenue.

What are the different types of Hero Images?

Choosing the right hero image depends on several factors, so I can’t tell you definitively without more information about your specific situation. However, I can help you narrow down your options by asking some key questions

  • What’s the main message you want to convey?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What’s the context of the page?
  • What are your brand values and aesthetics?

Once you have a clearer understanding of these factors, you can explore the different types of hero images. Some key types of hero images that you can come across are.


These are high-quality images that feature real people, products, landscapes or events. You can use these as per your product or service. 


These are the kind of stylized touches you give to your website. Here, you can use imaginative portrayals of concepts, ideas, or stories, capturing attention in a unique way.


This type of hero image is how you can take a step further and breathe life into your hero image with a captivating video. Videos can help you showcase movement, emotion, and information in a dynamic way, creating a truly immersive experience.


It is like adding a touch of interactivity with animated hero images. Animated hero images can be engaging. You can use these visuals to change, move, or react to user input, grabbing attention and leaving a lasting impression. 

You can also mix and match these types! 

Experiment by combining photos and illustrations, using video overlays on static images, or adding subtle animations to create a unique and impactful hero image.

You can conduct A/B testing or multivariate testing to find what works best for your business.

Best Practices for Hero Image


While designing your website’s hero image, you should ensure that it aligns with your brand, message, or content of the webpage. 

It should also resonate with your audience and contextually relate to your offerings.

Graphical Impact

You should use high-quality, crisp, professionally shot images or illustrations. You should try to avoid pixelation or blurry visuals and go beyond the stock photos. Consider exploring the possibilities offered by platforms like Wirestock to access a wider range of unique and high-quality visuals.

Don’t make users work to understand the image. Have a clear, dominant element that instantly captures attention and communicates your message. 

You should also make sure to use colors that align with your brand’s identity and guidelines. 

Size and Dimensions

Aim for a width of around 1200 pixels with a 16:9 aspect ratio for a full-screen effect on most desktops. Adjust proportionally for mobile screens. 

For a banner-style hero image, aim for a width between 1600-1800 pixels and a height around 500-800 pixels.

You should use responsive design techniques to ensure the image adapts seamlessly to different screen sizes and maintains its impact on mobile devices.


You should ensure the hero image’s style, tone, and colors align with your overall brand identity for a cohesive experience. 

You must use fonts and text styles consistent with your website’s design for a unified look. Maintain a consistent visual language throughout your hero images, whether using patterns, shapes, or specific elements.

Technical Considerations

Once you have done with designing the hero image, optimize the image file size for fast loading times, without sacrificing quality. Use tools like TinyPNG or JPEGmini to compress images effectively.

Clarity and Communication

You should ensure the image directly connects to your website’s core purpose and target audience.

You should try to avoid distracting elements and overwhelming details. Focus on clean lines, minimal text, and ample white space for readability and a polished look.

Engagement and Action

Try going beyond showcasing information. You can try capturing a feeling or emotion that resonates with your audience. Think aspirational, relatable, or playful, depending on your brand and goals.

Select an image that tells a story or sparks the user’s imagination. Create a sense of intrigue and encourage them to explore further.

You should create the hero image in a way that would subtly guide users toward taking desired actions with visual cues. Use arrows pointing towards buttons, product close-ups prompting exploration, or model gazes directing attention to specific sections.

Remember, the image should adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes and resolutions. 

Hero Image examples


hero image

The hero image helps to grab the attention of visitors and convince them to sign up for a free trial of SmartReach, where users could run cold outreach via email, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Calls. 

The headline and subheadline communicate the value proposition of SmartReach, which is to help businesses create more sales opportunities and close more deals. The CTAs make it easy for visitors to take the next step and sign up for a free trial.


hero image

The hero image conveys a sense of simplicity, security, and ubiquity. It positions Stripe not just as a payment solution, but as the invisible backbone of the internet economy, silently powering countless online transactions every day.

The subtle background data visualization hints at the complex financial processes and vast amounts of data that Stripe handles behind the scenes, assuring users of their reliability and technological prowess.


hero image

Hubspot’s hero image prominently features a dashboard displaying various metrics like emails, calls, meetings, and “Your Weekly Activity.” This emphasizes HubSpot’s core value proposition of providing data-driven tools to track and improve your marketing and sales performance.

Despite the focus on data, the image also includes a personal touch with the name “Aisha Saah” displayed alongside the “Contacts” section. 


hero image

The hero image on the BambooHR homepage is effective in conveying the core message of the product in a simple, visually appealing, and inclusive way. 

The hero image uses warm and inviting colors, such as blue and green, making the viewers feel comfortable and at ease. 

The CTA below the image reads “Get My Free Demo.” This is a clear call to action that encourages the viewer to learn more about BambooHR.


hero image

The hero image effectively communicates the key selling points of Brevo CRM Suite. The image is well-chosen and relevant to the target audience. The colors in the image are muted and calming, which may appeal to businesses that are looking for a CRM that is not too flashy or distracting.

The text in the image is clear and concise, and it is easy to read on a variety of devices.

Takeaway for the hero image

The website hero images are the front door that welcomes your visitors. 

Remember, the hero image should connect to the webpage content, showing what the website or section is all about. Don’t overload the image with too much stuff. Keep it focused and easy to understand, even at a glance.

A good hero image isn’t just a nice creative; it’s like the face of the website, making your website visitors want to see what’s inside.  The best hero images are visually stunning, relevant to your message, and optimized for the specific platform they’re used on. Choose wisely and watch your audience engagement soar.

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