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Boost Productivity with Shared Inbox for your sales teams

Track all your replies from the campaign at once and set reminders to revisit out of office replies or to reinitiate conversations with prospects by using the Snooze feature. The shared team inbox is where all your sales reps come together in a common inbox. Emails in the team inbox are visible to every member of the team and any available rep can jump into a conversation to keep it going. Shared Inbox helps maintain transparency and improves collaboration & productivity of your sales team.

Team collaboration: inbox -

Assign roles and permissions flexibly to your team members

You have the flexibility to define Permissions for each Role and assign roles to different team members to control which team members can access datasets across your organisation.

Team collaboration: roles & permissions -

See how team members and their campaigns are performing

As an admin, you can check the progress of your team members' campaigns and provide suggestions.

Share lists of prospects and templates with your team

Facilitates faster and easier sharing of Prospects and templates and also lets you to group reports of team members together.

As an admin, have complete control on your team members accounts

You can define permissions for your team members role and have control on what data they have access to.

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