What is the Social Selling Index? Linkedin Limits Perspective

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Social selling is responsible for generating half of revenue for 14 major industries, including computer and network security, healthcare, and financial services.

So it’s important to build your LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI)

In this edition of my conversation with Srba, from Deckrobot, we discuss LinkedIn outreach and the challenges that come with it. He rightly pointed out that LinkedIn is a powerful platform for sales professionals like you and me, but like email it also comes with its limits and constraints. So, how can you tackle these limitations and make the most of your LinkedIn outreach strategy?

Let’s find out.

Srba has spoken about multiple things that will help mitigate the LinkedIn limits challenge that we all face

What is the Social Selling Index (SSI)? 

To make the most of LinkedIn, you should know about the LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI). It’s like a score that LinkedIn gives you based on how well you use the platform for sales. Srba has a great post on LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI)

It looks at things like how complete your profile is, how many people see your posts, your ability to connect with the right folks, and how much you engage with insights. If you have a high SSI score, it means you’re doing a great job using LinkedIn for sales.

You can check you Linkedin Social Selling score here –  www.linkedin.com/sales/ssi

Salespeople who track and maintain a high Linkedin Social Selling Index (SSI) score have, on average, 45% more sales opportunities than professionals with lower scores.

Three key factors to boost your LinkedIn Social Selling Index Score (SSI)

  1. Profile Completeness – Make sure your LinkedIn profile is fully filled out with all your relevant information. Include a professional photo, a compelling headline, and a detailed summary.
  2. Connecting with the Right People – You should aim to connect with individuals who are relevant to your industry or profession. 
  3. Engagement – Regularly engage with your network. The more you actively participate on LinkedIn, the better your SSI will be.

For a complete list on how to boost you LinkedIn SSI – Check this article on “How to Increase Your LinkedIn SSI Score This Year

Power of Personal Branding on LinkedIn 

Your personal brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

One key strategy to boost your Social Selling Index (SSI) and increase your LinkedIn limits is building a personal brand. Just think about it – if you received a message from someone you know, like Elon Musk or a trusted colleague, you’d be more inclined to respond, that because you know the person. 

The same concept applies on LinkedIn. Building a personal brand means making sure that prospects are already familiar with you when you reach out to them. So, when you finally pitch, it’s not coming from a stranger but someone they know.

LinkedIn Limits 

What are the current LinkedIn limits for connections, messages, and profile views?

FeatureFree usersPremium usersLinkedIn Sales Navigator Users
Linkedin Connection requests100 per week1,000 per week1,000 per week
Linkedin Send messages50 per day200 per day300 per day
Linkedin View profile500 per day2,000 per day2,000 per day
Linkedin Invitations100 per month1,000 per month1,000 per month

As per Srba, LinkedIn imposes weekly limits on connection requests, typically around 100. However, these limits aren’t set in stone. If you’re actively working on building your personal brand and increasing your social selling index, you can gradually extend your reach. 

A strong presence on the platform can lead to higher limits. This means that you might send 150 or even 200 LinkedIn connection requests weekly without running into restrictions. 

For sales reps or those new to LinkedIn outreach, it’s wise to start with the basic limit of 100 and work your way up as your LinkedIn activity and SSI improve.

LinkedIn Creators have higher limits on things like profile views, post views, and video views. So becoming a Linkedin Creator or taking a Premium or Linkedin Sales Navigator subscription is something you could also consider.

In summary, the key to LinkedIn outreach success lies in understanding the Social Selling Index and the role of personal branding. By actively building your presence on LinkedIn and connecting with your target audience in a genuine way, you can expand your outreach limits. 

With increased limits and a strong personal brand, you’ll be well on your way to more effective and fruitful LinkedIn outreach.

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