Masterclass on Multichannel Outreach Strategy

Multichannel strategy

It’s fascinating how the fundamentals of business-to-business marketing are the same today as they were 50 years ago. It’s still about relationships although today we have new tools and techniques at our disposal.”

David Meerman Scott

By including a multichannel strategy,

you’re not just reaching out to your audience — you’re creating a seamless brand experience that resonates across every communication touchpoint.

This strategy allows you to tap into the diverse preferences and habits of your consumers, meeting them on their preferred platforms and delivering a consistent message every time.

Table of content

Module 1
Introduction to Multi-Channel Outreach
In this module, we’ll cover the basics of multi-channel outreach, including examples, benefits, challenges, and specific use cases.
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Module 2
Building Targeted Prospect Lists
In this module, you will learn how to craft a successful multi-channel campaign and define your audience.
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Module 3
Choosing the Right Channels
This section talks about finding the best outreach channels. Explore various communication options.
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Module 4
Crafting Compelling Messages
Here, you will learn to craft compelling messages that resonate across channels. Tailor content for different platforms.
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Module 5
How to launch your multichannel outreach campaign 
Launch your multi-channel outreach strategy with this module. Get a step-by-step guide on setting goals.
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Module 6
Multichannel outreach tools
Discover tools to boost your multi-channel outreach. Learn how technology can enhance efficiency.
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Module 7
Multichannel outreach sequence strategy
In this module, we’ll tackle the strategic sequencing of your multi-channel outreach. Learn about timing and coordination across channels.
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Module 8
Multichannel sequences & templates
Learn to save time, ensure consistency, and align with your strategy. Know various templates in your multi-channel sequences.
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Module 9
Multichannel sales CRM
Learn to close more deals by using multichannel sales CRM and build a robust sales pipeline.
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Module 10
Multichannel analytics
Learn to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns across channels.
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