Steps To Launch Your Multichannel Campaign

Want to make your multichannel campaign successful? Stick around while we unfold the secrets by setting clear objectives and understanding your audience. Get a hang of their preferences, favorite online spots, and what resonates with them.

Once you’ve got a grasp on this, handpick the best platforms to connect with them and craft messages that speak their language, maintaining consistency across all channels. 

Utilize handy automation tools to keep things running smoothly while staying on top of performance metrics to gauge what’s working and what needs tweaking.

Outline the sequence of touchpoints you want to include in your outreach campaign, including emails, LinkedIn, phone calls, WhatsApp, and other channels as per your prospect’s preference. 

Determine the metrics you’ll track to measure success.

By syncing all these elements seamlessly, you can execute a comprehensive multichannel campaign strategy that resonates with your audience and drives meaningful results.

Things you need to launch a multi channel campaign

In this module, we’ll explore the essential components you need to launch a successful multi channel campaign, covering everything from audience segmentation to channel selection and performance measurement.

Prospects’ list

A strong prospect list is essential for launching a successful multi channel campaign. It involves identifying and segmenting your target audience based on demographics, behavior, and interests. 

This ensures that your messaging is relevant and personalized, increasing engagement and conversion rates. 

Ensure that you regularly update and refine your prospect list based on feedback and performance, which allows for continuous improvement of your outreach efforts.

We have already discussed this in module 2 to get more insights on it.

Perfecting communication

Crafting precise communication is vital for a successful multi channel campaign launch. Craft clear, engaging messages tailored to each channel’s audience. Focus on value, consistency, and personalization to capture attention and drive action effectively.

You can refer to module 4 in this masterclass for better clarity. 

Multichannel outreach tools 

Multichannel tools streamline managing and coordinating various campaign channels. From automation platforms to CRM systems and analytics tools, they help schedule, personalize, and track performance effectively. 

For more on multichannel outreach tools, you can hop into module 6.

Keeping track of all interactions

CRMs, or Customer Relationship Management software, is essential for launching multi channel campaigns. It centralizes customer data and interactions across channels, enabling segmentation, personalization, and tracking. By leveraging CRM effectively, businesses can create targeted campaigns that drive engagement and conversions.

You can jump over to module 9 for more details.

Tracking and analysis

Tracking and analysis are essential for launching a multi channel campaign. You can optimize their strategy and improve results by monitoring metrics like open rates, engagement rates, and conversions across channels. Analysis of this data helps understand customer behavior and refine the campaign for better outcomes.

Refer to module 10 for more details.

Pre-launch best practices for multichannel outreach

Neglecting pre-launch best practices for multichannel outreach can have detrimental effects on campaign success. Without clear objectives, understanding of the target audience, and relevant channel selection, communication efforts may lack direction and fail to resonate with the intended audience. 

Poorly crafted messaging and content, coupled with inadequate segmentation and testing, can result in low engagement and response rates, wasting valuable resources and missing opportunities for lead generation and conversion.

Omnichannel Sequence

This is when you add multiple channels in one single sequence. Here are points to keep in mind

  • Email limits and LinkedIn limits vary and hence your sending could get throttled when email daily limits are higher. Do not send more than 60 to 70 emails per sending email ID.
  • Connection requests arent accepted immediately or many a time rejected. This affects you next scheduled task. Try using a drip or a workflow
  • Prepare a content library: Have articles, blog posts, or other resources ready to share as valuable offerings in your messages.
  • Embrace video outreach: Consider sending personalized video messages that grab attention and build rapport faster than text alone.


When using email as part of your multi channel outreach campaign, follow key best practices: 

  • Use different domains to diversify sender reputation, 
  • Implement inbox rotation to evenly distribute & send emails 
  • For new email domains, gradually increase sending volumes 
  • Maintain consistent sending volumes for improved deliverability. 
  • Keep your emails on constant warmup

These practices help enhance email deliverability rates and ensure your messages reach recipients effectively. 

Refer to our blog on increasing open rate for detailed information


When using LinkedIn automation as part of your multi channel outreach campaign, it’s crucial to understand and adhere to platform limits regarding connection requests, InMail messages, and daily activity caps. 

Take a LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator subscription to avoid having limits per day.

Monitor messages and notifications actively to maintain timely responses and build meaningful connections. By following these best practices, you can effectively leverage LinkedIn as a channel in your outreach efforts.


Make sure to strategically incorporate cold calling into your multi channel campaign, ensuring a smooth experience for prospects while balancing it with other communication channels. 

Develop a strong cold calling script; have a clear opening, value proposition, call to action, and answers to common objections ready.

Use a call tracking tool to monitor call stats, record calls for training purposes, and identify areas for improvement.

Always respect opt-out requests by giving recipients an easy way to opt out of future calls and promptly honoring their requests. Additionally, to prevent burnout among your sales representatives, set realistic call goals, and prioritize quality interactions over the sheer volume of calls made. 

Final thoughts

To launch a winning multi-channel campaign, first understand your audience’s preferences and pick the platforms they use. 

Craft personalized messages on each channel, using tools to automate tasks and map out your outreach sequence, including emails, LinkedIn, and calls. 

Track performance metrics and adjust your approach as needed.

In our next module, you will learn about the tools that can be used to run a successful multichannel outreach campaign.

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