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“Deliver4Sure” - A suite of email deliverability features by SmartReach

Looking to get more emails delivered to the primary inbox and increase your campaign replies? Our smart features consider key guidelines that drive email spam checkers; then focuses on domain reputation, email address reputation, and other best practices to increase email deliverability.

Email Validations

What do we do?

Validates all your prospect email addresses before sending them and sends only to the valid email addresses.

How does it help?

Helps in reducing bounce rates on your emails and helps maintain your sending reputation.

How do we do it?

Our internal algorithm checks for DNS, SMTP, and MX records to validate the email addresses. We also rely on a third-party for the revalidation of our internal checks. We guarantee over 80% accuracy with our validation service

Our internal algorithm checks for DNS, SMTP, and MX records to validate the email addresses. We then revalidate the data via third-party tool thereby guaranteeing over 80% accuracy with our validation service

Deliver4Sure - email validations


What is email warmup and how does it help?

Email warm-up helps in sending your emails to your prospect’s inbox. It is a technique for email accounts or IPs to build a positive email-sending reputation with email providers. The objective is to maximize email deliverability to improve campaign performance.

What does WarmupHero do?

SmartReach provides a free tool email warmup tool called WarmupHero to gradually increase your email account's sending volume while making sure your emails are frequently opened and replied thereby improving your sending reputation.

How does it work?

After set-up, WarmupHero will work its magic in the background. It monitors important metrics like how many of your warmup emails end up in the inbox, spam folder, or other folders. It also keeps checking your email health to catch any problems quickly.

Deliver4Sure - warmuphero

Spam Test

What is a Spam Test and how does it help?

Spam test is a series of automated checks done on your email account and campaign set-up to help fix any issues before starting a campaign.

What do we do?

Checks for authentications like SPF, DKIM, Dmarc records on your email account and provides solutions to fix any issues that show up.

Checks for issues with email formattings like alt attributes in images, dangerous HTML or javascript elements in your email, and short URLs in your email and then notify you of their presence in your emails

Check all links in your email campaign, and notify if these links are broken links or if they have been marked as phishing earlier.

Check and notify if your IP is listed in any of the 25 most popular global IP blacklists.

Deliver4Sure - spam test

Campaign Soft-Start

What is a campaign Soft-Start and how does it help?

Campaign Soft-Start is a process that helps improve your sending reputation by incrementally increasing your daily sending of emails from campaigns. The gradual increase in sending emails will ensure that more emails are delivered to your prospect’s inbox.

How do we do it?

When you start sending emails in lower volumes there's greater chance of your emails going to the Prospect’s inbox leading to more engagement which eventually helps you build a better sending reputation.

Our Campaign Soft-Start algorithm programmatically increases the number of emails being sent from your campaign each day.

Deliver4Sure - campaign Soft-Start


What does Spintax do?

Spintax allows you to create dynamic email content by creating different versions of your content. So every email sent out is unique.

How does it help?

Dynamic email content helps in improving email deliverability and increasing the chances of generating positive responses.

Deliver4Sure - spintax

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