Best Mailshake Alternative Tools for Cold Emailing in 2024

Looking for a sales outreach tool with similar functionality to Mailshake but with a better price & stronger customer support? Then the Mailshake alternative tools list that I have curated, is surely going to help you. I have personally curated a range of Mailshake alternatives that can boost your sales productivity, improve sales potential, and help you close more deals.

Though you may stumble upon my LinkedIn profile that says I work at SmartReach, I have kept this list fairly unbiased, trying to give you the exact comparison of these Mailshake alternative tools so that you ultimately get value from reading this article. 

See, Mailshake is a great email outreach tool, but it may not fulfill everyone’s needs. 

So, In this blog, I have curated a list of the best Mailshake alternative tools, their features, and pricing which will help you choose the right software for your cold email campaigns and will help you find hot leads for your business.

In case, If you are fairly new to the cold email game then this blog will help you decide which cold email software you need. (Also as an added bonus: here’s our cold email masterclass exclusively for you FREE! ) Use this resource to skill up cold emailing that converts.

You might assume I’m biased for starting with but I honestly feel it’s the best Mailshake alternative considering the enhanced features and 100% lower pricing.

Mailshake alternative #1


  • Enhanced email deliverability to inbox via SPAM Test Reports, Campaign soft start, and Unlimited Free Email Validations. 
  • Text personalization and Liquid conditional email features for personalization.
  • Enhance Prospect Management feature.
  • LinkedIn Email Finder tool (Prospectdaddy) and native integrations with multiple 3rd party email finder tools like Anymail Finder, Aeroleads,, etc. 
  • Native CRM integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho, Zoho Recruit, and Zapier for multiple 3rd party integrations.
  • Single Sign-On, One-Click Reports, and Team Inbox – Special Agency Features!
  • Flexible workflow automation, bi-directional sync with your CRM, webhooks, and extensive API documentation.
  • Sales Development Leaders or Campaign Delivery Leads could assign roles & permissions for their teams and get detailed analytics on team & campaign performance.
  • is the best Mailshake alternative as it offers these features at over 100% less cost.
  • SmartReach can be integrated with Mailgun, Amazon SES, Namecheap, Sendgrid, etc.
  • 2-Factor Authentication provides extra security in case of compromised passwords.
  • Single Sign On(SSO) helps the user to authenticate multiple applications through single credentials.
  • A detailed audit trail report is generated that can be used in case of fraud or any illegal activities. 
  • SmartReach provides a multichannel feature where the prospect can be contacted via email, Linkedin, WhatsApp, SMS and call
  • Different activities that can be performed via LinkedIn are viewing profiles, sending connect requests, sending messages, and sending Inmail messages. 
  • Multichannel outreach increases the chance of receiving a reply from the prospect.
  • The Shared Inbox feature provides a categorization of prospect and non-prospect inboxes, reply sentiment, tagging team members, and easily switching between multiple clients.
  • SmartReach’s shared inbox feature helps with an increase in team collaboration, faster sales query response, monitoring sales team performance, and an increase in ROI.
  • SmartReach Inbox Rotation empowers your email campaigns with seamless management and enhanced deliverability. By intelligently rotating sender inboxes and domains, you avoid spam filters, customize sender information, and gain detailed analytics—all while ensuring reliable email authentication and efficient throttling.
  • The Meeting Scheduler feature streamlines your scheduling process, ensuring efficient meetings and optimal lead engagement. Customize links, sync with popular calendars, and automate notifications—all while maintaining data security and compliance.
  • Opportunities Pipeline allows you to meticulously track and manage your sales opportunities. Create customized pipelines and statuses, view real-time pipeline status, and strategically focus your efforts for optimal deal closure.

SmartReach Pricing: The standard email outreach plan starts at $29 per month, the sales engagement plan is $49 per month. For agency and enterprise plans, please check out SmartReach pricing page.

G2 Rating: 4.9/5

Convert Cold Leads to Sales Qualified Leads with - the best Mailshake alternative out there

Mailshake alternative #2



  • Lemlist has a feature of marketing automation that also helps to automate replies and you can create personalized email sequences. 
  • To increase the deliverability rate the Lemwarm tool soft starts up your email domain steadily. To give you a good start Lemwarm marks every email as important.
  • The special feature of Lemlist is that it lets you personalize images of your prospect’s logo, website, image, or logo. With this feature, you can build a better relationship with the prospect. 
  • It can be integrated with Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zapier, and many more tools.
  • If your goal is advanced customization you can choose Lemlist as a Mailshake alternative

Pricing: The email soft start plan is $25 per month, the Email outreach plan is $50 and, the Sales engagement plan is $83. 

G2 Rating:  4.2/5

Mailshake alternative #3



  • Woodpecker uses an anti-spam filter to increase email deliverability. 
  • With the snippet feature, you can personalize the email. Snippets are information that you can add to your message template. 
  •  Woodpecker sends your email at a random time to save your emails from ending up in the spam folder.
  • It has one dashboard for all clients which makes client management easy.
  • It also saves you time by marking up the replies from the prospect.
  • You can set limits for sending emails, and it will inform you once you’ve reached the limits.
  • Woodpecker can integrate with Hubspot, Pipedrive, Uplead, Hunter, and other tools.
  • If you are looking for a Mailshake alternative tool that makes client management easy then Woodpecker can fulfill this need. 

Pricing:  $39 monthly per slot. Start 2 email slots at the price of 1.

G2 Rating:  4.4/5

Mailshake alternative #4



  • Klenty is a cold email software used by sales reps and professionals for profitable sales outreach. You can create a structured outbound procedure.
  • Klenty provides you with a template library that makes cold emailing a bit easier. If you want to save time you can choose templates from the template library.
  • You can sync your emails, replies, open rates, and click rates to CRM. It also gives you the feature of email personalization.
  • Engage with your prospect immediately by tracking their response. 
  •  It provides in-app customer support to solve your problems and queries.  
  • Klenty can be integrated with Zoho, Hubspot, Pipedrive, etc.

Pricing: The Startup plan is $35 per month, their popular Growth plan is $60 per month, and the Enterprise plan is $100 per month.

G2 Rating: 4.6/5

Mailshake alternative #5



  • Yesware is advisable for people like email marketers and sales reps. It helps you prospect, schedule, and follow up.
  • You can save the best-performing email as a template so that your team members can reuse it whenever it is necessary. 
  • Yesware also gives you the weekly progress stats of your emails like the open, click, and response rate. With Zoom and Microsoft Teams, you can schedule meetings with your clients. 
  • You can see whether the prospect has viewed the attachment you’ve sent along with the email in the Activity feed, this helps you to focus on the leads.
  • It can be integrated with LinkedIn, Clari, Docsend, and Salesforce.
  •  If you mainly work on Outlook and Gmail then Yesware can be a good Mailshake alternative.


The Pro plan is $15 per month, the Premium is $35 per month, and the Enterprise is $65 per month. They also provide a custom plan.

G2 Rating:  4.4/5

Mailshake alternative #6



  • Saleshandy can be used for email outreach and improving cold email productivity. 
  • You can personalize the cold email and automate follow-ups easily. 
  • Tracking emails from Gmail and Outlook is also a feature of Saleshandy. It updates you with every detail related to emails like open rate, click rate, response rate, etc. 
  • Saleshandy can integrate with Gmail, Outlook, Zapier, and many more tools.
  •  Saleshandy can be considered a Mailshake alternative because of its robust features. 


For cold emailing: $25 per month. 

For email productivity: basic use for free, Regular for $9 per month (for an individual), and Plus for $22 per month (for the growing team). 

G2 Rating:  4.5/5 

Mailshake alternative #7



  • Outreach is also a great Mailshake alternative but it’s best suited for enterprises.
  • Outreach lets you plan the email schedule and follow-up schedule and it also has more integrations.
  • It gives in-depth details of analytics so that you can get updates on emails. It has multiple features that will help you run your campaign smoothly. 
  • It can integrate with Highspot, Gmail, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, 6sense, and CrunchBase
  • If you are looking for email software for your sales team then Outreach could work out as an expensive Mailshake alternative


Outreach has not disclosed its price. To know their pricing plans you have to send a request through their website. But since they target enterprises you could expect the pricing to be steep.

G2 Rating:  4.3/5

Every businessman or sales rep wants the best-performing tools to meet the ends and improve sales performance.

Email software is a powerful tool for reaching out to prospects and turning them into customers.

There are multiple Mailshake alternatives but, while choosing the right cold email software you should compare the price, ease of use, performance, and features. You can choose the software that serves you well & tick off everything from your checklist and give a powerful boost to your business. 

In case you feel that I should edit or add a few features to the Mailshake alternative tools list above then do leave a comment or write to me at [email protected]/blog

Better Decision-Making with Detailed Reporting with SmartReach one of the best Mailshake alternative tools
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