7 Best Klenty Alternative Tools to use in 2023

Are you looking for the best Klenty alternative that gets your job done with a better price & more features linked to Sales Automation? 

Brace yourselves because the era of Klenty’s dominance is about to face some serious competition! The Klenty alternatives & competitors we’re about to give you will make you question if you’ve been settling for second best all this time.

Klenty is a cold email outreach platform that helps you engage with prospects.

While Klenty is an excellent product I am sure you have come across this blog because it isn’t satisfying all your needs. It might be the email deliverability, email automation, email personalization, a simpler dashboard, or just the budget that has made you reach here. If you have decided to move away from Klenty, you probably have come to the right place, in this blog we’ve listed the 7 best Klenty alternative tools that would fit your needs.

Note: During your shortlisting process for a cold email software that would suit your needs, make sure you evaluate every Klenty alternative based on customer support, features, pricing, pros, and cons.

Best Klenty Alternatives

Klenty Alternative #1


G2 Rating: 4.8/5


  • SmartReach.io is a sales engagement platform specializing in cold outreach. It helps with prospecting new leads and converting them to customers.
  • Utilize AI-powered technology to craft email content based on inputs like audience, email structure, context, and writing style, among others.
  • AI can also provide subject lines based on the email body content.
  • Employ AI-generated replies in the shared inbox, ensuring they align with received replies. Content can be rephrased or shortened using AI tools.
  • Expand your audience reach and boost response rates through multichannel sales outreach channels like LinkedIn, WhatsApp, email, SMS, and calls.
  • Perform multiple activities, including profile views, sending connect requests, messages, and Inmails.
  • Organize prospect and non-prospect replies separately in SmartReach’s Shared Inbox for better organization.
  • Enhance team collaboration, reduce sales inquiry time, promote transparency, and boost productivity with the shared inbox feature.
  • By utilizing Spintax while composing email content, you can minimize the risk of being flagged as spam, as each email sent will be unique.
  • Effortlessly handle all your prospects in a centralized location using SmartReach’s Prospect management feature.
  • Built-in features to increase your campaign email deliverability.
  • Scheduling features based on time zones & holiday calendars are great.
  • Enables the personalization of emails using unlimited merge tags.
  • Dashboard reporting tools showcase the progress of your campaign in one place and make it easy to track the performance.
  • Special agency dashboard with special features designed only for agencies.
  • Spam test checks for problems in your emails before sending the email so you have greater inbox deliverability.
  • Prospect feeds let you know which prospects are engaging and how they are engaging with your emails.
  • Natively integrated with most top CRM software such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc, It also provides integration options with over a thousand 3rd party platforms via Zapier.
  • Obtain a comprehensive audit trail report automatically generated for any instances of fraud or illegal activities.
  • SmartReach.io offers an additional layer of security with 2-factor authentication to safeguard against compromised passwords.
  • simplify meeting scheduling with the Meeting Scheduler feature. Create customized meeting links, sync with popular calendars, and automate notifications. Whether it’s a sales call, demo, or team meeting, this feature ensures seamless coordination and optimal lead engagement.
  • The inbox rotation feature Intelligently manages sender inboxes, domains, and ESPs. Customize sender info, track performance, and centralize campaign replies—all while avoiding spam filters.
  • Gain strategic insights into your sales opportunities using the SmartReach Opportunities Pipeline. Create tailored pipelines, monitor real-time status, and forecast upcoming deals. It’s your compass for focused efforts and confident deal closure
  • Check out our detailed comparison with Klenty

SmartReach.io is a great Klenty alternative as it offers more features at a lower price.

SmartReach.io Pricing:

The email outreach plan starts at $29 and the sales engagement plan starts at $49 per user. For agency and enterprise plans, check out the SmartReach pricing page for more details.

For Agency and Enterprise plans, you could directly connect with [email protected]/blog click the link to book a 15 min call with our sales team.

Start a 14-day free trial.

Convert Cold Leads to Sales Qualified Leads with Smartreach.io - one of thye best Klenty alternative tool

Klenty Alternative #2


G2 Rating: 4.6/5 


  • Reply.io is a sales outreach software that helps you engage prospects on multiple channels so that you can reach more customers and grow your business. 
  • Boosts the deliverability rate by improving your emails, domains, and IP reputation.
  • Generate customers through LinkedIn integration. Its artificial intelligence-driven email assistant evaluates emails and subject lines and estimates the chances of a reply from the prospect.
  • Task Flow Chrome extension manages daily tasks and gives information about prospect activity.
  • Easy and convenient to use and can be a good Klenty alternative.  
  • Integrate with CRM software like Salesforce, Copper CRM, Zendesk Sell, Pipedrive, and Close.io it also integrates with 1000+ apps via Zapier. 

Reply.io Pricing: 

The starter plan is $70 per month, the second plan is $60 per month, and the third plan is $50 per month.

Klenty Alternative #3


G2 Rating: 4/5


  • FindThatLead does email outreach and saves your time by tracking the emails. It is affordable and easy to operate. 
  • Its Chrome extension enables searches of email addresses from LinkedIn and other websites.
  • The email verifier verifies the emails to increase the deliverability rate. It automates the email campaigns and you can customize the campaigns according to your preference.
  • Move data from FindThatLead to CRM effortlessly.
  • As a Klenty alternative, it is a good option as it has useful email templates. 
  • It provides multiple 3rd party platform integration via Zapier. It has the option of native integration with tools like Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, etc. 

FindThatLead Pricing: 

The Growth plan is $49, the popular Start-up plan is $150. The Suite plan is $399. 

Klenty Alternative #4


G2 Rating: 4.8/5


  • Apollo is a sales engagement tool that helps extend business through emails and calls.
  • Automates and tests email outreach. Add personal value by personalizing emails.
  • Prospect through phone calls with a Built-in Dialer feature. All the calls are recorded, which makes this feature safe to use.
  • All your tasks are logged in the CRM once they are completed through Apollo.
  • The rest API feature lets you find data from different companies to increase your sales outreach more effectively.
  • It can be integrated with LinkedIn, it can be integrated with CRM software like Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Hubspot, etc. It also provides 3rd party integration via Zapier.  

Apollo.io Pricing:

The Basic plan is $49 and the Professional plan is $99, they also provide a custom plan. 

Klenty Alternative #5


G2 Rating: 4/5


  • Replyify is an affordable sales platform that is easy to use. 
  • Schedule follow-up emails to save time, and focus on generating more leads. 
  • It sends notifications once the prospect has opened or clicked the email so that a reply can be sent at the right time. 
  • It is budget-friendly, so it can be an excellent Klenty alternative. It is handy for the sales team to automate outbound email campaigns.
  • It provides integration options with 3rd party platforms via Salesforce and Zapier.  

Replyify Pricing: 

The Starter plan is $19 per month, and the enterprise plan is $99 per month. 

Klenty Alternative #6


G2 Rating: 4.5/5


  • Growbots is an outbound sales platform, that helps sales reps to improve their work by prospecting and email outreach which gives them time to concentrate on generating income. 
  • It is user-friendly, from a beginner to a pro anyone can operate it easily. 
  • Target companies or search for job titles, and areas of interest, and in a few seconds.
  • It gives a high email deliverability rate. Personalize, automate follow-up and do A/B testing for high open rates. 
  • Get insights into campaigns, they also analyze the best-performing campaigns and email templates and utilize them again later for more open rates.
  • It creates a high-quality contact list, so Growbots can be preferred as a Klenty alternative.
  • It provides integration options with 3rd party platforms via Zapier, and Salesforce, and also integrates with CRM software like Hubspot.

Growbots Pricing: 

The outreach plan is $49 per month, the All-in-one is $199 per month, and the pro plan is a custom plan.

Klenty Alternative #7


G2 Rating:  4.4/5 


  • GrowthGenius is for the sales team, it gives a complete analysis of prospects. It helps users discover new leads. 
  • Customize prospecting strategies. They examine the database of 300M+ contacts and build a contact list. 
  • Easily test and optimize campaigns.
  • Manage team effortlessly, with team edition features. Share prospects, templates, schedules, and campaigns with the sales team. 
  • Integrate with CRM software like Mailchimp, Hubspot, Salesflare, Segment, and 3rd party integration via Zapier.

GrowthGenius Pricing: 

The Essential plan is $99 per month and the Unlimited plan for $299 per month.

Final Decision: On The Best Klenty Alternatives

Email software saves you time and helps you to connect to leads and turn them into paying customers. But for that, you should have the right tools and software. You can compare the above tools and check their features and pricing, then choose the tool that fits your criteria. We hope this blog has given you clarity about the software that will help you generate customers and increase sales.

If you have any suggestions regarding features in Klenty alternative list then leave a comment or contact me by writing an email, and sending it to [email protected]/blog

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