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Running a successful business needs productive and profitable tools. Tools that can help you run the business smoothly and ensure a continuous flow of new leads. Email is one of the safest and most preferred modes of business communication and is commonly used by salespersons, executives, and business developers to generate new business. However, one has to ensure that it is reaching out to a relevant prospect. Finding the email ID of the relevant prospect is a laborious task. Having said that, we live in a world where most problems can be solved with few clicks. Thanks to a few techies who’ve developed the Email Finder Tool. You can find the prospect’s email ID if you know his name or domain.

What is an email finder tool?

The email finder tool helps you find professional business email addresses online from various web pages. Email finder tools work either as chrome extensions or web apps. Email finder tools can be beneficial for your business if your goal is to generate fresh leads. Email finder tools are used by sales development reps, recruitment teams, business developers, or sales professionals. Let’s say, used by teams that are responsible for prospecting and lead generation. If you identify a prospect or decision-maker of a company that would need your product or services but do not have his contact details then all you need is an email finder tool. With the email finder tool, all you have to do is enter the prospect’s names and their domain name, it will give you their email address within seconds. It detects and checks whether the email address is valid or not. With the help of an email finder tool, you can create email lists for your cold email outreach. With the help of an email finder tool, you can search prospects from different verticals, industries, and job titles that can help you maintain a separate database for different prospects. Having separate lists for your cold email marketing campaigns can give you better results.

Here, we have listed the top 10 email finder tools for you that will make your cold email outreach process simple and easy. 

Disclaimer: ProspectDaddy is software from our stable and hence we have started with ProspectDaddy 😉 

  1. ProspectDaddy 

ProspectDaddy is one of the most popular Linkedin email finder tools which help you find verified business emails through LinkedIn and Gmail. ProspectDaddy also helps you with email-ready prospect lists which you can directly import into your cold email software. 

To find the desired email address, launch the extension and set the search parameters with job titles, company names, etc., and click on the find email address. It searches the email addresses which you are looking for within a few seconds. ProspectDaddy’s Linkedin Email Finder chrome extension flawlessly exports the leads from Sales Navigator (a LinkedIn sales tool) to and then to your CRM. SmartReach has native CRM integrations with Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho, etc. Integrations are also possible via Zapier. The email enricher feature adds and confirms the email addresses.

ProspectDaddy is an email finder tool developed by You don’t need a SmartReach account to use ProspectDaddy. If you are a user you can find 150 emails per day, but if you aren’t then the limit is up to 50 email searches per day. You can search profiles of prospects on LinkedIn and find their business email through ProspectDaddy. ProspectDaddy can be integrated via with, Uplead, Aerolead, Anymail finder, etc.

ProspectDaddy Pricing: For now, ProspectDaddy is a free tool. You can search up to 100 email addresses per month. If you use the SmartReach email automation tool you can search up to 5000 email ids of prospects every month.

  1. is an email extracting tool developed by and it is available as a chrome extension and web app. An email finder tool that helps you find the professional email addresses by just entering the name or company name of the prospect. You can export or sync profiles of your leads with your CRM. Found email addresses can be transferred easily to the email marketing software and can be used further for cold email campaigns. email finder tools allow you to find email ids in bulk. By uploading a formatted CSV file with names or company names of the prospects, you can search email addresses and verify them in bulk. can be integrated with Hubspot, Zapier, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and some more tools. Pricing: Hunter has a free plan i.e.$0 which gives you 25 searches in a month. You get 500 searches and 1000 email validations for a $49 per month plan. They also offer 2,500 monthly searches for $99 and 10,000 monthly searches for $199. For business 30,000 monthly searches for $399.

  1. Clearout

Clearout is an affordable yet powerful email finder tool that helps you find B2B email addresses accurately. It allows you to find email addresses by typing the prospect’s name, company’s name, or domain. It recognizes the role-based email addresses to get the most relevant prospect for your sales process. Furthermore, clearout also helps you to clean your email lists to ensure higher deliverability.  It removes all the matching email addresses and cleans up your email lists. A bulk email verifier allows you to upload CSV, and XLS files and clears out the invalid addresses in just one click. Clearout can be integrated with tools like Hubspot, Mailchimp, Zapier, Google Sheets, etc.

Clearout Pricing: For $21 you get 3000 monthly searches, and for $58 you get 10,000 monthly searches. It also has plans for bigger teams with $350 for 100,000 monthly searches and $625 gives 250,000 monthly searches. No free plan is available.

  1. LeadGibbon

LeadGibbon is a LinkedIn extension and an email finder tool that helps you find email addresses via LinkedIn. WithLeadGibbon you can search possible business emails by simply inserting the first name, last name, and domain of the prospect you need to contact. It finds prospects’ email addresses via the LinkedIn network or over the web. It can be added to the Chrome browser as an extension. You can create data sets using filters and optimize your outreach by creating a separate campaign. It can be integrated with tools like Zapier, Slack, etc.

LeadGibbon Pricing: LeadGibbon has three plans. The first is basic, which gives you 500 verified emails and 50 phone numbers at $49 per month. The second one is their most popular one, it gives you 1500 emails and 150 phone numbers at $99 per month. The last one is for businesses that give 4000 emails and 400 phone numbers at $199 per month. No free plan is available..


Snov is a cold email outreach automation platform. It offers an email finder tool with the option of single and bulk email search. In bulk email search, you can search up to 20,000 domains in one go. It provides free CRM and gives the full information about the prospect which includes their social media handle, location, information about the company, etc. Snov’s high-rated email finder chrome extension helps you discover desired email addresses from websites you look onto. You can integrate Snov with Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, LinkedIn lead generation forms, and much more. Pricing: Snov has 5 plans, for start-ups they give 1000 searches for $33 per month, for small businesses they give 5000 searches for $83 per month. For companies on an expansion path, they suggest a plan for 20,000 searches for $158 per month. For well-established companies with larger teams, they provide 50,000 searches for $308 per month. They also have a plan for enterprises that offers 100,000 searches for $615 per month. No free plan is available

  1. Lusha

Lusha phone number and email finder tool help you find email addresses and phone numbers within a few seconds. It is accessible as a Chrome extension. With the Lusha email finder tool, you can get the email address, phone number, location of headquarters, and other beneficial information of your prospect. It searches prospects smoothly while you surf through different websites.  Lusha on LinkedIn enables you to instantly reveal the contact and company information of specific prospects and accounts that you’re looking for. Searched and stored contacts can also be exported through CSV files which can be used easily for your cold email campaigns. Lusha’s email finder tool can be integrated with Hubspot, Zapier, Gmail, Zoho, Pipedrive, and many more.

Lusha Pricing: The starter plan is for free and gives you 5 searches monthly, professional plan can be used by 1-5 users and is $23 per month, which provides 480 searches per month, the premium plan is $35 per month which gives 1,680 monthly searches. The Enterprise plan is a custom plan, you can connect with their team and customize it according to specific requirements.

  1. Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert is an email finder tool that helps you find business email addresses by searching name, last name, and the domain of the company. It also shows social media details of the prospect. An in-built verifier makes sure that it shows the results that are verified, and they have a 98% of success rate. It also provides API integration. You can quickly get started with a free API key. API works with Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby. Voila Norbert Email Finder Tool integrates with Google Chrome, Zapier, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Mailshake, Drip, ReplyApp, Hubspot, and The email verification tool integrates with Mailchimp, SendGrid, Jotform, and Formstack.

Voila Norbert Pricing: For starters, Voila Norbert offers 50 searches for free. In paid plans, it has plans for  1000 searches for $49 per month, 5000 searches for $99 per month, 15,000 searches for $249 per month, and 50,000 searches for $499 per month.

  1. Skrapp

Skrapp is an email finder tool that is useful for business development, recruitment, or email marketing. It has both single and bulk search options. Chrome extension integrates with LinkedIn smartly and provides valid business email addresses in just a few clicks. Skrapp also gives API integration.Skrapp can be integrated with CRM tools like  Zapier, Salesforce, and many more.

Skrapp Pricing: They have 4 plans, the starter plan is for $39 per month which gives 1,000 email searches and allows 2 users, the seeker plan is for $79 per month which gives 5,000 email searches and allows 5 users. The enterprise plan is for $159 per month which gives you 20,000 emails and allows 8 users. And their global plan is for $239 which gives 50,000 emails and allows 15 users. No free plan is available

  1. AeroLeads 

Areoleads help you find verified email addresses of prospects. All you have to do is simply input the prospect’s name and their company’s name. Chrome extension lets you find emails from various web platforms. It allows you to find prospects through LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Angellist, Xing, etc. It also gives you in-depth information about the prospect, like their job profile, location, address, etc. API integration is available in Aeroleads. AeroLeads can be integrated with MailChimp, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, Salesforce, and many more.

AeroLeads Pricing: Their take-off plan is $49/ month which buys you 2,000 searches, their most popular climb plan is $149/ month in which you get 8,000 searches. The cruise plan is $499 for which you get 30,000 searches. The enterprise plan serves you as per your need. They do not offer a FREE plan.

  1. Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder can be used as an API or web-based service. Anymail Finder explores countless websites and finds email addresses. You can either choose a single or bulk email search option. Based upon the prospect’s name, domain, or job title, it shows their accurate email address. You can interact with them via email, live chat, or phone. You can connect the Anymail finder identification tool with API. Anymail finder can be integrated with LinkedIn, Gmail, Salesforce, etc.

Anymail Finder Pricing: The free trial is available in that you will get 20 verified emails, $49/ month buys you 1000 verified emails. $99 buys you 5000 authenticated emails. You can get 10,000 verified emails at $149

The variety in email finder tools makes it a little challenging to select one. However, while choosing the right email finder tool one should analyze his requirements. After understanding the volume of searches you will be doing, you should consider pricing, features, API integrations, CRM integrations, ease of use, and reviews from users. Good luck with your email search! 

11. Slintel’s Lead Finder

Slintel’s Lead Finder extension gives you access to over 250M+ contact profiles across 15M+ companies. You can build your list while browsing prospects’ websites or LinkedIn profiles and push them to your CRM. 

Apart from emails and phone numbers, you can filter leads by the department or their decision-making power, saving time during list building. 

You also get company size, job openings, buying intent score, and tech stacks of a company. Thus, you can perform your lead research while using the extension. All this info helps you craft meaningful and intelligent messages.

Slintel’s Lead Finder Extention Pricing: You get 100 free credits when you install. Thereafter a $99 monthly subscription can be purchased. 

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