What is Inbox Rotation? Will unlimited sending emails help?

When you consider the top 10 cold email strategies, inbox rotation as a feature emerges as a game-changer for businesses seeking to scale their cold outreach efforts effectively. Inbox rotation without a pricing plan that offers unlimited sending emails will shoot up your cost of acquisition.

In this article, we’ll understand inbox rotation, explore its importance w

ith regards to cold email outreach, and discuss steps to implement for optimal email deliverability, particularly within the ambit of email sender policies of Google and Yahoo.

On a side note, SmartReach.io provides this feature with an unlimited sending emails plan. You’ll get other email deliverability features like free email verification (no extra charge), free spam reports, Spintax, free email warmup and lots more.

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Let’s start with understanding inbox rotation a.k.a email rotation.


What is Inbox Rotation?

Inbox rotation is a tactical approach employed by cold emailers, involving the distribution of email campaigns across multiple inboxes and domains rather than relying on a single sending email address. 

Not many out there let you send from multiple domains. SmartReach.io lets you do it.

Simply put is a technique where you send emails from multiple email addresses instead of just one. This way you do not have to create multiple campaigns for every email inbox.

This method ensures that the email-sending volume is spread across multiple email addresses or domains, reducing the risk of one inbox being adversely affected by deliverability issues.

Inbox rotation also helps you avoid hitting sending limits imposed by email providers. For example, the recent email sender policies released by Google & Yahoo.

It also improves the chances of your emails landing in inboxes instead of spam folders and manages different sender identities for various outreach campaigns or team members.

How does Inbox Rotation work?

Implementing inbox rotation is a straightforward process. 

Email inbox rotation overview | SmartReach inbox rotation

By incorporating multiple cold email inboxes into your cold email software, such as SmartReach.io or any other tool providing inbox rotation, the system automatically rotates the sending inbox during campaigns. 

SmartReach.io has a human-like rotation to reduce the predictability of the inbox rotation.

For instance, if you have 1,000 emails to send and 10 inboxes, each inbox can be set to send 100 emails, preventing any single inbox from exceeding its sending limits. The sending will also rotate in patterns which cannot be detected easily

You could also add multiple domains like [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], etc to a single campaign.

Benefits of Inbox Rotation in cold emailing

Inbox rotation is key to overcoming the challenges faced when scaling cold email campaigns, mitigating deliverability risks, and ensuring compliance with strict sender policies, notably from major providers like Google and Yahoo. 

Let’s look at the benefits in detail.

Scaling campaigns with unlimited sending limits

  • Many cold email platforms struggle with scalability beyond a certain limit. 
  • Inbox rotation allows for the seamless addition of new inboxes to existing campaigns, streamlining the scaling process without the need for duplicating campaigns and potential errors that normally come up when your team is duplicating campaigns.
  • Choose a tool which offers unlimited sending emails

Mitigating deliverability challenges

  • Deliverability is a critical factor in the success of cold email campaigns. 
  • Inbox rotation reduces the likelihood of emails being marked as spam by spreading the volume across multiple inboxes, providing a safety net for your outreach efforts.

Adhering to stringent email sender policies

  • Inbox rotation proves particularly beneficial when navigating the strict sender policies imposed by major email providers like Google and Yahoo. 
  • By adhering to daily sending limits per inbox, businesses can boost their overall daily sending volumes while maintaining compliance with these stringent policies, consequently enhancing email deliverability.

Avoiding campaign disruptions

  • Inbox rotation acts as a risk mitigation strategy. If a particular inbox encounters issues, campaigns can be instantly paused for that inbox without disrupting the entire operation, as other inboxes seamlessly take over.

Inbox Rotation a must-have for your businesses

Sales engagement platforms like SmartReach.io focus on what’s needed by its users.

While success can be achieved without inbox rotation, there are scenarios where it becomes essential. Let’s have a closer look at the scenarios.

High dependency on cold email for client acquisition

  • If your business heavily depends on cold email for lead generation, inbox rotation becomes invaluable in maintaining consistent performance and protecting against deliverability challenges.

Accurate tracking of campaign metrics

  • For businesses running campaigns from different inboxes, inbox rotation simplifies the tracking process by consolidating metrics into a unified dashboard, providing a clear picture of campaign success.

Lesser efforts during analysis

High-volume cold email campaigns

  • Outreach agencies or businesses sending hundreds or thousands of emails per week benefit significantly from inbox rotation. It facilitates efficient scaling while ensuring campaigns stay within sending limits.

Why implement cold email Inbox Rotation for your Agency campaigns

Implementing inbox rotation for your agency is straightforward. 

You first need to shortlist a cold email software that specializes in email deliverability and provides agency features clubbed with inbox rotation. Most importantly, select a software that offers unlimited sending emails in its pricing.

Sending over 50 to 70 cold emails per sending account is already being flagged, unlimited sending emails will give you the flexibility to send less from each account but send from more email accounts.

Let’s discuss how you can implement it at SmartReach.

Set up new email inboxes

  • You need to go to the “email accounts” section (Settings -> Team settings -> Email Accounts) and click on “Add email account”. You can add as many inboxes here as you like. 
  • You can choose your preferred email provider from the list of available email providers (e.g., Gmail, Outlook, Zoho, Microsoft Exchange, Mailgun, Amazon SES, NameCheap), you can also furnish the SMTP/IMAP details to connect an email account.

Click the connect button, provide authorization and you’re done. Learn More

You can currently add up to 25 inboxes to a single campaign. This could go up in the days to come. 

Warm up your inboxes simultaneously

Managing multiple inboxes poses the challenge of ensuring optimal deliverability. Especially, if your emails are new. It will ensure that your emails don’t land in the spam. 

To maintain the health of each email address, integrate them with WarmupHero — an email warm-up tool seamlessly integrated with SmartReach. 

This tool is free with all SmartReach plans. It automatically sends and replies to emails, signaling to ESPs that you’re a reliable sender with consistent engagement. 

You can also monitor inbox performance through WarmupHero reports, allowing swift identification and resolution of any issues or spam filter flags. 

It’s the ideal solution for rapidly growing outreach agencies requiring efficient email warming across various cold email inboxes.

Cold Email 101: 

Never run cold email campaigns with your business’s primary email domain. Set up new domains and always keep 2 to 3 domains warmed up for every client. It will ensure consistency in deliverables, even if a domain goes bad.

Choose inboxes for each campaign

  • When ready to launch your campaigns, navigate to the “Channel Set-up” section and effortlessly select the desired inboxes. From here, you could also add more inboxes
  • Flexibility is key – you can send campaigns from one or several inboxes, keep them private for the inbox owner, or share them with your entire team. 
  • Whether segmenting team members or strategically choosing inboxes within daily sending limits, the choice is yours. 
  • Modify your selections and add/remove inboxes as needed, ensuring adaptability in your outreach strategy.

Extra Tips to Maximize Deliverability

  • Ensure SPF and DKIM records are in place for each email account. It’s now mandatory. SmartReach provides detailed documentation on how to achieve this.
  • You can use email verification tools like NeverBounce to validate prospect emails. This is free with all SmartReach plans
  • Warm up inboxes for 1-2 weeks with the email warmup feature. SmartReach provides you free access to WarmupHero with all its email outreach plans
  • Minimize the use of open and click tracking unless essential.
  • Personalize emails with custom attributes to enhance engagement.

Conclusion: Inbox Rotation

Inbox rotation emerges as a powerful tool for scaling cold email outreach campaigns, offering flexibility, efficiency, and improved deliverability, especially within the stringent email sender policies of major providers. 

While many cold email software lacks this feature, SmartReach.io stands out by seamlessly integrating inbox rotation into its platform. Explore the potential of inbox rotation + unlimited sending emails and scale your cold outreach efforts with a free trial today.

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