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7 Best Woodpecker Alternatives for Email Outreach

Cold email software is a tool typically used by the sales rep (SDRs) for prospecting and converting cold leads into sales-qualified leads. In today’s cut-throat competitive market, when businesses are looking for automated solutions to improve sales outreach, software like Woodpecker has made sales outreach a bit easier. 

Personalization, CRM integrations, and increased email deliverability are some of the most important features businesses are looking for in sales outreach software, and if your existing software doesn’t have any of these then I guess you need a replacement. 

Are you looking for a Woodpecker alternative to meet a few of the above shortcomings? A tool with similar features but at a reduced cost. Well, If you are thinking about a switch, then you probably have reached the right place. While searching for a Woodpecker alternative, you must consider some important features like user interface, campaign management, and email deliverability. 

After going through the below list of Woodpecker alternative tools, you will learn about the features offered by various tools and ultimately select an apt cold email software that suits your business needs

Disclaimer: We have not listed first because we’ve built the product. Customers have vouched for our email deliverability, pricing, and fast query resolution time.

1.                                                                              G2 Rating: 4.9/5


  • SmartReach sending automation gives a feel that emails are sent manually.
  • Schedules email delivery as per the prospect’s timezone. It has a holiday calendar feature that could be set up to ensure that prospects do not get emails on country-specific holidays.  
  • Hyper-personalize emails using merge tags and liquid conditional features.   
  • Features like the SPAM test and email validation improves the deliverability rate.  
  • Manage all prospects in one place effortlessly with SmartReach’s Prospect management feature.
  • Seamlessly manage all clients in one place with help of the agency feature
  • Keep track of the actions taken by the prospects from the dashboard.
  • Interact and assign roles to team members from the team inbox.
  • Integrate with ProspectDaddy to get details of prospects in a flash.
  • Integrate with Native CRM like Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, and many more.  
  • Easy to use features and affordable price, SmartReach can be a convenient Woodpecker alternative. 

Also, take a look at the detailed SmartReach and comparison

SmartReach Pricing: 

Individual Standard plan for one user starts at $24, the Pro plan for $39 is for medium-sized teams and the Ultimate plan is $59.

2. Mailshake                                                                            G2 Rating: 4.7/5 


  • Auto-generate email copy with SHAKEspeare AI email writer feature. 
  • Mailshake provides features like email deliverability, email validation, and a lead catcher.
  • Personalize emails with merge tags, and save time by using mail merge copy, A/B test, and proven templates. 
  • Set automated follow-ups and use pre-made templates to save time.  
  • Build omnichannel outreach cadences with Malishake’s chrome extension.
  • Integrate with CRM software Pipedrive, Nimble Salesmate, Zoho, Freshsales and Hubspot, etc. 

Mailshake Pricing:   

$59 per month for email outreach and $99 per month for sales engagement. 

3. MailChimp                                                                                     G2 Rating: 4.3/5 


  • MailChimp is designed for bulk emailing. It also has pre-designed templates which can be customized according to the campaign.  
  • Automate tasks using MailChimp’s default marketing automation settings. 
  • The advanced segmentation feature helps businessmen to send campaigns to the targeted subscribers. 
  • Schedule emails using the Timewarp feature to send emails as per the prospect’s timezone. 
  • Seamlessly share all campaigns on social media using Mailchimp.
  • Multiple integrations and various outreach features make it a good option to choose as a Woodpecker alternative.

MailChimp Pricing: 

The Essential plan is for ₹ 770 per month, the Standard plan is for ₹ 1,150 per month, and the Premium plan is for ₹23,000 per month.

4. Hubspot Sales Hub                                                                             G2 Rating: 4.4/5


  • Hubspot Sales provides a free email template builder that makes personalization easy.
  • Get details of every email interaction done by the prospect from the email tracking software.
  • Track email content with high open rates and share it with the sales team for more effective results.
  • Connect with prospects through live chat when they are active on your website.  
  • Integrate with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, CRM software Salesforce, and 3rd party platform integration via Zapier. 
  • Because of its decisive lead nurturing features Hubspot Sales can be a great Woodpecker alternative. 

Hubspot Sales Hub Pricing: 

Starter plan for $45 per month, Professional plan for $450 per month, Enterprise plan for $1,200 per month. 

5. Yesware                                                                              G2 Rating: 4.4/5


  • Yesware customizes email templates that can be used repeatedly to save time.
  • The email tracking feature determines the interested prospects. 
  • “My Dashboards” shows email performance on a weekly basis. 
  • With campaigns and template reports, users can find the most engaging and converting campaigns and templates.
  • Set campaigns on multiple channels easily by integrating with Salesforce CRM and adding recipients from contact records. 
  • Yesware’s Gmail chrome extension prospects manage and track emails from the inbox.

Yesware Pricing:

Pro plan for $15, Premium plan for $35, Enterprise plan for $65, and they also provide a Custom plan.

6. Gmass                                                                                             G2 Rating: 4.8/5


  • Gmass is an email marketing software, simply downloading the chrome extension users can run marketing campaigns from Gmail easily.
  • Easy access to the campaign reports from the Gmail sidebar. There is no need to open a different interface. 
  • Categorizes all the campaign responses under the Report label.
  • Follow-up can be complex as Gmass doesn’t provide the feature of email tracking.
  • 3rd-party platform integration via Zapier, Native Integration with CRM software Salesforce, and integration with ESM software Gsuite. 
  • Easy UI and mass email feature makes Gmass a great Woodpecker alternative.  

Gmass Pricing:

The Standard plan for $19.95, the Premium plan for $29.25, and the Enterprise plan for $49.95.

7. Growbots                                                                                   G2 Rating: 4.5/5


  • Growbots helps sales reps with prospecting. It is user-friendly.
  • Get details of target companies or search for job titles, departments, or seniority.
  • Personalize, automate follow-up to improve deliverability rates, and do A/B testing for high open rates. 
  • Features like multi-channel sequence, automatic follow-ups, response detection, and, connecting to multiple email accounts make it approachable as a Woodpecker alternative.  
  • Get insights into campaigns, they also analyze the best performing campaigns.
  • Integration with CRM software Hubspot, Salesforce, 3rd party platform integration via Zapier.

Growbots Pricing: 

The Outreach plan for $49, All in one plan for $199.

8. Lemlist                                                                                       G2 Rating: 4.2/5


  • Lemlist is a sales automation and cold email software used by sales teams, startups, and enterprises.
  • Easy email scheduling and tracking of links, also set limits for the team for sending emails automation and save emails from ending up in prospect’s spam inbox. 
  • With liquid syntax, customize the subject line for multiple prospects. They give multiple personalization options, which makes Lemlist a great Woodpecker alternative. 
  • Connect to the prospect through multiple channels and create a multi-channel outbound sequence.
  • Integrate with CRM like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Axonaut, etc. it also offers integration with Dropcontact, Uplead, Leadfuze, Bouncer, and many more tools for lead generation. 3rd-party platform integration via Zapier is also available.

Lemlist Pricing:

The Email Outreach plan is $ 50, and the Sales Engagement plan is $83.

I recommend you choose software that saves your time in order to concentrate more on other aspects of your business. You should compare the support, email deliverability rates, and other important features that you need for successful sales outreach. If possible watch a demo video or take a trial to understand the features on a better level. Get your hands on any of these Woodpecker alternatives and start prospecting on the top-level gear. Feel free and write to us at for suggestions or any questions related to this blog. An outreach platform for growth teams. Book 3X more sales meetings.


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