Akhilesh Betanamudi, SmartReach: “businesses that leverage technology outperform their peers”

In the age of ever-evolving technology, companies always have to be on the lookout for innovations to stay competitive.

There’s no denying that the pandemic pushed organizations to digitize and automate various processes. While the IT departments around the world upgrade their operations with the latest threat detection and VPN solutions, the sales teams should look into innovative tools too – after all, customer engagement is what the success of a business depends on.

To discuss the challenges and innovations in the email marketing landscape, we invited Akhilesh Betanamudi, the Co-Founder of SmartReach.io – a company helping business/sales teams improve their email outreach.

Let’s go back to the beginning of SmartReach. What has your journey been like?

It has definitely not been a smooth ride. We saw our share of ups and downs but thankfully we were able to learn from such situations and become better. Achieving product-market fit and making our presence felt in a very tough category was very challenging. Now that we have achieved product-market fit with over 1500 paid users, there are newer challenges and we have built a solid team to take these challenges head-on.

Can you tell us a little bit about what you do? What are the main challenges you help navigate?

SmartReach.io is one of the leading sales enablement platforms that specializes in email deliverability. We assist B2B sales-driven businesses to automate engagement with prospects and increase productivity. We currently manage B2B customer interactions via email channel and soon shall launch our multi-channel features i.e.outreach via LinkedIn Messenger and other platforms along with email. We have also developed an email finder software (ProspectDaddy).

by Cybernews Team

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