10 Best Sales Engagement Platforms For 2024

In the recent past, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to communicate with their customers effectively. With the rise of social media, email, SMS, and other communication channels, keeping up with the latest trends and ensuring that your messaging is consistent across all channels can be challenging. That’s where some of the best sales engagement platforms come in.

Sales engagement platform allow businesses to communicate with their customers through various channels simultaneously. Whether you’re reaching out through email, social media, SMS, or live chat. The software ensures that your messaging is consistent and in line with the brand’s voice, which can help build the customer’s trust and loyalty.

How to choose the best sales engagement platform?

Numerous sales engagement software offers an abundance of features, but we believe that the best sales engagement platforms should provide a few basic features. Here are some factors to consider.

  1. Personalisation at scale: Generate sales campaigns from the ground up and include as many channels as you require. Should be able to convert basic templates into personalised and unique emails. Look out for Spintax
  2. Multi-channel functionality: This will enable you to send messages from various channels, such as LinkedIn, email, and Twitter. Ideally, you should be able to connect unlimited channels, making it an excellent feature for a sales team or business unit.
  3. Email Deliverability: Inbuilt features focused on delivering messages to the recepients primary inbox
  4. AI-Powered content: Ability to generate content based on ICP and persona inputs
  5. Integration with your CRM: Connect to your CRM, calendar, or Google Agenda to streamline your entire process.
  6. Response Management: Entire team access to read and manage replies from multiple channels in one inbox.
  7. Workflows: To automate processes, generate niche analytics, move prospects between campaigns, etc

Sales engagement outreach is not about spamming prospects with generic emails. It’s about building relationships and creating value. By using a multichannel approach and personalizing your messages, you can increase your chances of getting a response and closing deals.

Excellent scalability capabilities: Develop a long-lasting system that can scale up or down as per your needs. Overall, the best sales engagement platform for your organization shall depend on your requirements and budget. Compare different tools to find the one that best meets your needs.

10 Best Sales Engagement Platforms

Whether you’re just starting with a multichannel outreach or looking to try new tools, the below options can help sales reps improve their skills and success rate. Let’s dive into the details of each tool.

Sales Engagement Platform #1


SmartReach.io is one of the best sales engagement platforms that helps sales reps send personalized communication and enables them to follow up in various methods, such as missed reminders, emails, phone calls, texts, and social media.

You may also tailor your follow-ups to the prospect’s industry, employer, city, and other information. You may use the tool’s pre-set templates to target a specific business to generate industry-specific offers.

SmartReach offers free access to PropectDaddy, a LinkedIn email finder cum prospecting software that gives a list of verified business email, Linkedin profile, designation, company name etc to it’s subscribers. 

SmartReach.io provides a free Shared Inbox for business teams where all team members can access, reply and action upon replies received from campaign prospects. Besides multiple other benefits, the shared team inbox also provides reply sentiment analysis for better sales forecasting.

SmartReach.io offers Spintax, a tool that can help you create dynamic and personalized email content for your cold email outreach campaigns. This can improve email deliverability and increase the chances of getting positive responses.

Communication via Multiple Channels

SmartReach.io helps SDRs close more deals by automating cold outreach and follow-up communication to prospects via multiple channels like email, Linkedin, WhatsApp, texts, and calls.

A task manager is provided to help SDRs meet their sales quotas by facilitating a focused approach to daily tasks. Once a sequence of communication is set, SmartReach.io automation sends emails in irregular intervals apeing human-like sending. 

Key Features of SmartReach:

Personalized Outreach 

SmartReach provides features such as hyper-personalization of communication, communication sequencing, email A/B testing, spam test report, email validation, prospect management, custom merge tags, detailed reporting, shared inbox and many more.

Sales reps can create unlimited custom columns which then could be converted to merge tags like {{opening_lines}}, {{Linkedin_post}}, {{trigger_event}} etc

Automating Outreach via LinkedIn

SmartReach.io enables sales teams to automate their LinkedIn outreach strategy thus giving them more time to focus on completing other important tasks and achieving targets. LinkedIn outreach tasks include profile views, send connect request, send messages and send Inmail.

LinkedIn is considered one the effective cold outreach channel for B2B sales as it allows you to target specific industries, job titles, and company sizes, ensuring that your message reaches the right people. 

Using WhatsApp for Outreach

SmartReach.io’s sales engagement platform allows you to add WhatsApp messages to your outreach sequence. Globally, WhatsApp’s open rates exceed 90%, making it a highly effective outreach channel to impact sales conversion directly.

WhatsApp generates faster responses as compared to any other outreach channel. 

Outreach via SMS

SmartReach.io allows SDRs to schedule and send SMS messages to prospects with limited or no internet access. SMS is considered one of the most effective channels of communication as it gives the option to put your message instantly in front of the prospect. 

Sales Outreach via Call

SmartReach.io multichannel outreach tool allows sales reps to add “Calls” to their sales sequences.

Emails and Linkedin messages get you and your company familiarised with the prospects, so when adding “Calls” to a sequence based on engagement then there is a high chance the prospect will give u 30 sec to pitch. SDRs receive real-time feedback from prospects, allowing them to tailor their pitch and address any objections or concerns immediately.

Calls can help sales representatives build rapport with prospects by establishing a personal connection.

SmartReach Pricing

SmartReach’s sales engagement growth plan pricing starts at $49 (for 5 users) billed monthly.

This is inclusive of email validation, spam test report, detailed analytical report, shared inbox, prospecting of business email via LinkedIn and sales navigator, multiple CRM integration and many more features. It provides greater discounts on annual plans. 

For Agency and Enterprise plans, you could directly connect with [email protected] click the link to book a 15 min call with our sales team.

Start a 14-day free trial.

Sales engagement Outreach via Email, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, SMS & Calls

Sales Engagement Platform #2


Reply.io is a cutting-edge sales engagement platform designed to help businesses increase their efficiency and effectiveness in customer communication. It will help sales teams streamline their outreach process, improve lead-generation efforts, and enhance customer engagement.

Reply.io Key Features

  • Multichannel Outreach Sequences: Businesses can engage with their prospects and customers through multiple channels such as email, SMS, and chatbots.
  • LinkedIn Automation: Enables businesses to automate their outreach on LinkedIn, streamline their prospecting process, and scale their lead generation efforts
  • Cloud Calls: This feature allows businesses to engage with their customers and prospects in real-time, improving their communication and customer experience.

Reply.io Benefits:

  • With the Reply.io multichannel Chrome extension, businesses can discover and engage with their prospects from anywhere on the web, including Gmail and LinkedIn.
  • You can set up the multichannel outreach sequence in manual or fully automated modes, depending on what your find easier. Additionally, extensive documentation and support resources are available.

Reply.io Pricing

Reply.io sales engagement platform plan starts at $90 per user per month for a min of 2 users

Sales Engagement Platform #3


Lemlist is the answer to your multichannel outreach needs. This powerful sales engagement platform empowers sales reps to compose personalized outreach messages effortlessly. No wonder Lemlist is utilized by sales teams and lead generation companies worldwide.

Lemlist Key Features:

  • Automated Outreach: Lemlist allows businesses to automate their outreach process using the most popular channels, including cold email, LinkedIn, and cold/warm calling.
  • Manual Task Steps: Businesses can add reminders to perform specific actions such as commenting on social media posts, mentioning leads in their posts, etc., to grab their attention.
  • Aircall Integration: Lemlist offers integration with Aircall to add cold/warm call steps to campaigns and boost results.

Lemlist Benefits:

  • Aircall integration helps add a personal touch to your sales campaign.

Lemlist Pricing

Lemlist’s sales engagement platform starts at $99 per seat per month

Sales Engagement Platform #4


Mailshake is a powerful tool that uses customized email campaigns to help businesses establish relationships, promote content, and raise brand recognition. Using this sales engagement platform, sales reps can locate and target prospects, set up and automate multichannel outreach programs and analyze their impact with comprehensive data.

Mailshake Key Features:

Sales engagement automation: Mailshake makes it simple to automate all parts of your multichannel outreach efforts, including tailored messages, automatic follow-ups, and unique sending schedules for specific recipients.

Sequences of multichannel outreach: The multichannel outreach sequences feature allows sales reps to incorporate LinkedIn and other social media channels into their outreach efforts for a more comprehensive approach.

Unlimited VOIP Calls: Mailshake offers unlimited and affordable international calls to the US and Canada.

Mailshake Benefits:

  • By incorporating LinkedIn and other social media channels into their outreach efforts, SDRs can reach a wider audience and maximize the impact of their campaigns.
  • For VOIP calls they let businesses select a number with the area code of their choice, which can help to improve connect rates by appearing more familiar to prospects.
  • Mailshake’s task management feature reminds businesses to perform offline prospecting activities.

Mailshake Pricing

  • Mailshake’s sales engagement platform is priced at $83 per month per user billed annually and includes access to additional tools such as a phone dialer, social selling, and creating custom tasks to help you set up sales engagement sequences. Their email-only plan is $58 per user per month billed annually

Sales Engagement Platform #5


Woodpecker sales engagement platform allows sales reps to automate their multichannel outreach campaigns. It has several capabilities that enable SDRs to customize their emails, schedule campaigns, measure email interaction, and much more.

Woodpecker Key Features

LinkedIn Tasks: As part of your sales automation platform, you can incorporate LinkedIn into your outreach campaign. This feature lets you leverage your LinkedIn network and connect with your potential customers.

Woodpecker Calls – Android App: With Woodpecker Calls, you can make calls and schedule follow-up tasks from the same place, making it easier to keep track of your outreach efforts.

Woodpecker SMS – It can craft customized text messages, which can be sent directly from your mobile phone at the most suitable time.

Woodpecker Benefits

  • With Woodpecker’s multiple features, businesses can reach potential customers through LinkedIn, calls, and text messages. 
  • This sales engagement platform using a multichannel outreach approach helps to improve the chances of a response and engage customers on their preferred channel.

Woodpecker Pricing

Woodpecker’s sales engagement platform is based on the number of daily contacts you select. For $74 per month per slot, you can reach unlimited prospects in a month and have unlimited follow-ups and team member

Sales Engagement Platform #6


Klenty is a leading sales engagement platform because its various multichannel outreach features boost SDR productivity. Klenty is a platform that automates creating and sending outbound emails, making it possible to work more efficiently.

Klenty Key Features

Klenty’s Sales Dialer: Allows you to place calls and pre-recorded voicemails with just one click. It’s designed to help increase the speed and efficiency of your call sessions

Klenty’s LinkedIn Plugin: The LinkedIn Plugin by Klenty streamlines the process of executing LinkedIn tasks, reducing the manual workload. The plugin enables you to automate repetitive tasks and ensures you stay within LinkedIn’s strict sending limits.

Klenty’s Text Messaging: Klenty’s text messaging feature provides an additional channel of communication with prospects who may not answer calls or listen to voicemails. 

Klenty’s Multi-channel Inbox: It gives access to monitor communications from Calls, Texts, Linkedin and Emails. It centralizes all communication from prospects in one place, thus simplifying communication

Klenty Benefits::

  • Automate repetitive tasks and streamline your sales processes, increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • The text messaging feature and multi-channel inbox help improve your chances of making a connection and closing deals.

Klenty Pricing

Klenty sales engagement platform pricing starts at $125 per user per month (billed quarterly) for advanced outreach.

Sales Engagement Platform #7


QuickMail is a marketing platform that helps automate your email workflow and generate leads in the cloud. QuickMail can automate your cold-calling efforts by contacting a certain number of leads daily and following up with those who don’t answer.

Quickmail Key Features

Cold Calling Integration: QuickMail has integrated Aircall’s powerful dialer, making it easy for you to make sales calls without leaving your QuickMail campaign. 

Quickmail Pricing

QuickMail’s sales engagement platform pricing starts at $59 per month 

Sales Engagement Platform #8

Close. com

Close is a CRM and one of the best sales engagement platform that aims to improve efficiency and productivity in the corporate world. Close’s capabilities include lead and contact management, transaction tracking, call and email logging, and pipeline management.

It works with several popular messaging and app platforms to provide sales teams with a unified environment to do business.

Close. com Key Features

Automated Multi-channel sequences: it has automated sequence building which is easy to follow and can integrate email, calls, and SMS steps to increase the reach.

Efficient Calling: Close’s Power Dialer and Predictive Dialer allow for quick and automated calling, with the added benefit of real-time call coaching for your sales team.

Convenient SMS Messaging: The in-app SMS feature of Close. com allows for low-cost notification of events and meetings, with options for bulk messaging through API and open-source integrations.

Close Benefits:

  • Power Dialer increases sales productivity  
  • You can automate the SMS sequence through API for efficiency.

Close Pricing

The pricing plan for their sales engagement platform (Professional package) is $99/user/month. The Business package for increased outreach at $149/user/month contains call coaching, voicemail drop, and all the other features for this sales engagement platform. 

Sales Engagement Platform #9


As a Linkedin automation tool, Expandi assists its customers by automatically creating fresh leads after refining them. In addition to letting consumers pick and select who they want to see their ads, Expandi facilitates the launch of various campaigns catering to specific market segments.

Expandi has also introduced email automation which now makes it a full-fledged sales engagement platform. Although its forte is mainly LinkedIn automation

Expandi.io Key Features

Smart Sequences: You can connect with your prospects by using Email and different points on Linkedin. This will help you create Smart Sequence with email and LinkedIn follow-up messages. 

Expandi.io Benefits:

  • You can add nine actions in one sequence to help you increase your sales.
  • You can also combine email with Linkedin Outreach in one go.
  • Through Hyperise and Expandi integration, you can hyper-personalize your email and LinkedIn campaigns through dynamic GIFs.

Expandi Pricing

Expandi.io starts at $99.00 per month per user and offers a pricing model based on the number of users. A free trial is available for those who wish to test the platform before committing to a subscription.

Sales Engagement Platform #10


Sales.Rocks simplify sales engagement and lead generation for enterprises only. They can download hundreds of leads with the required information to start prospecting with a few clicks.

Sales.Rocks Key Features

Email and LinkedIn Outreach: Run an outreach sequence that combines automated actions of Linkedin and Emails. 

Phone Verifier: You can verify the direct phone numbers from prospects and get their registered location and whether the number is active.

Sales.Rocks Benefits:

  • Make use of business-to-business (B2B) data and cold email functions to locate and contact your ideal customers.
  • Built-in email and LinkedIn and add it directly to a sequence with advanced triggers.

Sales.Rocks Pricing

Sales.Rocks’ sales engagement platform plans start at €250/ per month for a single user billed half yearly.

Sales Engagement Platform #11

VCC Live

VCC Live is a cloud contact center software offering companies advanced call-handling capabilities and a string of other communication channels. These include voice, SMS, email, chat and social media. It’s an omnichannel and feature-filled platform that’s perfectly suited for sales teams and outreach activities.

VCC Live’s Key Features

Predictive Dialer: the dialer initiates more calls than agents available and filters out answering machines and busy tones, maximizing talk time and minimizing the idle time between calls.

Customizable Dashboard: follow your KPIs and get real-time insights into your contact center’s performance with a dashboard that’s tailored to your goals.

Multichannel functionality: manage calls, reply to emails, send out SMS notifications, provide real-time support through live chat or chat apps, or connect with people on social media by using just one platform. 

VCC Live’s Benefits

  • Outbound IVR for fully automated campaigns
  • Various auto dialer options for your project’s unique needs
  • Integrates with powerful platforms such as Salesforce, Zapier or Hubspot

VCC Live’s Pricing

VCC Live’s plans start at €50/seat/month.

Before finalising your best sales engagement platform

As the old adage goes, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. This is especially true when it comes to sales outreach efforts. With sales engagement platforms, businesses can diversify their approach by engaging prospects through multiple channels such as email, SMS, social media, and more.

By adopting a multichannel outreach strategy, businesses can improve their chances of success in generating qualified leads and closing deals. So don’t limit yourself to just one channel – branch out and see the results for yourself by onboarding the best sales engagement platform based on your needs

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