Inbox Rotation helps you to send from multiple email accounts

Send a campaign from multiple email addresses, even from different domains. Improve your email deliverability and scale campaigns with ease

inbox rotation

Use different email servers for sending campaign emails.

Minimize the risk of emails being flagged as spam by enabling your team to rotate emails strategically using integrated email accounts

Integrates email outreach platform with Google Workspace, Office 365, SendGrid, Mailgun, Rediff, etc.

Increase your campaign credibility by including custom or organization-specific email domains in the rotation.

Make your team customize their sender information

Create a warm and personalized communication experience with hyper-customization of your sender identity

Personalize the sender names for your email accounts

Direct prospect replies to alternate inbox of choice

Assign different email signatures for every sending email

Know your sending volume, response rates, bounce rates, performance, etc to optimize your email rotation strategy

Monitor send email volume for a balanced distribution of emails among different sender accounts

Identify potential deliverability issues or challenges specific to certain sender accounts

Manage email volumes by setting sending limits per account and distribution across email domains

Moderate your email sends with a controlled pace. Set limits for every email or campaign to adhere to email sender policies

Throttling promotes ethical sending practices without violating the prescribed sending practices

Adopt sending strategies based on your audience's preferences, and ESPs' requirements

Execute efficient outreach and adhere to email sender policy with inbox rotation