165 B2B Cold Email Subject Lines For Sales Outreach

B2B cold email subject lines are responsible for better open rates. They hold the key to get you more meetings.

It’s a no-brainer that 80% of B2B buyers prefer being contacted through email.

In the case of such email outreach, B2B cold email subject lines hold special regard. It’s the first and best chance of getting your prospect’s attention. 

As the famous quote by David Ogilvy says, “Once your headline is written, you have spent 80 cents of your dollar. And in an email, your subject is your headline.”

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Back on topic, cold email subject lines for sales outreach are the starting point of any potential B2B sale. 

In this blog, we are going to dive deeper into the art of creating the best B2B cold email subject lines for B2B sales, that not only get opened but also drive conversions.

Additionally, I have also listed over a hundred B2B cold email subject lines that you could use.

So, let’s start with the most obvious question.

What is a B2B cold email subject line? 

A cold email subject line will be the first thing people see when they open their mailbox, so it needs to be enticing enough to open the email.

What is the importance of good B2B cold email subject lines?

The right B2B subject line can make an email more engaging and informative. FYI, an unopened email with a weak subject line is a missed opportunity.

According to studies, 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone. As it is the most critical factor in determining whether or not an email will be opened.

B2B cold email subject lines are the entry point to your sales funnel. A compelling cold email subject line has the potential to turn a cold prospect into a hot lead.

The best cold email subject lines help you do the following:

  1. It catches your prospect’s attention which is the most important step in the email outreach process for sales.
  2. An enticing cold email subject line can significantly increase your open rates and improve your sales conversions.
  3. It sets the right tone & expectation for your prospects to look at the email. 
  4. B2B cold email subject lines help email deliverability by increasing open rates.
  5. Cold email subject lines help your prospects prioritize the emails they receive basis the info they see on the B2B subject line.
B2B cold email subject line helps do the following

Remember, personalizing your B2B cold email subject lines can help you to stand out and promote your business.

B2B email subject line: best practices

In B2B sales, one size does not fit all. 

For better effectiveness and ROI, your cold email campaigns should address the specific needs, pain points, and preferences of your target audience. 

So, before starting to write your B2B cold email subject line get an understanding of your target audience, define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and segment your prospect list.

Next, we jump into the secret sauce. (what you have been waiting for so long)

When writing B2B cold email subject lines that get opened, remember the following b2b email subject lines best practices.

📌 Keep your b2b subject line short, around 40 characters or less. This way, it’ll be visible in most email apps.

email subject line -screenshot

For example, in this image, you can see incomplete  b2b subject lines on my phone. Thus, I am not getting the entire message through these subject lines.

Now let’s say, Neil Patel‘s b2b subject line was – Changes to HowTo & FAQ rich results – 35 characters – This would give you the complete context.

📌 Be specific and use relevant keywords in the subject line to let the recipient know what the email is about.

📌 Include a clear call to action in the b2b subject line.  For example, say “Click here to learn more” or “Download your free report now.”

📌 Personalize the subject line(If possible) with the recipient’s name to make it more likely to be opened.

📌 Creating a sense of urgency, when applicable, is a well-established strategy for getting your emails opened and read.

📌 Use active voice, which is more engaging than passive voice. For example, write “We can help you increase your sales by 20%” instead of “Your sales can be increased by 20% with our help.”

📌 Lastly, carefully proofread your b2b subject line to avoid typos or grammatical errors that could make your email look unprofessional.

Examples of best B2B cold email subject lines

After analyzing the data from tens of thousands of cold emails sent, we at SmartReach have come up with some of the best B2B cold email subject lines that actually get opened. 

Below, we have given you a lot of options for writing B2B cold email subject lines, and we recommend you A/B test your subject lines. 

SmartReach.io allows A/B testing up to 5 subject lines for a single sales outreach campaign and once you have adequate data on the b2b cold email subject line that is working, you simply pause the rest.

The Decision Maker

Cold Email Subject Line Example

“scale {{company_name}} sales pipeline”

Benefits: This B2B cold email subject line pushes prospects to make quick decisions. This kind of B2B email subject line for sales clearly states the purpose of reaching out to the prospect.

When writing a catchy email subject line for sales, it’s tempting to write an open-ended sentence. 

However, writing a focused sentence is far more effective and would give an insight into the prospect.

For example, Instead of writing,  “What if (prospect) could do x?”.

Craft something like: “(Prospect), having the ability to do x will improve your business in the following ways…” 

By drilling down on who you are writing to and what the benefit is for them, you focus on the prospect’s needs and not your product or service. The benefit that you’re providing should target a specific aspect of the prospect’s business, for example, sales growth or savings of resources.

While closing on the B2B cold email subject line, it is important to have a clear idea of “What does my product/service/idea do for this customer?”.

It can be really helpful to get feedback from customers about what their biggest pain points are while using the product, so you can craft a message that addresses those pains.

Some more examples of effective B2B cold email subject lines:

  1. “Finalizing plans: what’s your decision?”
  2. “Unlocking growth potential: your decision matters”
  3. “Solve your challenges with {{your company}} today!”
  4. “Your input is needed: an important decision to be made”
  5. “{{company name}}: strategic partnership opportunity”
  6. “Last call for you: finalizing {{company}} strategy”
  7. “Join industry leaders. exclusive b2b networking event”
  8. “Unlock your team’s potential with our productivity training”
  9. “Exclusive invitation- b2b networking event inside”
  10. “Increase profits now for {{comapny name}}”
  11. “Save your time and effort with this”
  12. “Increase Profits Now. Discover Our Powerful Solutions”
  13. “Stay Secure & Upgrade to Our Advanced Protocols”

🔸 Pitching a software

  1. {{first_name}}, want to save your sales team time? 
  2. Software that boosts productivity 
  3. Streamline your workflow with {{software name}} 
  4. Automate tasks and save money 
  5. {{first_name}, how can I help you reach your goals? 

🔸 Pitching an event

  1. {{first_name}, join us for {{event name}} ! 
  2. Network with top leaders at {{event name}} 
  3. Learn about the latest trends at {{event name}}
  4. Get a sneak peek at our new products at {{event name}} 
  5. {{first_name}, saved you a seat at {{event name}} 

🔸 Pitching a service

  1. {{first_name}, let us help you grow your business. 
  2. Expert services to help you achieve your goals 
  3. Let’s talk about the services you need 
  4. {{first_name} what are your biggest challenges? 
  5. Partner with us for success 

Call To Action

Cold Email Subject Line Example

“{first_name},get this high-converting [sales] playbook”


This kind of b2b cold email subject line is quite intriguing and pushes prospects to take some action. It makes them interact with the email content, so prospects tend to click the link. Utilize this opportunity to grab their attention by using clear and descriptive B2B cold email subject lines that get opened. 

Here are some more professional email subject line examples:

  1. “Act now to secure your spot”
  2. “Discover how {{your product/service}} can benefit you”
  3. “Ready to {[achieve x goal}}? take the first step”
  4. “Time is running out: take action now”
  5. “Unlock your potential: act on this opportunity”
  6. “Reserve your spot: RSVP for the event”
  7. “Schedule a demo: solve your problem”
  8. “Join our webinar: learn the secrets of b2b success”
  9. “Ready to skyrocket sales? let’s talk solutions”
  10. “Take control of your ROI: explore our services”
  11. “{{first_name}} here’s your personalized solution”
  12. “Time is running out: take action now”
  13. “Schedule a demo: see our products in action”
  14. “Request a quote: tailored solutions for your company”
  15.  Save time. Book a demo today
  16.  Increase ROI. Download our free white paper
  17. {{first_name}, get your free consultation today
  18. Start saving money now!
  19. Grow your business today!
  20. {{first_name}increase your sales now
  21. {{first_name}, generate more leads now!
  22. Why wait? Improve your ROI now
  23. {{first_name}, limited-time offer, sign up now!
cold email subject line with cta

The Solution Provider

Sales email subject line example

“Proven solution for {{insert the problem}}” 

More often than not, prospects are interested in solving their problems. They don’t care about you or your business or if you can save the world. 

A cold email subject line like this does exactly the same. It pinpoints the problem statement of the prospect and you become the problem solver. 

The B2B subject line tells exactly what solution is being provided and why it’s important. It tells the prospect exactly what will help. This makes “him” feel like you’re a part of his company and its mission.

Some more examples of sales email subject lines are:

  1. “Streamline your processes with this hack”
  2. “Say goodbye to {{pain point}}: with {{solution_Name}}”
  3. “Transform {{area/department}} with {{platform name}}”
  4. “Enhance your {{process/strategy}} with {{platform name}} 
  5. “Get ahead of the competition”
  6. “Time to upgrade? Discover below”
  7. “Tired of tech troubles? let us solve them!”
  8. {{Increase/Reduce/Improve}} your {{metric}} by {{percentage}}”
  9. “Boost sales now with our conversion-optimization solutions”
  10. Are you struggling with {{pain point}}?
  11. Stop wasting money on {{product_or_service}}
  12. “eliminate [challenge] today: discover our proven solution”
  13. “optimize efficiency and cost savings with our solution”
  14. “customized solutions to address {{industry/company}} needs”
  15. “grow your business with our strategic solutions”
  16. “solutions tailored for {{company}}’s success”
  17. “powerful CRM to enhance customer engagement”

Personalized For Prospect

Email subject line example 

 “Quick question wrt {{Project/Achievement}}”

A personalized cold email subject line shows that you are genuinely interested in your prospect’s business. Also, it shows that you have spent some time doing your research. When correctly done it can also showcase knowledge of your Prospect’s industry.

Benefits: It conveys that you are not just sending a generic cold email to your prospect. This will arouse curiosity and your prospect will dive deeper into your email. This is a good way to build a genuine connection and open a conversation.

 More such catchy B2B cold email subject lines for sales are given below:

  1. “Ideas for {{company}}: {{specific benefit}} inside”
  2. “{{first_name}} congratulations on {{recent achievement}} ”
  3. “Helping {{ company}} achieve {{specific goal}} ”
  4. “{{Prospect’s industry/challenge} insights for {{first_name}}”
  5. “Personalized strategies for {{company}}: let’s discuss”
  6. “Your success story inspires us, {{first_name}}”
  7. “Exclusive invitation for {{first_name}}”
  8. “Hello {{first_name}}, {{company}} can drive results”
  9. “Discover how {{your service}} benefits {{company}}”
  10. “{{first_name}}, see how [your service] benefits you”
  11. “{{First_Name}}, {{Your Company}} Can Help Boost Your Sales”
  12. “Your {{prospect’s industry}} challenges, solved by {{your solution}}”

Personal Invitation

Email subject line example 

{{First_Name}},can I have 15 minutes? You won't regret it

This B2B cold email subject line aims to subtly pique curiosity without fully revealing its meaning or intention upfront. Leaving some mystery can intrigue the B2B audience and prompt them to open the email to learn the context and decipher the meaning behind the line. The tone of the email itself then provides additional clues indicating to the prospects that it relates to a potential B2B sales opportunity, requesting time but intriguing them to understand the fuller B2B meaning behind the initially cryptic message.

Benefits: When you ask someone for less than 15 minutes of their time, it makes them consider your request. This b2b subject line, however, should be supported with strong messaging in the body of the email. 

Your email communication should convince prospects to spend their precious time. Using this type of B2B sales email subject line will guarantee a better response or results. 

Some examples of professional B2B cold email subject lines are:

  1. “{{first_name}}, join us for an exclusive networking event”
  2. “You’re invited, {{first_name}}: take your seat”
  3. “{{first_name}}, wanna jump into our beta testing program?”
  4. “{{first_name}} take your seat at {{ networking even name}}t”
  5. “Invitation for {{first_name}}: join our advisory board”
  6. “Mark your calendar {{fisrt_name}}: b2b strategy workshop”
  7. “An invitation from {{company}}: partner with us”
  8. “Save the Date: {{First_Name}} Join us for a VIP Experience”
  9. “Join {{your company}} at {{industry conference/event}}, {{prospect’s name}}”
  10. “We want you, {{first_name}}, to join our beta testing program”
  11. “Special invitation for {{first_name}}: networking event”
  12. “Don’t miss out: limited seats for our seminar”

Value Establishment

 Email subject line example 

“3 prospecting strategies for you”

Here, the value proposition of your outreach is showcased right in your cold email subject line. 

 Value addition in businesses or processes is the most important factor decision-makers consider before introducing any change or new development. Your email should showcase value. 

Benefits: The conversion rate or chances of getting a lead from this type of cold email outreach are generally very high as the prospect needs the service or solution that is being offered. 

[ Take note that the email might not get opened in case the prospects not looking for the value that is highlighted or the objective mentioned in the cold email subject line.

Here are some high-converting B2B sales email subject lines you can use:

  1. “Maximizing {ROI} with {{platform_name}} 
  2. Discover the value of {{Your Product/Service}} for {{Company}}”
  3. “Customised solutions for {{Company}}
  4. “Proven results: how {{Your Solution}} has impacted companies Like {{Company}}”
  5. “Drive customer engagement with {{product}}
  6. “{{First_Name}}, your business upgrade awaits you”
  7. “Solving {{Company}}’s challenges: our solutions inside”
  8. “{{first_name}}, ready to improve marketing?”
  9. “{{first_name}}, your business upgrade awaits you”
  10. “How to improve [metric] and scale revenue.”
  1. Discover how to [achieve goal] with [product or service]
  2. Learn how to save [time/money/resources] with [platform]
  3. See how [platform] can help you [grow your business/increase sales/etc.]
  4. Get a free consultation on scaling your business/operations

Remarketing for more results

Cold email subject line example

{{your brand name}} - Exclusively for your business

This b2b cold email subject line is not meant for cold prospects. 

It’s for the prospects who have earlier visited your website, interacted with you, or provided their email address. Someone who’s shown initial interest in your brand or product. 

Since the intent of the lead is unclear this type of email can be still considered a cold outreach email.

Benefits: These catchy b2b cold email subject lines for sales give good open rates after adding some level of personalization. 

[ 💡 Tip: Maintain a separate database for remarketing campaigns and use a personalized cold email subject line and main message ] 

Personalized communication (email content) to these prospects emphasizing and acknowledging the actions they took on your website will help connect with the recipient. 

Some examples of the best cold email subject lines for remarketing:

  1. “It’s not too late: {{your service}} awaits you”
  2. “{{first_name}}, you checked {{product/service}} ?”
  3. “{{first_name}}, ready to take the next step?”
  4. “limited time offer from {{your_company}}!”
  5.  “{{first_name}}, any questions for {{product/service}}?”
  6. “We’re here to help! Explore {{Product/Service}} options again”
  7. “Back by popular demand: {{Product/Service}} Just for you”
  8. “Reconnect with {{company}}: exclusive deals await”
  9.  See what’s new with {{Platform}}?
  10. It’s not too late to try {{Platform}} for free
  11. Made it even easier to use {{Platform}}
  12. See how {{Platform}} can help achieve your 2023 goals
  13. {{first_name}}, get a custom demo of {{Platform}}
  14. {{first_name}}, give {{Platform}} another try 
  15. {{Platform}} made some big improvements
  16. Time to take your business to the next level with {{Platform}}
  17. Don’t wait any longer – start using {{Platform}} today

The Problem Solver

B2B email subject line example.

 “Stop struggling with {{problem}}. here’s how”

This is one of the best B2B cold email subject lines for sales outreach campaigns. 

This type of email outreach communication needs effort. A major chunk of the effort goes into figuring out the problem your prospect is dealing with. This needs dedicated research and analysis on your part. 

Once the the problem is identified; converting this into a compelling b2b subject line is easy. But you need to work on the way you put it forward.

[ Remember the golden rule of keeping it short, crisp, and to the point.]

Some examples of B2B cold email subject lines with high open rates are: 

  1. “Say goodbye to {{challenge}}: let us solve it”
  2. “ {{Problem}}? We have the solution you need”
  3. “Need a reliable solution for {{problem}}? 
  4. “Simplify your {{process/task}} with {{Platform}}”
  5. “Let’s cut to the chase!”
  6. “Say goodbye to {{problem}}: introducing {{Platform}}”
  7. “No more {{problem}}: {{Platform}} saves the day”
  8. “Struggling with {[problem}}? we have the solution you need”
  9. “Need a reliable solution for {{problem}}? look no further”
  10. “Working hard or working smart? {{Platform}} helps both!”
  11. “We’ve seen it all: {{prospect’s industry}} solutions at a click”

Reverse Psychology 

Sales email subject line example 

“Don't open unless you're serious about sales”

This catchy b2b cold email subject line for sales evokes curiosity and pushes your prospect to open the email. The prospect is keen to understand stuff or processes that it should avoid in order to reduce sales. 

Benefit: The idea is to push for the opposite of what the prospect really wants, the prospect will actually choose to engage in the behavior that is truly desired. 

[ 💡Tip: Keep this email limited to 3 key concerns that affect sales conversions and one to two lines on how your product addresses these concerns. ]

Close it with a question “Are you looking to reduce sales? If not then let’s talk.”

Some examples of B2B cold email subject lines using reverse psychology are:

  1. “Do not click this subject line!”
  2. “The worst email ever… or is it?”
  3. “Warning: opening this email may lead to {{amazing benefits}}”
  4. “Don’t open: Our solutions cut costs and boost profits”
  5. “Don’t bother: this data-backed insight is not for everyone”
  6. “Not your typical sales pitch: discover our approach
  7. “We dare you: try our risk-free trial today”
  8. “Do not read – the blueprint for b2b success”
  9. Serious about growth? Open this. 
  10. Not interested in success? Ignore. 
  11. Don’t want to save time? Delete. 
  12. Looking to reduce sales? Read on
  13. Do you love it when your team wastes man-hours?

Follow-up Email Subject Lines

B2B email subject line example.

 “The clock is ticking, {{first_name}},” or “quick question, {{first_name}}” 

Subject lines for follow-up emails are created to re-engage prospects who have not responded to previous emails. Try to add the prospect’s name, as it creates a sense of familiarity.

Benefit: These subject lines aim to grab the prospect’s attention. Show that you understand their busy schedule or any potential oversight, and encourage them to open and respond to the email.

Additionally, subject lines can include a sense of urgency or new information, such as “Important update on {{Topic}}” or “Last chance to {{Action}}.”

Encourage prospects to give your cold email another chance, reignite their interest, and open up the lines of communication once more. 

Normally, I would not recommend you change the b2b email subject line, as there is a possibility that your earlier email thread won’t go with the follow-up email. If you using SmartReach.io then it provides a feature to add the earlier email sequence thread, even if the subject line is changed

Recommended Read: How to politely remind someone to respond to your email 

Some more examples of b2b subject lines for cold email follow-ups

  1. “Following up: {{Platform}} still on your radar?”
  2. “Still interested? let’s discuss the next steps”
  3. “Did you receive my last email?
  4. “Hoping to connect: how can we help, {{first_name}}?”
  5. “Your inbox deserves a second date with us”
  6. “Are you ghosting us? Just joking
  7. “Any updates for us on {{project/initiative}}? “
  8. “Friendly Nudge: Don’t Miss Out on {{Benefit}}”
  9. {{first_name}}, last call for {{benefit}}
  10. What’s stopping you? 
  11. Don’t miss out! 
  12. Last chance to save big! 
  13. Ready to get started? 

Nurturing Leads

B2B sales email subject line example.

“Achieving {{prospect’s business objective}} made easy”

B2B cold email subject lines for lead nurturing are essential for engaging potential customers and guiding them through the sales funnel. 

They should be compelling, relevant, and personalized to resonate with the recipients. By addressing your prospect’s pain points, needs, or interests, you can capture their attention and encourage them to open the email.

Benefit: These subject lines set the tone for the email content, which should focus on providing valuable information, showcasing your expertise, and building trust with the leads. 

Through consistent and strategic lead nurturing emails, you can establish meaningful relationships with potential customers, nurture their interest, and ultimately increase the chances of converting them into loyal clients.

Some of the professional email subject line examples for B2B sales include

  1. “Your {{prospect’s goal}} solved: here’s how”
  2. “Navigating {{company}} challenges together”
  3. “Stay ahead in {{prospect’s industry}}: actionable tips”
  4. “Personalized strategies for {{company}}”
  5. “Transforming {{prospect’s process}}: our proven approach”
  6. “Accelerate your {{prospect’s goal}} with our expertise”
  7. “Your success story: how {{your product}} can help”
  8. “Next steps for {{company}}: let’s move forward”
  9. “Empower your team: {{your product}} benefits inside”
  10. “Exclusive insights for {{prospect’s industry}} success”
  11. “Your growth journey: {{your company}} as your guide”
  12. “Roadmap to {{prospect’s goal}}: our custom plan”
  13. “Better your {[prospect’s vertical}} strategies with us”

Sum up: B2B cold email subjectlines

Did you miss some information while going through this article? 

Here are your key takeaways from this blog:  

Well-written b2b cold email subject lines for sales help increase your cold email opens, clicks, and conversion rates, which in turn will help generate more leads and sales. 

Just remember to test out several subject lines to see which ones get the highest open rates, and use those in your future emails. 

If you have a case study of different B2B cold email subject lines that worked well for you, don’t hesitate to share those with us at [email protected]. We will add it to our list and also give you “source credits”. 

Remember working on B2B cold email subject lines is essential but what is even more important is to land in the prospect’s inbox.

Using a reliable tool like SmartReach.io will increase your email deliverability while running a cold email outreach campaign. SmartReach.io now provides a sales engagement platform via email, Linkedin, WhatsApp, SMS, and calls. 

SmartReach also lets you completely automate LinkedIn tasks like profile view, sending connect requests, sending messages, and sending Inmail. This increases the chances of prospect engagement and increases the audience reach.

Start using a free trial today and achieve your sales quota before the set timelines.

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