best subject line for b2b sales outreach

Best Cold Email Subject Lines for B2B Sales Outreach

Email outreach has always been and still is one of the most powerful forms of outreach for businesses. There are many ways to improve your email outreach campaign in order to convert cold leads to sales-qualified leads and eventually drive more B2B sales., One of the most effective components of cold email outreach is having an appropriate subject line. But do remember that the relevance of email to the recipient is also important, in order words, proper segmentation of the email list. You don’t want to send “operations” related email to the “Head of Design”

The cold email subject line is the starting point of any potential sales. The first impression is always a key element. Simply put, a great subject line is one that pushes your prospect to open the email instead of clicking “Delete.” 

Analyzing the data from tens of thousands of emails sent, we have come up with some catchy and best subject lines that can be used for cold email campaigns.

The ultimate goal is to have higher open rates and to avoid the generic single message which is sent out in bulk. Personalization of the subject line helps to stand out of the box and also helps to promote your business, whether it’s existing customers or prospects. The right subject line can make an email more engaging and informative. 

Here is a list of super-performing cold email subject lines for B2B sales in 2022.

  1. Can I Help {{prospect company name}} With Higher Sales?
  2. Hey {{Name}}, Check This Out
  3. A proven solution for {{insert the problem}}
  4. Quick Question Regarding {{Project/Achievement}}
  5. {{receiver’s name}}, Can I have your 15 minutes?

Let’s dive in and talk about them in detail:

1. The Decision Maker – 

Subject line – Can I Help {{prospect company name}} With Higher Sales?

This subject line insists prospects take quick decisions. This kind of subject line clearly states the purpose of reaching out to the prospect.

When writing a B2B sales email, it’s tempting to write an open-ended sentence. But writing a focused sentence is far more effective and would give an insight to the prospect. Instead of saying “What if (prospect) could do x?”, craft something like: “(Prospect), having the ability to do x will improve your business in the following ways…” By drilling down on who you are writing to and what the benefit is for them, you make it about them and their needs rather than how excellent your product or service is.

The benefit that you’re providing should target a specific aspect of the prospect’s business, for example, shipping efficiency or brand growth. While closing on the subject, it is important to have a clear idea of “What does my product/service/idea do for this customer?” It can be really helpful to get feedback from customers about what their biggest pain points are while using the product, so you can craft a message that addresses those pains.

2. Call To Action –

Subject line – Hey {{Name}}, Check-Out This High Converting XYZ Playbook

This kind of subject line is quite intriguing and insists prospects take some action or interact with the content written in the email.  If the email targets the selling of products & services, then the subject line of the email is a critical element of the B2B sales effort. The subject line will be the first thing people see when they open their mailbox, so it needs to be enticing enough to make them want to click the link. Utilize this opportunity to grab their attention by using a clear and descriptive subject line that makes them want to click.

Here are some examples of subject lines that work:

  • “Your {{insert company name}} Needs This!”
  • “We’re Crushing {{insert industry}}”
  • “{{insert product name}} is going viral!”
subject line with cta
3. The Solution Provider –

Subject line – A proven solution for {{insert the problem}}

“A proven solution for (insert the problem)”. This is an example of an effective cold email subject line because it does a few things:

More often than not a prospect is interested in solving his problem and not giving you business. This type of subject line exactly does the same as it pinpoints the problem situation of the prospect and you become the problem solver. 

It tells exactly what solution is being provided – “A proven solution for {{insert the problem}}” – it draws attention to the solution and why it’s important. It tells the prospect exactly who is helping – “him” and makes the prospect feel like you’re a part of his company and its mission; It tells him how you can help

4. Personalized For Prospect – 

Subject line – Quick Question Regarding {{Project/Achievement}}

Personalized cold email subject line that shows your curiosity for the client’s business as a solution provider or an industry expert. It also shows that you’ve researched and have knowledge of the prospect’s industry before reaching out.

This type of subject line not only gets the prospect interested in your email but also shows that he’s not receiving a generic email blast. When they read about their project or product from an unknown person, they get more interested in finding out what’s there in it for them. There’s a very high chance that you can get a genuine connection by using this subject line.

5. Personal Invitation –

Subject line – {{Prospect_First_Name}}, Can I have 15 minutes? You won’t regret it

The subject line for this email is designed to be a bit mysterious. The tone of the email itself indicates to the prospects that it is possibly a sales pitch, asking for time but they would be curious to understand the context. 

When asking for someone’s time, and it’s as less as 15 minutes, it makes them consider your request. This subject line, however, should be supported with strong messaging in the body of the email. The message should convince the prospects to spend 15 minutes of their precious time. Using this type of subject line in email outreach will guarantee a better response or results. 

6. Value Establishment –

 Subject line – A better way to increase conversions or A better way to create demand

Here, the value proposition of your outreach is showcased right in your subject line.  Value addition in businesses or processes is the most important factor decision-makers consider before introducing any change or new development. Your email should showcase value.  The conversion rate or chances of getting a lead from this type of cold email outreach is generally very high as the prospect needs the service or solution that is being offered. The email might not get opened in case the prospects not looking for the value that is highlighted or the objective mentioned in the subject line. 

7. Remarketing for more results

Subject line – {{your brand name}} – Exclusively for your business

This subject line is not aimed at cold prospects. It can be used for the prospects who have earlier visited your web page, interacted with, or provided their email address. Since the intent of the lead is unclear this type of email can be still considered a cold outreach email.

This subject line gives good open rates as after adding some level of personalization. Maintaining a separate database for remarketing campaigns and use of a personalized cold email subject line and main message in email can help. Personalized communication (email content) to these prospects emphasizing and acknowledging the actions they took on your website will help connect with the recipient. 

8. The Problem Solver

Subject line – Let’s cut to the chase!

This is one of the effective subject lines for B2B cold email outreach campaigns. This type of email outreach communication needs effort. The effort goes into figuring out the problem the prospect is dealing with. This needs dedicated research and analysis. Once the issue or pain is known, you know what to do. Conveying them that you have the right set of tools, services, or products that will resolve all of their problems. Remember the golden rule of keeping it short, crisp and to the point.

9. Reverse Psychology 

Subject line – Is {{prospect company name}} looking to reduce sales?

This subject line evokes curiosity and pushes the prospect to open. The prospect is keen to understand stuff or processes that it should avoid in order to reduce sales. 

The idea is to push for the opposite of what the prospect really wants, the prospect will actually choose to engage in the behavior that is truly desired. 

Keep this email limited to 3 key concerns that affect sales conversions and one to two lines on how your product addresses these concerns. Closing it with a question “Are you looking to reduce sales? If not then let’s talk.

A well-thought cold email subject line can leverage better performance in email outreach campaigns by increasing the opens, clicks, and conversion rate, which in turn will help generate more leads and sales. Now that you know how subject lines of emails affect the overall decision-making of the recipients, you can start applying them in your cold email outreach campaigns. Just remember to test out several subject lines to see which ones get the highest open rates, and use those in your future emails. SmartReach allows AB testing up to 5 subject lines for a single sales outreach campaign and once you have adequate data on the b2b cold email subject line that is working, you simply pause the rest. If you follow these tips and craft compelling subject lines, your open rates should increase considerably. 

If you have a case study of different subject lines that worked well for you, don’t hesitate to share those with us at We will add it to our list and also give you “source credits”. Remember working on subject lines is essential but what is even more important is to land in the prospect’s inbox. Using a tool like will ensure 100% inbox delivery of your cold email outreach campaigns. Start using a free trial today and outdo your sales targets before the set timelines.

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