Why & How should you personalize your cold emails?

Hacks to Personalize Your Cold Emails!

In the wonderful world of sales & marketing, cold emailing is a regular task.

The Scenario is changed now, it’s not what it used to be. Generic, mass email messages aren’t as effective these days. Research shows that customers have much more enthusiastic responses to personalized emailing, increasing| click-through rates by 14 percent and rate of prospect conversion by 10 %.

When you commence mailing personalized emails to some stranger, there’s something that’s lacking and factors that are needed to grow: Reliability, Trust & Confidence.

Most people skip this step, and it’s really silly. It Is actually like keeping a flower boxed up and anticipating it to grow nevertheless. You can’t jump into asking for something from a prospect and assume that custom details like Company Name are enough to win this stranger over.

Personalization of emails is necessary for several reasons. Firstly, personalized emails can significantly increase open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. This is because people are more likely to engage with content that is tailored to their specific needs and interests. Secondly, personalization helps to build trust and establish a connection with the recipient. By demonstrating that you have taken the time to understand their needs and preferences, you can create a more meaningful relationship with them. Finally, personalization can help to improve the overall customer experience, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business. By customizing your communications to the individual needs of each recipient, you can create a more satisfying and rewarding experience for them.

Those tactics no longer build trust, and they don’t get the answerback.

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Tabulated below are a few powerful ways to personalize your cold emails, powered by psychology. Try implementing them and watch the reliability, trust, and confidence (and your reply rates) grow.

1) Start with your buyer persona.

It’s elemental to understand your prospect’s personality before you start looking for a person to talk to or planning to communicate your message.

In short, a buyer’s persona should include details like the right person, the right role within the company, the right verticals and the right company size. And filing it helps you align with marketing and avoid losing time selling to the wrong audience.

Once you fully understand the main points associated with your ideal buyer, you can start pulling the leads together.

2) Create your list of leads.

This one is a brainer, you need to have a list of leads. A social selling tool like LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help when paired with ProspectDaddy which is an email finder tool. This lead builder tool lets you sort the prospects by industry, region, company size and keywords and then scans the entire LinkedIn database to find your matching profiles. If the initial list you get is very exhaustive, you can filter it by adding criteria. From there, start scanning the individual profiles.

3) Three key points in less than 3 minutes.

As soon as you scoop up someone’s information, try to find three relatable things in less than 3 minutes (a rule of 3×3, if you will). By relatable, look for anything that you have in common or that helps you build a human connection with your scooped lead. For eg:

  • Work record (have they worked for a company that now uses your product?)
  • School or university (how is the college cricket team doing?)
  • Current city (are any of your current customers established there?)
  • Mutual connections (have you both met the same person at a conference?)

Again, you’re just determining three key personal facts to start.

4) Generate Personalized Email Content.

This is probably the most important and maybe the most fun part of cold emailing.

Sure, you might get a couple of people who nip if you send out 5,000 bulk emails having the same message, but if you spend some extra special time and reach out to your prospects with 50 really personalized emails. You’ll see a much higher rate of clicks so the conversions.

You can check our blog for cold email writing tips for this.

Here are the  real keys to your personalized email:

Subject line: Don’t get this too sales-y. Try to maintain it casual, yet appealing and fit one of your three relatable facts in there.

Greeting and intro: Casual again, and begin with a relatable bit of information.

Transition: Transition from the relatable aspect to your main point. Clarify the reason behind your email.

Overview: Give a brief overview of what your company does indeed and how it could help this person.

Network: Share a few names or projects they might hear of.

Call to action: Recommend a particular day and time to have a telephone conversation.

5) Follow up and take action

If you do not get a response the first time,follow up. Put another personal comment — maybe even a hilarious touch, but only if you will get a smooth way to fit it in.

When you do get a response, act straight away even if it’s not the response you were looking for. Send a meeting invite for a lead who agreed to talk, build a new email if you’ve been referred to someone else, but ensure to emphasize that you’ve been referred to that person or if required, mark the business lead as unqualified in your database.

6) Highlight common interests

If you have identified a common interest or passion that you share with the recipient, mentioning this in the email can help to create a personal connection.

7)Tailor the email to their needs

Show that you have done your research and understand the recipient’s needs by tailoring your email to their specific situation and challenges.

8)Mention a shared connection

If you have a mutual connection with the recipient, mentioning this in the email can help to establish trust and build a relationship.

9) Use personalized subject lines

Crafting personalized subject lines that speak directly to the recipient’s pain points or interests can increase the likelihood of the email being opened.

10) Use video or audio messages

Including a personalized video or audio message in the email can help to create a more engaging and personal experience for the recipient.

The most useful tricks you can use in personalizing cold emailing are creative imagination and personality. That’s how you will knock out your competitors in cold emailing sales game.

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