How to Write Best LinkedIn Summary Examples and Templates

Writing an impactful LinkedIn summary is crucial for making a lasting impression on potential connections and employers. 

In this guide, we’ll explore various examples and templates to help you create a compelling summary that effectively showcases your professional identity and expertise. 

Whether you’re revamping your profile or just starting out, you’ll find valuable insights and inspiration to elevate your LinkedIn presence.

What is a LinkedIn summary?

Creating a powerful LinkedIn summary is essential for leaving a memorable mark on potential connections and employers. 

It should offer a glimpse of your experience, action, and personality, propelling the reader towards connection requests, calls, meetings, or interviews.

Writing a compelling LinkedIn summary is crucial for your job search and professional advancement. Your narrative and presentation reflect professional vibes, fostering instant connections or sparking curiosity about your career journey. 

In today’s competition, where every opportunity counts, neglecting this step is not an option.

Whether you’re refining your profile or embarking on a new journey, discover valuable insights and inspiration to enhance your LinkedIn profile.

Why is a good LinkedIn summary important?

Writing a LinkedIn summary might feel unnecessary, especially if your profile is already up-to-date. 

However, based on my experience, it’s really important for advancing your career. Whether you’re in sales or another field, it can help you connect with new prospects or find exciting opportunities. Let’s find out why crafting one is a great idea.

Personal introduction

Beyond roles, your summary offers a chance to showcase your personality and achievements concisely, leaving a personable imprint.

Personality showcase

Injecting personality into your summary makes it memorable, whether through humor or professionalism. It helps recruiters assess culture fit, and clients gauge compatibility.

Need assistance in building a comprehensive LinkedIn profile? This tutorial can guide you.

Enhanced visibility

A well-crafted summary, rich in keywords like ‘content,’ ‘management,’ and ‘analysis,’ elevates your visibility in LinkedIn searches, attracting more views

Career objectives

Crafting a clear and concise career objective in your LinkedIn summary is essential as it serves as a roadmap for your professional journey. 

It articulates your aspirations, goals, and direction, helping recruiters and connections understand what you seek to achieve in your career. 

A well-defined career objective can also attract opportunities aligned with your ambitions, guiding recruiters to roles that match your skills and interests.

Rank higher on LinkedIn search

Incorporating relevant keywords and phrases in your LinkedIn summary is crucial for optimizing your profile and ranking higher in LinkedIn searches. 

By integrating industry-specific terms, job titles, skills, and expertise into your summary, you enhance your visibility and appear in more search results. 

This increases the likelihood of recruiters, employers, and potential connections discovering your profile, thereby expanding your network and opening up new opportunities.

LinkedIn summary vs resume summary

AspectLinkedIn SummaryResume Summary
PurposeTo provide a comprehensive overview of your career, skills, and interests in a more conversational tone.To succinctly summarize your professional experience, skills, and career objectives tailored for a specific job application.
LengthTypically longer, around 3-5 paragraphs or bullet points.Usually shorter, limited to 3-5 lines or bullet points.
ToneMore casual and conversational, allowing for personal flair and storytelling.Formal and professional, focusing on achievements and qualifications.
FlexibilityAllows for more flexibility in storytelling and expression of personality.Requires concise language due to limited space and strict relevance to the job application.
KeywordsStill important for searchability but not as critical as in a resume.Critical for ATS (Applicant Tracking System) scanning and aligning with job descriptions.
InteractivitySupports multimedia elements like links to articles, projects, or videos.Typically static text-based content.
Audience ReachVisible to a broader audience, including recruiters, potential employers, and industry peers.Specifically tailored for recruiters and hiring managers reviewing job applications.
Updating FrequencyCan be updated more frequently to reflect changes in career focus or achievements.Usually updated less frequently and tailored for specific job applications.
Networking ToolServes as a networking tool to connect with professionals and share insights within your industry.Primarily used as a document submitted with job applications.

How to write a LinkedIn summary?

Writing an impactful LinkedIn summary can increase your visibility to prospective employers and clients. 

Find how to compose a standout summary as mentioned below:

Create a brief outline before crafting your “About” section

Although LinkedIn grants you 2,000 characters for your summary, avoid lengthy, aimless paragraphs. A structured approach ensures clear and concise communication. Consider this format:

  1. Hook: Engage readers from the start to prompt them to click ‘See more.’ Remember, only the first 3 lines are visible.
  2. Mission: Explain your passion and purpose in your field.
  3. Expertise and Skills: Showcase your strengths and competencies.
  4. Accomplishments: Demonstrate how your skills have driven past successes.
  5. Call to Action: Guide readers on the next steps after reading your summary.

Remember, people often scan rather than read. Keep sentences short and consider using bullet points to break up longer paragraphs. If you’re unsure where to begin, leverage our professional bio templates for assistance.

Hook your readers

The initial three lines of your summary are crucial as they’re the first glimpse visitors get of your profile. Capturing attention here is key; a strong start increases the likelihood of readers delving further into your profile.

To hook your audience effectively, focus on conveying the most important aspect about yourself. Highlight what makes you unique, the blend of skills that drive your success, your passion for your work, or your notable achievements. Crafting your opening statement around these elements ensures a compelling introduction that draws readers in.

Tell your audience – why you do what you do

Based on my observations, individuals often resonate more with stories and values than just the straightforward description of “what you do.” While explaining your profession is crucial, integrating the “why” adds depth. Briefly mention what drew you to your profession and articulate your mission within it. Such insights enhance the emotional appeal of your LinkedIn profile.

For instance:

“I was raised along the Mississippi River, witnessing its gradual clarity as manufacturing standards evolved. This experience ignited my passion to advocate for sustainability within business realms.”

Talk to your industry expertise

Moving forward, complement your mission with a brief overview of your industry expertise. Summarize your background and qualifications concisely, typically in two to three sentences. 

For instance, if you’re a sales professional then taking advantage of LinkedIn to engage prospects, and emphasize your industry acumen and commitment to driving results. 

Alternatively, if you’re a customer success manager leveraging LinkedIn to connect with clients, highlight your industry expertise and readiness to provide consultancy support.

Industry expertise example:

“With over 7 years of experience in sales, spanning roles as a Sales Development Representative and Account Manager, I bring a wealth of expertise to drive business growth.”

Showcase your skills and expertise

Once you’ve showcased your expertise, articulate your focus in 1-2 concise sentences. 

For example, if you’re a digital marketer, specify whether your focus lies in SEO, social media, or another area of specialization within the field. If you’ve recently graduated, highlight any specific areas of study relevant to your industry.

Emphasizing your specialties is particularly crucial in sales, where various roles exist across diverse industries and markets. Whether aiming to attract employers or prospects, highlighting your strengths helps align opportunities with your objectives.


“I am a sales-enabled business writer with 8+ years of experience in SaaS start-ups”.

Data-backed results

Now, it’s essential to substantiate your expertise by incorporating significant data points. While you needn’t provide a comprehensive list of achievements here, integrating a few standout data points into your summary can leave a lasting impact.

“Over the last 6 years I diverted 77% of the organic traffic to the sign up page with a conversation rate of 27% and turned them into 11% actual sales.” 

Show your professional interest

Moving forward, focus on spotlighting your professional interests. What objectives do you aim to assist others in achieving, and what drives you to pursue them? Unlike skills, these interests may not always be quantifiable or strictly fact-based. Emphasize your dedication to these pursuits and convey genuine enthusiasm for them.

Provide a CTA

Finally, don’t forget the importance of a compelling call-to-action and possibly sharing your contact details. If you’re a freelancer or contract worker seeking opportunities on LinkedIn, conclude your summary with clear instructions on how to reach out to you. To further enhance your profile’s appeal, consider listing some of your most notable clients to bolster credibility and attract potential collaborators.


You can connect with me at [email protected] or schedule a meeting directly on my calendar through this link: [Calendar link].

Things to Put in a LinkedIn summary

Customize your LinkedIn summary to your profile’s objective, encompassing 3-5 sentences that encapsulate your years of industry experience, expertise, affiliated organizations, skills, and professional reputation. 

Consider it your digital elevator pitch: concise yet comprehensive, offering readers a distinct understanding of your identity, unique attributes, and desired engagement with them.


I specialize in sales, committed to supporting local New York City service businesses in expanding their customer base and reducing customer churn. With 8 years of experience in local sales, I consistently surpass my quotas. Over the past year, I’ve achieved the top spot on our leaderboard in six out of 11 months. On average, I close deals 12% faster than my colleagues.

Things not to put in a LinkedIn summary

Refrain from duplicating your resume content directly onto LinkedIn. The platform already hosts your basic resume, so aim for a more engaging presentation.

Ensure your text is free of spelling and grammar errors by proofreading thoroughly and seeking feedback from multiple sources before publishing.

Exercise caution with language choices to avoid inadvertently causing offense. Opt for industry-specific terms and keywords from relevant job descriptions to enhance professionalism.

Avoid airing grievances about current or previous positions, as negativity can deter potential connections or opportunities. Save such discussions for private conversations.

While authenticity and vulnerability can foster connections, be mindful not to divulge excessive personal details. Maintain focus by sharing only pertinent information to strike a balance between openness and professionalism.

Examples and Templates

Here are some most useful LinkedIn summary examples and templates as per our selection:

Friendly LinkedIn summary template

Certainly! Here’s a friendly LinkedIn summary template you can use:

Hi there! I'm [Your Name], [Your Position] with [Number] years in [Your Industry]. Passionate about [Your Key Area], I thrive on [Action Verb] and [Action Verb] to drive positive change.

With a track record in [Highlight One Key Achievement], I'm dedicated to [Your Core Value]. Let's connect to explore opportunities and make a difference together.

Interested in [Topic]? Let's chat!

This LinkedIn bio template starts with a warm greeting (you can skip the emoji if it doesn’t suit your style or industry), instantly engaging the reader while demonstrating your passion and expertise. 

As I filled it out, I emphasized my position as a marketing manager at SmartReach, spotlighting a notable achievement: successfully preventing millions in organic traffic losses on aging blog posts. I encourage you to do the same—highlight your most impactful achievement or one that reflects your career goals. This way, you’ll attract connections who align with your professional aspirations and can support your growth.

Recent graduate LinkedIn summary template

Recent [Your Degree] graduate eager to embark on a [Your Industry] career journey. Passionate about [Your Key Area of Interest or Expertise], I bring fresh perspectives and a hunger for learning to the table.

During my studies, I [Highlight Key Achievements or Projects], honing my skills in [Skills or Areas of Expertise]. Now, I'm excited to apply my knowledge and drive to contribute to a dynamic team and make a meaningful impact.

Seeking opportunities to [Your Career Goals or Aspirations], I'm open to exploring roles in [Your Desired Field or Industry]. Let's connect to discuss potential collaborations or opportunities!

Among LinkedIn users, recent graduates often face the challenge of crafting a compelling bio. With limited professional experience, they must convey their skills and capabilities differently. 

This LinkedIn bio template serves as an excellent guide for recent graduates, offering a blueprint for introducing oneself effectively, especially for those seeking entry-level roles in the tech industry (which can be customized). 

It provides space to highlight essential educational background details, such as specific courses, showcasing a passion for a particular topic or industry even without prior internships. 

By using this template, you can position yourself as a versatile candidate with a unique skill set. Personalizing the bio with additional information about your interests, projects, or internships will further enhance its impact and alignment with your career aspirations.

Sales LinkedIn summary template

Seasoned sales professional with a proven track record of exceeding targets and driving revenue growth. 

With [Number] years of experience in [Your Industry], I am passionate about delivering exceptional results and building lasting client relationships.

Skilled in [Key Sales Techniques or Strategies], I thrive in fast-paced environments and excel at identifying opportunities for expansion. 

My ability to [Highlight a Unique Selling Point or Skill] sets me apart and enables me to consistently surpass expectations.

Currently seeking new challenges and opportunities to leverage my expertise in [Your Desired Sales Area or Industry]. Let's connect to explore potential collaborations and discuss how I can contribute to your team's success!

It starts with a professional introduction, clearly stating your expertise and experience in sales. It also highlights your key skills, such as exceeding targets and driving revenue growth, and emphasizes your achievements in the field.

It demonstrates your expertise by mentioning specific sales techniques or strategies that you excel in.

The template allows for personalization, enabling you to tailor it to your specific sales area or industry and incorporate your unique selling points. It ends with a call to action, inviting potential connections to engage with you and explore collaboration opportunities.

Overall, this template provides a structured framework for showcasing your sales expertise, achievements, and aspirations, making it easier for you to create a compelling LinkedIn summary that attracts attention from potential employers or clients in the sales field.

Job-Seeker LinkedIn summary template

Experienced [Your Profession/Job Title] actively seeking new opportunities in [Your Desired Industry/Field]. 

With a strong background in [Key Skills/Expertise], I bring [Number] years of [Relevant Experience] to the table.

Passionate about [Your Industry/Field], I thrive in dynamic environments and excel at [Highlight Key Strengths or Achievements]. 

Known for [Specific Trait or Accomplishment], I am committed to delivering exceptional results and contributing to team success.

Currently open to [Job Opportunities or Career Transitions], I am eager to leverage my skills and expertise in [Your Desired Role or Industry]. Let's connect to explore potential collaborations and discuss how I can add value to your organization.

This Job-Seeker LinkedIn summary template offers a concise introduction for individuals actively pursuing employment opportunities. 

It briefly communicates your professional status as a job-seeker while highlighting key skills and expertise relevant to your desired field. 

By showcasing your passion for the industry and notable achievements, it demonstrates your commitment to success. 

Additionally, it expresses openness to new opportunities and encourages potential employers to connect for further discussion. 

This template provides a clear and compelling overview of your qualifications, making it easier for you to attract attention from potential employers on LinkedIn.

Catchy LinkedIn summary template

Passionate [Your Profession/Title] dedicated to [Your Key Focus or Mission]. With a knack for [Your Unique Selling Point or Skill], I thrive on [Action Verb] and [Action Verb] to [Your Desired Outcome or Goal].

Leveraging [Number] years of experience in [Your Industry/Field], I've [Highlight Key Achievement or Success]. 

Known for [Your Distinctive Trait or Accomplishment], I bring creativity, drive, and a fresh perspective to every project.

Ready to [Your Next Big Step or Goal], I'm on the lookout for [Opportunities/Challenges] that allow me to [Action Verb] and [Action Verb] to make a meaningful impact. 

Let's connect and explore how we can [Action Verb] together!

This catchy LinkedIn summary template is designed to grab attention and leave a lasting impression on potential connections. 

It begins with a bold introduction, showcasing your passion and dedication to your profession or mission. 

Highlighting your unique skills or selling points, it emphasizes your ability to drive results and achieve goals. 

Leveraging your years of experience and notable achievements, it positions you as a dynamic and innovative professional. 

The call to action encourages engagement and collaboration, inviting others to connect and explore opportunities for mutual growth and success. Overall, this template aims to captivate readers and spark interest in your profile, making you stand out in a competitive LinkedIn environment.

The Mission-Based summary

Dedicated [Your Profession/Title] committed to [Your Mission or Cause]. With a passion for [Your Area of Impact or Interest], I strive to [Your Goal or Objective].

Throughout my career, I've [Highlight Key Achievements or Initiatives] in alignment with my mission. From [Specific Project or Experience], I've witnessed the power of [Your Core Value or Principle] in driving positive change.

Continuously seeking opportunities to [Further Your Mission or Cause], I'm driven by the belief that [Your Belief or Vision]. Let's connect and explore how we can [Action Verb] together to make a difference!

It begins with a bold declaration of commitment to a particular mission or cause, setting the tone for the summary. 

Through highlighting key achievements or initiatives aligned with this mission, the template showcases the individual’s impact and dedication. 

It emphasizes the importance of continuous pursuit of opportunities to further the stated mission, underlining the individual’s ongoing commitment to driving positive change. 

The call to action invites connections to engage and explore potential collaborations, fostering opportunities for collective action towards a shared goal. Overall, this template aims to convey passion, purpose, and a clear vision for making a meaningful difference in the world.

The Personality summary template

Hi there! I'm [Your Name], a [Your Profession/Title] with a passion for [Your Key Interest or Focus]. 

Known for my [Your Key Personality Trait or Strength], I bring a unique blend of [Your Unique Qualities] to everything I do.

With [Number] years of experience in [Your Industry/Field], I've [Highlight Key Achievements or Projects], showcasing my creativity and innovation. 

Whether it's [Describe a Unique Aspect of Your Work or Approach], I'm always eager to [Action Verb] and [Action Verb] to make a positive impact.

Outside of work, you'll often find me [Describe Your Hobbies or Interests], fueling my creativity and keeping me inspired. 

Let's connect and chat about [Your Shared Interest or Industry], or just swap stories about [Your Shared Passion]—I'm always up for a good conversation!

This Personality-Based LinkedIn summary template introduces the individual’s unique qualities and professional expertise succinctly. 

It begins with a warm greeting and highlights key personality traits and strengths, showcasing their value in the workplace. 

Through concise descriptions of relevant experience and achievements, it illustrates their creativity and ability to make a positive impact. 

Additionally, it offers insight into their personal interests, inviting connection beyond professional endeavors. Overall, this template aims to present a compelling snapshot of the individual, fostering engagement and connection with fellow professionals on LinkedIn.

The Short-and-Sweet summary template

Hi there! I'm [Your Name], a [Your Profession/Title] with a passion for [Your Key Interest or Focus]. With [Number] years of experience in [Your Industry/Field], I'm dedicated to [Your Goal or Objective].

Known for [Your Key Strength or Achievement], I bring [Your Unique Qualities] to everything I do. Let's connect and explore how we can [Action Verb] together!

This Short-and-Sweet LinkedIn summary template offers a brief yet impactful introduction to the individual’s professional identity. It starts with a friendly greeting and a concise statement of their profession or title, followed by a mention of their passion for a specific interest or focus area. 

Briefly noting their years of experience in the industry establishes credibility. The summary highlights a key strength or achievement, showcasing their value. Finally, it concludes with a call to action, inviting connections to engage further.

The Blended summary template

Hi there! I'm [Your Name], a [Your Profession/Title] with a passion for [Your Key Interest or Focus]. 

With [Number] years of experience in [Your Industry/Field], I bring a unique blend of [Your Unique Qualities] to every project.

Throughout my career, I've [Highlight Key Achievements or Initiatives], showcasing my expertise in [Your Industry/Field]. Known for [Your Distinctive Trait or Accomplishment], I excel at [Action Verb] and [Action Verb] to drive [Your Desired Outcome].

Outside of work, you'll find me [Describe Your Hobbies or Interests], fueling my creativity and keeping me inspired. 

Let's connect and discuss how we can [Action Verb] together, whether it's [Your Shared Interest or Industry] or [Another Shared Passion]—I'm always up for meaningful collaborations!

This Blended LinkedIn summary template offers a concise yet comprehensive introduction to the individual’s professional identity. It begins with a friendly greeting and profession/title, followed by a statement of passion for a specific interest or focus area. 

Briefly noting years of industry experience establishes credibility, while highlighting key achievements showcases expertise. 

Personal interests provide insight into personality, and a call to action invites further engagement. Overall, this template aims to present a balanced picture, showcasing professional expertise, personal interests, and openness to connections.

The accomplishments summary

Hi there! I'm [Your Name], a [Your Profession/Title] with a track record of delivering results. 

With [Number] years of experience in [Your Industry/Field], I've achieved [Highlight Key Accomplishments or Milestones], demonstrating my ability to [Your Key Strength or Skill].

Throughout my career, I've [Describe Key Achievements or Projects], contributing to [Your Company/Team's Success or Growth]. Known for [Your Distinctive Trait or Accomplishment], I bring a results-oriented approach to every endeavor.

In addition to my professional achievements, I'm passionate about [Your Interests or Causes], [Briefly Describe Your Personal Interests or Values]. 

Let's connect and discuss how we can leverage my expertise to achieve your goals!

This Accomplishments-Based LinkedIn summary template offers a brief introduction to the individual’s professional identity, focusing on their track record of achievements and results. It starts with a friendly greeting and a concise statement of their profession or title, followed by highlighting key accomplishments or milestones in their career. 

The template emphasizes their ability to deliver results and contribute to the success of their company or team. Additionally, it briefly mentions the individual’s personal interests or values, providing a well-rounded picture. Overall, this template aims to showcase the individual’s achievements and expertise while inviting further engagement on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn summary examples and templates offer structured formats to create compelling summaries. These frameworks typically include elements like introductions, skill highlights, expertise demonstrations, personal touches, and calls to action. 

By using these examples, individuals can craft summaries that effectively communicate their value, achievements, and goals. These templates provide flexibility and guidance for tailoring summaries to specific objectives and audiences, helping users optimize their profiles for networking and career advancement.


How long should my LinkedIn summary be?

While there is no strict character limit for LinkedIn summaries, it’s generally recommended to keep it concise, ideally around 3-5 paragraphs or 3-5 bullet points. Aim to communicate your key points effectively without overwhelming the reader with too much information.

What should I include in my LinkedIn summary?

Your LinkedIn summary should include a brief introduction, highlighting your key skills, experiences, and achievements. It’s also beneficial to demonstrate your expertise in your field, showcase your personality, and end with a call to action, inviting viewers to connect or learn more about you.

How often should I update my LinkedIn summary?

It’s a good idea to revisit and update your LinkedIn summary periodically, especially when there are significant changes in your career, skills, or goals. Keeping your summary current ensures that it accurately reflects your professional identity and attracts relevant opportunities.

Is it okay to include personal interests or hobbies in my LinkedIn summary?

Including personal interests or hobbies in your LinkedIn summary can help humanize your profile and provide insights into your personality. However, be selective and ensure that these interests align with your professional brand and contribute positively to your overall narrative.

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