SmartReach Shared Inbox | Comprehensive Guide

Shared Inbox, where teamwork becomes smoother, and tasks are effortlessly completed through improved communication and collaboration. 

The tool is not just about managing emails anymore – it’s about boosting your team’s performance and making your sales process smoother than ever.

For all those who are not aware of, it is a sales engagement platform that helps with various sales processes, starting from prospecting, reaching out to your target audience, and managing responses to closing deals

Shared inbox plays an important role in managing responses, ensuring your prospects and customers receive their responses on time, etc. 

Here is a sneak peek of what awaits:

  • Understand SmartReach Shared Inbox
  • Innovative features of SmartReach Shared Inbox
  • What issues does it solve?
  • What are its benefits?
  • How to set up SmartReach Shared Inbox?

First, let’s get a basic understanding of what is a shared inbox.

What is a SmartReach Shared Inbox?

Aka common inbox, team inbox, or shared mailbox. 

This response management solution allows multiple team members to access a common inbox. Letting them read and reply to customer queries from multiple platforms (like email or LinkedIn) in a single, centralized inbox.

You can provide faster responses, reduce confusion, and complete tasks quicker once your team starts using a shared inbox. 

Imagine your customer service team instantly helping each other, your sales team tackling leads together, or your project team sharing info smoothly. 

It’s not just for sales, it’s for anyone who needs to communicate and work together effectively.

Before jumping into the features and benefits of SmartReach Shared Inbox, let’s take a moment to identify any potential challenges your team may currently be experiencing.

Challenges faced by teams without shared inbox

Have you ever wondered what happened to a deal only to learn that the prospect had asked a query but you and your team missed that email? 

Like this, teams that don’t use a shared inbox could face multiple challenges.

Let’s dig and find out.

Operation inefficiencies  

There may be delays in responding to prospects due to team members’ unavailability. 

Additionally, crucial lead information might get buried in individual inboxes, increasing the likelihood of missed or lost opportunities. 

Collaborative inefficiencies  

There’s a high chance of unintentional duplicate efforts, with sales reps potentially reaching out to the same lead independently, causing confusion and wasting valuable resources.  

Team members working in isolation limit lead information sharing, hindering best practices and resulting in uncoordinated outreach efforts. This results in longer sales cycles. 

Additionally, the absence of a shared inbox introduces various challenges, including the lack of a central communication history, missed emails, slower response times, scattered data, and delayed follow-ups, all contributing to a prolonged sales cycle.

SmartReach Shared Inbox features

At SmartReach, we spent months understanding the challenges faced by business teams during the last phase of the outreach process. 

Based on this, we built SmartReach Shared Inbox with features that address every aspect, so you won’t ever miss an opportunity.

Campaign Inbox provides unified shared inbox where multiple team member can access and collaborate on. Once you start a campaign, your account automatically gets added and all your prospect communication are visible.  

In this inbox, you get the option to filter the campaign based on the categories and campaigns. 

shared inbox

Team Inbox

SmartReach’s team inbox provides a little more insight into your campaign. In this part you will have access additionally to non-prospect and irrelevant folders. (These are explained at the later part in this article). 

Here you will get the option to view you prospect’s communication based on the accounts.  

shared inbox

Single login

With this feature, you can manage multiple client’s inboxes or multiple team inboxes from a single dashboard. It will help you save time and prevent you from multiple logins & outs. 

In the drop-down, you can find all your clients. 

shared inbox

Team access to inboxes

Gain access to your team members’ inboxes with this feature, allowing you to read, reply, and respond to sales queries efficiently. It reduces the risk of missing opportunities and enhances collaboration within your team.

With better prospect visibility, you can manage campaigns at scale, saving quite a lot of time. 

Snooze Campaign

SmartReach provides an additional feature where you can snooze your conversation with your prospect. 

Let’s say one of your prospects is out of the office for 10 days. You get the option to snooze it and the conversation will re-appear again after 10 days. 

With this feature, the chances of missing out on your prospects reduce drastically. 

Categorization of prospects & non-prospect replies

SmartReach provides a categorization of the response you receive based on prospect, non-prospect and few others. 

A response from any lead that part of your prospect list will reflect in the prospects section; everyone else will show up in non-prospects. With this feature, the chances of missing any prospect’s response are reduced.

The other categories are: 

Done: Here, you can view all the conversations, which are closed.

Snoozed: Here, all the snoozed conversations will show up.

Irrelevant: If in case, you find any conversation not relevant, then you can put it under this category.

With the inbox sorted out, you get the flexibility to concentrate on your prospect’s responses and closing deals. 

You also get the option to convert any non-prospect to a prospect with just a single click. 

Update your prospect feed real time

Let’s say you receive a response from a person who is not your prospect but was referred by your prospect to get in touch with you. You can mark the person as a prospect in the prospect feed tab. 

Also, you can add or update the prospect’s details like company name, designation, phone number, location, etc. These changes can be directly synced to your CRM.

This feature ensures that your prospect data is fresh and updated at all times.

Lead Allocation

Shared inbox provides a single view of the incoming emails, which makes allocation of the qualified leads easier for you. It provides the option of lead allocation, where you can assign ownership of a qualified lead to your team member.

This would reduce the friction of prospect ownership. The improved prospect visibility will help you better manage leads and concentrate more on possible high-value conversions.

Reply Sentiment

With SmartReach Shared Inbox, you can categorize responses into positive and negative based on the responses received. 

Later, when analyzing campaigns, it lets you filter based on the sentiment. This saves you the time and effort of going through each response and separating them. 

Permissions & accessibility to Inboxes

SmartReach offers the flexibility to grant Shared Inbox access permissions to specific team members. 

You can set this permission while creating your shared inbox. If you have your shared inbox already created, then you can manage the permissions by going to the team setting and then the team inbox settings.

So, now let’s see how SmartReach’s shared inbox can reduce the issues you might be facing. 

SmartReach now provides the option to give access only the inbox (even if the account not included in any campaign). The permissions can vary based on what is being assigned.

How to set up your SmartReach Shared Inbox?

With a couple of steps you can seamlessly set your SmartReach Shared Inbox in less than 3 minutes. 

Step 1: Click on inbox and proceed with ‘Set-up my Inbox’. 

Step 2: Click on ‘Add new inbox’. Then, complete your inbox set-up by selecting your connect email mailboxes. Give a name to your inbox that would help you recognize it among other inboxes.

Complete the set-up by making your required setting on manage permission. 

If you still need support with the setup, then drop us a chat message, we provide support for almost 24 hours

Benefits of SmartReach Shared Inbox: Minimizing your challenges 

SmartReach Shared Inbox is designed to increase transparency, collaboration, and productivity. Besides these basic benefits, it provides a ton of other benefits like:

Faster sales cycle

Shared inbox provides the option to give access to your team members, allowing them to have access to your inbox as well. With all the information in one place, it gets easier to continue the conversation with a prospect, even in the absence of the prospect owner.

This feature speeds up the sales process with timely interactions and follow-ups. Thus making the sales cycle faster. 

Better prospect tracking

You have the capability to monitor prospect conversations, enabling you to identify whether they are progressing as planned or if any discrepancies are emerging. 

This proactive tracking empowers you to intervene earlier, increasing the likelihood of successful conversions and providing valuable assistance where needed

Team performance tracking

You can track individual and team performance with their email activity, response time, and interactions. You can analyze the performance data to pinpoint areas for improvement and personalize coaching for each team member. 

You also identify skills gaps and adjust team composition to maximize effectiveness.

Accurate sales forecasting

A unified view of the lead’s interaction history provides valuable insights into lead engagement and progress. You can leverage analytics to forecast lead conversion rates and your sales pipeline health with greater accuracy.

You can proactively address potential bottlenecks and delays based on real-time insights.; Besides, the reply sentiment categorization can also help you improve forecast reliability.

Increased Efficiency

SmartReach’s shared inbox provides features like internal notes to keep a record of any data that is not included in the email conversation. 

Also, with a shared inbox, you can eliminate redundant emails and duplicated efforts, thus saving your time and increasing your efficiency. 

Improved Customer Experience

When you start using shared inbox, you and your teammates can work collaboratively. With this, your response time decreases, follow-ups become regular, and queries get resolved faster throughout the customer journey, building trust and satisfaction.

Now that you are very well aware of the functionality and features of a shared inbox, next I will show you how you can set up your SmartReach’s shared inbox.

SmartReach Shared Inbox: More than collaboration

SmartReach Shared Iinbox’s offerings are much more than just collaboration and managing emails. They can streamline your sales process, boost team productivity, and ultimately drive conversions by addressing key challenges like duplicated efforts, inefficient lead management, and delayed responses. 

Remember, a shared inbox is an investment in your sales team’s success. By embracing its potential and utilizing its features effectively, you can unlock a new level of sales efficiency and customer satisfaction.

shared inbox

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