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Have you tried personalized video email outreach with ? is a Video platform where you can create your Personalized Videos or Audio to share with your Prospects. You just need your video/Audio, and the list of contacts you want to send it to, and the rest is all been taken care of by

What Personaliz does is, it clones the speaker’s voice and lip moments and makes every other video start with the respective recipient’s name through which those videos will be personalized for that particular person. These types of video/audio will look more conversational and engage more with the prospect.

What is Personalized thumbnail?

The personalized thumbnail is a gif that can have the speaker video in a portion and have the background of the prospect website video getting scrolled.

When the prospect clicks the video then the video will start like this: 

“Hello {recipient name}, I recently landed on your website and was amazed by your teamwork. By the way, I’m (so and so)….” user interface

What is an Interactive video?

An interactive video is a type of digital video that is engaging and viewers can control the direction of the content. This type of video builds trust between the viewer and the sender. 

Interactive video content created using

Unlike traditional linear videos where viewers have a passive role, interactive videos enable users to make choices or interact with elements within the video, influencing the narrative or content progression.

Benefits of using interactive videos in your outreach

Increased engagement

Interactive personalized videos provide an engaging experience for viewers rather than simple text. By allowing users to interact with the content, such as making choices, and clicking on elements, the viewer becomes an active participant in the storytelling process, leading to higher engagement levels.

Improved conversion rates

The interactive nature of personalized videos can self-qualify the prospects which significantly impacts conversion rates. Do make sure these interactive videos have clean video and audio quality (you can try a free music visualizer for this). By guiding viewers through a customized journey based on their preferences, businesses can better align the content with the viewer’s needs, increasing the likelihood of conversion, whether making a purchase, filling out a form, or taking another desired action. These Personalized Videos reduce your sales cycle and help to boost your outreach response rates by 300%.

Data collection and insights

Interactive videos provide valuable data on user behavior. Analyzing interactions within the video can yield insights into user preferences, decision-making patterns, and areas of interest. This data can be leveraged to refine marketing strategies, improve content, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Enhanced customer experience

Providing a personalized and interactive experience contributes to an improved customer experience which in return builds trust between the sender and receiver. When users feel that content is tailored specifically for them and that they have control over their viewing experience, it creates a positive impression of the brand, fostering stronger connections and loyalty.

Competitive advantage

As interactive personalized videos are still relatively novel in many industries, adopting this technology can give businesses a competitive edge.

Versatility across platforms

Interactive personalized videos can be utilized across various platforms, including websites, social media, email campaigns, and more.

How works: a step by step guide

Step 1) Add your Video/Audio

adding video/audio using

Step 2) Clone your voice

Cloning voice feature of

Step 3) Add your contacts

adding prospects using

Step 4) Generate your desired personalized Video/Audio

generated personalized videos using

Step 5) Send on with simple integration

Reports and Notifications: Get notified when your prospect visits or interacts or is interested in your offering and get detailed reports on your personalized interactive video campaigns. 

Here’s how it works with SmartReach for effective video campaigns:

Credits: Youtube


Using interactive personalized videos can significantly enhance your outreach engagement and provide a more tailored and immersive experience to your prospects. Interactive videos are commonly used for various purposes, including educational content, marketing campaigns, storytelling, HR, and training programs.

By allowing viewers to make choices and interact with your content, these videos create a sense of involvement and customization. This approach not only captivates the audience but also enables senders to deliver more relevant information. Personalized videos can lead to increased retention, better learning outcomes, and higher conversion rates, making them a valuable tool for education, marketing, and various other applications.

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