40 Funny Sales Memes For Motivation Of Your Sales Team

The daily life of a sales rep is filled with a rollercoaster of emotions, fueled by caffeine and adrenaline. An average sales rep’s days are full of cold calls, client meetings, and presentations that could put Shakespeare to sleep. And to cope with the daily grind, we’ve got a secret weapon – funny sales memes.

‘Memes’ are a growing internet culture loved and shared by all age groups. 

They capture the hilarious absurdity of our world, remind us that we’re not alone in the struggle, and most importantly, make us laugh until our sides hurt (which is good, because then we can’t cry, right?).

So, get ready, grab your coffee (or your fifth coffee, no judgment), and get ready to dive into the world of funny sales memes

We’ve got a little something for everyone, from the cold-calling woes to the closing-deal delight (caught the PUN ?).

40 shades of funny sales memes to light up your day

Below we have crafted 40 funny sales memes inspired by day-to-day events in a sales rep’s life. 

It took me a week to put this together. So, if these sales memes make you laugh, hit the share button and make my day 🙂

Part 1: Daily struggles of sales reps 

A sales rep’s daily life is full of challenges.

Be it dealing with difficult customers, endless prospecting, hitting monthly quotas, or other co-workers giving sales lectures to them.

Can you relate to these situation-based sales memes

1. Marketing v/s Sales – the eternal conflict)

Marketing vs Sales - funny sales meme

This sales meme represents a universal situation. Each quarter you and your team hit the quota, but there will always be marketing guys with Spreadsheets and 5-page explanations of how they achieved the revenue growth with their advanced BoFU, ToFU & MoFU conversions.  (Happy ranting in advance)

2. Revenue targets v/s cold calling

We all have faced it. It’s easier said than done. If you are hitting your numbers using just cold calling, congrats! You are a sales superstar.

3. Non-sales co-workers give you sales lectures

When a non-sales co-worker gives you sales advice - funny sales meme

Your co-workers often think they sell better than you. It’s a lunch break and boom! Sales lectures coming to you from all around the office.

4. Sales presentations that go into nothingness

sales presentation - funny sales meme

This is the perfect sales meme that captures how frustrating it is to see your lead walk away without a response after you spend a good amount of time presenting him with the solution he is interested in.

5. Monday Grind in sales feels like

sales grind on monday

You know this week is going to be the same as before when you are not hitting the streaks right. This is a real Monday blue shaped as a ‘Monday grind’. If you are in this phase, push it through. Big deals ahead!

Part 2: The sales pitch roller coaster

A sales pitch is no less than riding a roller coaster. One minute you’re on top of the world, celebrating a closed deal, and the next minute you’re plummeting toward rejection, clutching onto a single thread of hope.

6. When the prospect finally accepts your call after 3rd try 

sales pitch on cold call - funny sales meme

No way we missed it! It’s either a deal or we piss off the prospect for life. Cold callers! Could you relate to this sales meme

7. When you give a B2B sales presentation 

This funny sales meme is the representation of what decision fatigue seems to be like for the B2B decision makers. 

8. Mandatory product benefit analysis

Sales pitch - sales meme

You explain the sh*t out of your product and how it can tremendously change their entire course of life if and only if they start using the product. 😜 

9. When you target an enterprise-level company for hitting a large commission

when you target big clients - sales funny memes

This sales meme is relatable to a lot of start-up companies and small sales teams. Even if you get these big corporations on call for pitching, they will keep on hold for a while.  


10. When the prospect is unattentive AF

sales presentation - funny sales meme

Undivided attention is what a sales rep wants from you during the entire presentation. (apart from your money)

Part 3: Clients v/s Sales Reps

From  CEOs requesting software that reads minds to tech-challenged grandmas asking if the cloud comes with rain – a sales rep deals with it all.

11. When the prospect asks for a quick demo

Sometimes we spend weeks customizing a proposal based on the client’s ‘specific needs.’ Turns out, they just wanted the cheapest and most readily acceptable option all along.

12. When customers negotiate for 20 minutes straight

negotitation during sales - meme

You internally scream while maintaining a professional smile “Certainly! The basic plan is a great starting point…”

13. Typical budget woes 

budget worries by small businesses - sales meme

Prospects often love everything about your product, except the price tag. They keep asking for discounts until the proposal becomes unsustainable, forcing us to politely walk away.

14. The typical “Friend-Zoning” client

friend zone sales meme

We build a strong rapport with potential clients, attending industry events and offering free resources. Despite all our efforts, they keep stringing us along, expressing interest but never closing the deal. This “friend-zone” situation wastes valuable time and resources.

15. Bait and Switch technique to score a deal

expecttions vs reality - sales meme

If you are doing this for a while, give it a pause. 😁 We at SmartReach never support this type of selling practice by our sales reps. 

Part 4: Sales quotes gone wrong 

In sales quotes such as ‘Always Be Closing’, ‘fake it till you make it’ etc. are very common. But how can they go wrong in certain situations? Let’s find out.

16. “Fake it till you make it” in sales 

fake it till you make it - funny sales meme

Confidence is key, but don’t let your mask slip – people can see through inauthenticity.

17. “Close the deal before they change their mind”

sales quotes gone wrong sales meme

Desperate measures for desperate sales? Sometimes it’s better to let the deal marinate than chase it off.

18. “Think outside the box”

Think outside the box - sales meme

While creativity is encouraged, not all “outside the box” ideas are created equal. But anyway you have to deliver the prospect the message of the price drop of a plan.

19. “Just ask for the close” effect in deal-making

when you try too early to close a prospect and the prospect backs out due to built up pressure - sales meme

Pushing for a close feels good, but skipping essential steps like building trust and value can lead to a turn-off for both parties.

Part 5: The Art of Closing Deals

Closing the sale can be an exhilarating experience, filled with twists, turns, and unexpected drops. Sales reps everywhere understand the unique blend of suspense, celebration, and occasional awkwardness that comes with sealing the deal. 

Let’s dive into some memes that capture this wild ride:

20. When you finally close the enterprise lead after 7 months of follow-up

sales follow up memes

It’s a well-deserved victory for any sales rep. It feels like you have been fighting in the trenches for a while then one day your team won the war.

21. The surreal feeling when the fat paycheck hits your account after the deal closes

sales reps after the big commission paycheck hits the bank account - sales meme

Commission checks like these don’t just pay the bills, they rewrite the financial script. It’s the sound of champagne corks popping, mortgage shackles shattering, and your inner millionaire doing the victory lap around your bank account

22. When you crush your monthly quota in the 2nd week of the month

when you crush your monthly sales quota in the 2nd week - sales meme

This calls for some celebration. This phenomenon usually happens maybe twice or thrice in the lifetime of a sales rep. So, just enjoy the rest of the week.

23. That sigh of relief after closing a major deal on a tight deadline

that feeling after you crack a major deal

After months of follow-ups, presentations, handling objections, and numerous custom pricing quotations, – finally you landed the deal.  This round of beers is definitely on me, team!

24. 6-month-old startup selling to enterprise customers be like

New age start-up sales teams meme

Don’t give up sales warriors! You guys will score an enterprise customer soon. Just hold on to your sales process tight.

Part 6: Sales Memes as Motivational Tools

Sales memes can be a great way to lighten the mood, boost morale, and remind yourself that you’ve got what it takes to succeed. 

So next time you’re feeling down, just scroll through these funny sales memes and get ready to crush your goals!

25. What door-to-door selling feel like

sales rejections - sales memes

Sales rejections are a daily routine for sales reps. But learning how to overcome rejections in sales is the real thing.

26. Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear headsets and close deals!

sales rep wearing headsets closing sales deals - meme

A sales rep is no less than a superhero! Not only do they grow a company’s revenue, but they solve big business problems too! 

27. Keep navigating, and you’ll find the treasure of success

navigating through sales challenges - hilarious sales meme

If you offend the prospect, game over!

28. Coffee: the secret sauce for closing deals

sales and coffee the combination made in heaven

Don’t ask a sales rep how many cups of coffee he drinks every day. 

29. Got rejected? Bounce back like Drake. This ain’t over!

Part 7: The Lighter Side of Sales

30. Because every sales team needs a little Michael Scott energy

Every sales team needs that wholesome Michael Scott from ‘The Office’ energy. 

31. When your sales pitch is so smooth that it can rival Hollywood scripts

That feeling you get after giving a smooth sales pitch to a prospect in the 1st hour of the day.

32. Ring through the phonebook!

cold calling sales meme

You know you have got to make some more calls to hit your daily quota and update it on CRM.

33. Even bad jokes count when you are trying to hit your monthly quota

bad joke - funny sales meme

The joke was too lame to laugh at?  No way! You have to laugh and give the prospect that gratification he is seeking. So that you can close the prospect successfully. 

34. Last day of the month in sales

This meme is inspired by real events. 🙂 

35. What others think when a sales rep hits a big deal

Nobody cares meme

36. How prospects react when you reply “I’ll have to ask the manager”

leonardo dicaprio funny sales meme

37. Fresh graduates picking a sales career for its flexibility and timing

fresh graduates entering sales career meme

38. Beware of the wrong price quotations (unless it’s a deal)

when you mistakenly quote a higher pricing plan but the prospet agrees to buy it - sales meme

How many times has it happened to you? What was your move next? Let me know in the comments. 

39. 1-on-1 Calls with your sales manager be like

1 on 1 with sales manager sales meme

40. Will the prospect ever respond?

sales follow up meme

Sales Memes: Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed scrolling through the series of sales memes, where we tried to capture the different sides of sales as a profession.

Remember, in the high-pressure world of closing deals, sometimes the best weapon in your arsenal is a well-timed meme. 

Those little nuggets of internet gold can do wonders:

  • Stress Buster: Feeling the squeeze of a looming quota? A funny sales meme can set your mood for the rest of the hectic day. Remember, laughter is the best medicine, 
  • Connection Creator: Sales memes are the secret handshake of our tribe, reminding us that we’re not alone in this wild goose chase called sales.
  • Motivation Multiplier: A well-placed sales meme can rekindle that spark and send you charging back into hitting the numbers. Just imagine Drakeposting your way to the top of the leaderboard!

Share your favorite sales memes in the comments below. In case,

if you are wondering how to create such funny sales memes, you can try Adobe’s FREE online meme creator tool.

Let’s build a SmartReach community where closing deals and cracking jokes go hand-in-hand. 

Who knows, maybe these sales memes will be the next viral sensation, spreading laughter and motivation across the internet forums.

Remember, these sales memes are more than just funny pictures – they’re the fuel that keeps the fire of our profession burning bright. So, laugh it up, share it around, and keep the memes coming!

Because the truth is, the world of sales might be tough, but with a little humor and a healthy dose of sales memes, it can be pretty darn hilarious too.

Loved it? Spread it across!

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