SmartReach AI Content Generator | Comprehensive Guide

Generative AI has recently redefined our entire outlook on creating text-based content at scale. Spending hours trying to craft personalized and impactful cold email copies is not a thing anymore. AI content generators are revolutionizing email copies, offering a faster and more customized solution with unlimited iterations.

Manually reaching out to  prospects through cold emails is both time-consuming and challenging. But , writing personalized and engaging email content at scale is the biggest challenge for email based sales outreach.

An AI content generator can solve all these problems within a couple of minutes,

In case you are not familiar yet, is an AI-powered sales engagement platform built exclusively for B2B sales outreach. From prospecting and outreach to managing responses and closing deals, it streamlines every point of your B2B sales process.

Here is a sneak peek of what awaits:

  • What is an AI content generator
  • How to use SmartReach AI content generator
  • Why should you use SmartReach AI content generator
  • Tips to use it effectively

So, let’s get started. 

What is SmartReach AI Content Generator?

SmartReach’s AI Content Generator is a powerful built-in tool designed to enhance your cold email outreach by automating and optimizing the email content creation process. As the demand for customized and dynamic digital solutions increases, engaging with generative AI development services becomes crucial for businesses aiming to innovate and stay competitive in the rapidly evolving market

SmartReach Artificial Intelligence (AI) content generator can craft highly targeted messages that resonate with your audience. SmartReach AI content generator processes data and generates output based on the prompts you send. This not only saves time but also increases the likelihood of engagement by delivering more relevant and customized communication at scale. 

Now, let’s see how you can generate AI-powered content with SmartReach.

Getting Started with the AI Content Generator

All SmartReach plans provide complimentary access to this AI content generator. Using this tool, you can create personalized email content and increase your outreach efficiency based on your input. 

You can use SmartReach AI content generator to: 

  • Generate personalized email content
  • Craft eye-catching  subject lines
  • Rephrase or shorten email copiesWrite email responses based on the prospect query

Now, we are going to discuss each step in detail.

Generating personalized email content 

With SmartReach AI content content generator, you can fine-tune your content by providing extensive inputs.  These inputs include details like your preferred writing style, the tone you want in your email, and specific information about the recipient. 

This feature eliminates the writing of generic, one-size-fits-all messages. These email especially for sales outreach, usually lack personalization and is likely to catch lower engagement. 

Also, conveying a generic message will fail to resonate with specific audience segments and will have a high chance of getting caught in the spam filter. 

When you are crafting an email that resonates with your target audience, you are able to connect with them at a deeper level. This also helps in building trust. 

Follow the below steps to generate AI powered email using SmartReach Content AI

Step 1: Creating an AI powered email copy

Click on ‘Write with AI’ and then ‘Generate Email From Prompt’. 

This will take you to the screen where you have to enter the prompts.

Step 2: Generate Email From Prompts or Inputs

Prompt 1: “What do you want to convey in the email?” 

You have to give the gist of the email, the basic information on what your email is about. This is a mandatory field. Try to make it specific, practical and as detailed as possible for better AI generated email copies.

Step 3: Target Audience Inputs for Intended Email

If you intent to keep your email highly personalized, then in this step, you can enter the audience and email content details, as shown below.

Audience detail

Recipient position: Here, you need to enter the designation of your target persona, like CEO, MD, manager, etc.

Department: Here, you have to mention which department your target persona belongs to, like sales, IT, HR, etc.

Industry: Here, you have to mention the niche your target audience belongs to, like healthcare, banking, AI software, etc. 

Email Content

Email type: Here, you need to mention what your email will convey, like introduction, job application, content promotion, etc.

Writing style: Here, you have to mention how do you want your content to be written, like personalized, direct, story-telling, etc. 

Email structure: As the name suggests, you have to prompt your email structure, like benefit-driven, social proof, follow-up,  etc. 

Merge tags: You get the option to insert merge tags as well to make your email hyper-personalized. 

Maximum number of words: Here, you get the option to limit your email length. It’s recommended to keep yoour email short, possibly within 150 characters or so to get  better response rate.  

💡Tip: Ideal length for a sales email should be somewhere between 50 – 125, to make it more effective. 

Tonality: Here, you can choose how you want your email to sound, like professional, friendly, urgency, etc. 

Now you have your initial draft ready. 

If you feel like the copy needs some tweaks to make it more professional and connect better with the target audience, then you have the below three options.

Regenerate – With this option, you can  generate limitless copies of your email draft. You can also  access all the versions of your email copy, compare them and choose the most appropriate one that fits your needs. 

Edit input – If you wish to edit your prompts, for example, by changing the style of writing or using the edit input option, you can go back and make the required changes. 

Add command – If you want some portion of your content to stand out, then you can give that command for making the bullet point bold, etc. 

Generate content-based subject line

So, finally you have your email body copy ready. Now it’s time to generate your email subject line based on the email content  created using SmartReach content AI. 

Click on ‘Generate subject’ and enter the below prompts. 

Type of subject line – Here, you get to choose how your subject line would be, like personalized, direct, etc. 

Maximum no.of characters – Here, you get the option to restrict the number of characters. 

💡Tip: The recommended characters for a subject line should be between 30-40 characters. 

Capitalization – Here, you can choose if you wish to keep your subject line in a title case or small case. 

💡Tip: Use a mix of upper and lower case letters so that it does not look like a spammy email. 

You get the option to add words that you do NOT wish to add in the subject line. 

You can generate different versions of the subject line by clicking on ‘Rewrite Subject’.  

Rephrase or shorten phrases

The rephrase or shortened phrases are helpful when you wish to change only some portion of your email body content. 

To do so, select the required text, then click on the AI toolbox. You will get the option to rephrase or shorten. 

Remember to shorten any phrase; you have to select at least 50 characters. 

Email responses based on the prospect query

By using  SmartReach, you can get the option to generate AI-powered email responses as well for the prospect repsonse.

To do so, go to your shared inbox and click on reply. 

Click on ‘Generate reply with AI’. 

Your draft will be ready within a matter of seconds. If the response doesn’t meet your expectations, simply click ‘Generate reply with AI’ again and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Benefits of using AI content generator

AI content generators by SmartReach can offer several benefits for companies when it comes to crafting cold email content.

✅ Saves time

AI can generate multiple email copies in a fraction of the time v/s what it takes to write them manually. It frees up sales teams from admin work and focuses on higher-value activities.

✅ Scale personalized outreach

You can generate a larger volume of personalized emails to reach a wider audience without significantly increasing the workload. 

If you have different segments of the audience, then with AI, you will be able to generate email copies much faster. 

✅ Targeted messaging

You can leverage data points like company size, industry, and recent news to personalize greetings, introductions, and the overall messaging.,This  ensuresrelevance to each recipient.

✅ Breakthrough writer’s block

You can overcome creative roadblocks by using AI to explore various angles and approaches, generating fresh ideas for compelling email content.

✅ A/B testing

You can generate variations of subject lines, email body content, and calls to action for easy A/B testing. This allows you to optimize your email performance based on data-driven insights.

While AI content generators can help in churning out email content at a faster rate, it is important to maintain human oversight to edit generated content for accuracy, brand voice, and authenticity.

Tips for using AI content generator effectively

Generating content with SmartReach AI content generator is straightforward and user-friendly. However, when integrating it into your everyday business or marketing communications, it’s important to be mindful and adhere to certain guidelines. 

Before using SmartReach AI content generators

Define your target audience and ICP

Clearly identify and describe who you are trying to reach with your emails. This helps the SmartReach AI content generator understand the context and tailor the content accordingly.

Set your goals

What do you want to achieve with your sales outreach campaign? Is it to generate leads, schedule demos, or drive website traffic? Knowing your goals helps the SmartReach AI content generator focus its efforts.

Collect information

Collect all the data about your ideal customers, such as their industry, company size, domain and pain points. This data will be crucial for personalization of sales outreach.

While using the AI content generator

Give a clear and concise prompt

Provide the SmartReach AI content generator with all relevant information, including your target audience, goals, and brand voice. The more specific your prompt, the better the results will be. Be as detailed and descriptive as possible.

Go beyond basic templates

While templates can be helpful starting points, avoid relying on a static email template for all your outreach campaigns. Try giving different prompts to the SmartReach AI content generator to create variations and explore different angles for a more natural and engaging email copy

Use multiple outputs

Don’t settle for just one version of your email copy. Generate several copies and compare them to choose the best fit for your audience and message.

After using an AI content generator

Fact-check and edit

Always thoroughly review the generated content for factual accuracy, grammar errors, and brand consistency. Remember, an AI content generator is a tool that will guide and help users, but it not be a replacement for human judgment. Utilizing the best online proofing software can further streamline the review process and ensure the highest quality output for your content.

Track and analyze

Utilize AI test automation to monitor the efficacy of your cold emails, pinpointing the elements that resonate best with your audience, and analyze which components have the greatest impact.Use this data to refine your your sales outreach and improve future campaigns.

SmartReach AI Content Generator: Key Takeaways

SmartReach AI content generation offers significant benefits beyond those mentioned above, including:

  • Personalized emails with relevant content are less likely to be flagged as spam, leading to improved deliverability rates.
  • Engaging subject lines and targeted messaging can entice recipients to open and click on your emails, driving higher engagement.
  • Well-crafted cold emails can nurture leads and convert them into paying customers more effectively.

However, it’s crucial to remember that AI content generators are tools that are constantly being developed and improved. So, always maintain human oversight to ensure content accuracy, brand voice, and ethical communication. 

Some additional tips that you can keep in mind are:

  • Test the effectiveness of AI-generated content on a smaller sample before implementing it for large-scale campaigns.
  • Ensure your email content is compliant with regulations and avoid any misleading or deceptive language.
  • Don’t just rely on automation. Use AI to enhance your outreach efforts, but prioritize genuine connection and personalized interactions.

By strategically using SmartReach AI content generators alongside well-defined goals, audience targeting, and data-driven insights, you can significantly enhance their cold email outreach efforts, ultimately achieving greater success in acquiring new customers.

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