Top 8 Hubspot Competitors That You Should Use in 2024

Hubspot is like that popular topper student from high school who manages to do everything well. But guess what? There are other smart kids in the class too! They are like these Hubspot competitors who have their cool tricks.

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Who are the top Hubspot competitors?

If you’re a rebel who doesn’t like to follow the crowd or just looking for HubSpot competitors that better fit your needs, here are the top 8 competitors of Hubspot to consider:

Hubspot Competitors #1


The best customer relationship management (CRM) tool in the world is Salesforce. Over 150,000 businesses use one of Salesforce’s various solutions to improve customer interactions and connections while streamlining business operations and saving time.

A cloud-based CRM, Salesforce has a wide range of integration-ready applications for specialized functionality.

Salesforce’s top services

  1. Contact and account management: Salesforce Sales Cloud allows users to store and manage customer information in a centralized location, including contact details, sales history, and communication logs.
  1. Sales automation: Salesforce Sales Cloud includes tools for automating sales processes, such as lead management, opportunity management, and forecasting.
  1. Reporting and analytics: Salesforce Sales Cloud provides users with real-time visibility into sales data and performance, including generating reports and dashboards for tracking key metrics such as pipeline and revenue.

Salesforce’s benefits

  • Streamline sales processes and automate repetitive tasks
  • Store customer information in one centralized location
  • Detailed reports and analytics help understand sales performance and customer behavior.


Salesforce starts from $25 and goes up to $300 per user, depending on the package.

Hubspot Competitors #2


If you’re a business looking for a sweet solution to your customer relationship management (CRM) needs, look no further than SugarCRM as one of the Hubspot competitors!

SugarCRM is packed with powerful tools to help you manage customer relationships. With features like customer segmentation, automated marketing and sales, and integration with popular platforms, SugarCRM has everything you need to keep your customers coming back for more.

Sugar Sell’s top services

  1. Comprehensive customer data management: SugarCRM brings all customer information into one central location, making it easy for sales teams to access and use in their sales process.
  1. Collaborative selling: SugarCRM allows for real-time collaboration between sales teams, ensuring everyone on the team is on the same page and working towards the same goals.
  1. Streamlined sales process: SugarCRM provides a comprehensive system for sales automation, reporting, and tracking, allowing businesses to drive revenue, reduce sales costs, and improve customer buying experiences.

Sugar Sell’s benefits

  • Get aggregate data from multiple online sources.
  • Sync Sugar Sell with Office 365 and G Suite to improve context and collaboration.
  • Automates recurring tasks.
  • Customizable dashboards and reports with real-time data.


SugarCRM costs $52 per user per month and can go up to $1,000 per month. However, the most popular plans are priced at $80 per user per month.

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Hubspot Competitors #3


Insightly is one of the most popular Hubspot competitors used by businesses across various industries.

With over 1.5 million users worldwide, it is the most popular Hubspot Sales Hub Alternative for Google users. Insightly allows businesses to manage their contacts, track customer relationships, monitor their sales pipeline, and more.

Insightly’s features

  1. Interface and Customization: Insightly allows for customizing the landing page. It offers four dashboards and lets you pick one to act as the default, and also lets sales teams create entirely new dashboards from scratch.
  1. Settings and Administration: Administrators can access a System Settings tab with features for the entire organization, such as an active user list and adding new users. You’ll also find options for data administration, workflow automation, and app integrations.
  1. User Profile and Permissions: In the User Profile tab, you’ll find settings directly related to a particular user. This is where you can manage your settings and permissions and access features such as workflow automation and app integrations.

Insightly’s benefits

  • The scanning feature allows SDRs to quickly and easily add new contacts to their CRM by scanning a business card. 
  • Greater flexibility and control over CRM.
  • The voice feature provides a wholly integrated CRM telephony solution, allowing businesses to make and receive calls directly from within the interface.


The pricing for Insightly, the Hubspot competitor is based on the number of users and the level of service they need. The Plus plan is $29 per user and offers essential services, while The Enterprise plan is $99 per user and offers advanced CRM features and support for enterprise-level businesses.

Hubspot Competitors #4


Pipeliner CRM is a customer relationship management platform designed to help businesses manage and optimize their sales, marketing, and customer service efforts.

With a focus on visualization and collaboration, Pipeliner CRM aims to make it easier for sales teams to work together and make informed decisions about customer interactions as a Hubspot Sales Hub alternative.

Pipeliner’s top features

  1. Visual Sales Pipeline: Pipeliner CRM’s visual sales pipeline allows users to see the status of each deal in their pipeline, including which stage it is in, who is responsible for it, and when it is expected to close. This feature helps sales teams stay organized and prioritize their efforts.
  1. Collaboration: Pipeliner CRM includes several tools that facilitate collaboration among team members. For example, users can assign tasks and activities to one another and share notes and documents related to specific deals or accounts.
  1. Customization: Pipeliner CRM allows users to customize the platform to fit their specific needs. For example, users can create custom fields and drop-down menus to track specific data points and set up automation rules to streamline their workflows.

Pipeliner’s benefits

  • Helps sales teams stay organized and focused on tasks
  • Makes it easier for teams to share information and work.
  • Provides a central location for all customer-related information.
  • Helps customise and track specific data to gain a deeper understanding and identify growth opportunities.
  • User-friendly interface makes it easy for teams with little experience of CRM systems.


Pipeliner CRM has four pricing plans: Starter at $65/user/month (billed annually), Business at $85/user/month (billed annually), Enterprise at $115/user/month (billed annually), and Unlimited at $150/user/month (billed annually).

Hubspot Competitors #5


Creatio is a complete CRM platform that offers goods for advertising, selling, and customer support and is one of the best Hubspot Sales Hub alternatives. It provides various tools and features to assist companies in effectively managing sales processes and automating workflows for the best outcomes. The following are some of Creatio’s best attributes:

Creatio’s top features

  1. Lead management: Companies can track and manage their leads with the help of Creatio’s lead management tools, which also link with email clients and other programs like Google.
  1. Analytics tools and dashboards: Creatio offers a selection of dashboards and analytics tools that let companies monitor and assess their performance across the whole sales cycle.
  1. Product management: Creatio provides solutions for tracking and managing products, such as quotations, orders, and bills, for enterprises.

Creatio’s benefits

  • High capacity to manage business processes.
  • Document flow management tools assist sales teams in managing and tracking crucial sales documents.
  • Specialized knowledge library for SDRs to access data and tools to enhance productivity.
  • Connects to any cloud VoIP provider, easing business communication requirements.


Creatio offers three monthly plans for their sales CRM: Team, Commerce, and Enterprise, with pricing based on the number of registered users needed; the Team package starts at $300 per year for one user, Commerce at $360, and Enterprise at $600.

Hubspot Competitors #6

Nimble CRM

Nimble delivers relationship insights to assist professionals in developing stronger working connections in a multi-channel environment by fusing the power of a traditional CRM with contact management, social networking, sales intelligence, and marketing automation.

As a Hubspot competitor, it collects information from well-known social networking sites like Facebook, Linked In, and X(formerly twitter). It merges productivity programs to compile user connections, conversations, calendars, and collaborations onto a single platform.

Thanks to this one-platform solution, small businesses won’t have to switch between applications to find prospective contacts, people, and enterprises relevant to their industry.

Nimble’s top features

  1. Sales Insights: Nimble’s Contact Management Software platform meticulously records and examines business relationships. Additionally, it adds specific information from social media platforms to each Contact Record, enabling users to learn more about and interact with their connections.
  1. Data organization: Nimble helps keep company data organized and streamlines processes by creating reminders and keeping track of critical reminders. Additionally, it eliminates the need for data entry by automatically filling in contact information with a name and an email.
  1. Analysis of shared insights: Nimble allows users to do shared interest analyses based on subjects and keywords, revealing which contacts are the most pertinent and interesting.

Nimble’s benefits

  • The ‘Stay in Touch’ reminder widget and ‘Nimble Prospector Browser Extension’ help sales reps stay connected with their contacts, improving communication.
  • Allows users to easily track and manage their contacts in one place.
  • By bringing all their contacts, email inboxes, calendars, and social media connections onto one dashboard, users can save time and be more productive
  • Provides deeper insights into contacts and prospects and helps users identify relevant opportunities.


Nimble has a price structure that starts at $19 per user/month for yearly payments or $25 per user/month for monthly payments.

Hubspot Competitors #7

Copper CRM

Copper is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool designed to help sales teams streamline their sales, marketing, and customer support efforts. With a focus on automation and simplicity, Copper is known for its seamless integration with Google Workspace, making it an ideal choice for businesses that rely on this suite of productivity tools as one of the leading Hubspot competitors.

Copper CRM - a great hubspot competitor

Copper CRM’s top features

  1. Lead management tracking: Copper CRM assists sales teams in tracking and managing their lead management procedures, offering insightful data that helps them make wise choices. It also uses workflows to automate various tasks, simplifying processes and boosting productivity.
  1. Automating email duties: Copper CRM allows sales teams to automate email tasks to save time and effort while managing their interactions.
  1. Security and customization: Copper CRM has several security features, including team permissions, record visibility, custom fields, views, actions, and alerts.

Copper CRM’s benefits

  • Tag segmentation helps track capabilities and add context to accounts.
  • Integrating with Zapier helps you integrate with over 1,000 apps and sync data on one dashboard.
  • Sales analytics tools make it easier to analyze data and identify roadblocks and wins.
  • Customizable sales process, allows you to tailor your sales efforts to fit your business needs.
  • Provides collaboration and team communication tools.


Copper CRM has three pricing plans: Basic ($29), Professional ($69), and Business ($134).

Hubspot Competitors #8


Pipedrive CRM has had exponential growth since its establishment in Estonia in 2010. It presently runs in 175 different nations and is employed by more than 95,000 businesses globally.

A great solution for small to medium-sized organizations is Pipedrive CRM. Businesses will undoubtedly benefit from its templates, email groups, and automation features since they will save time.

Pipedrive’s top features

  1. Smart In-Platform Tips: Pipedrive sales assistant suggests performance tips and features to improve efficiency.
  1. Automation of Workflows: You can use Pipedrive’s robust automation capabilities to build automated workflows for operations like contacting leads, adding them to a pipeline, or generating tasks, reducing human error and boosting productivity.
  1. End-to-end Campaign Management: Pipedrive provides a variety of lead generation and management tools, such as a Leads Inbox for filtering leads and communications, online forms, live chat widgets, chatbots for lead gathering, and site visitor analytics for campaign optimization.

Pipedrive’s benefits

  • Automation tools to streamline sales processes.
  • Advanced lead management features for capturing and tracking leads.
  • Customizable reporting to track relevant metrics.
  • Sales dashboards for real-time data sharing and collaboration.
  • Smart in-platform tips to improve efficiency and effectiveness.


Pipedrive offers four pricing options for customers to choose from, including Essential for $12.50 per user/month, Advanced for $24.90 per user/month, Professional for $49.90 per user/month, and Enterprise for $99 per user/month, all billed annually.

Hubspot competitors: final thought

As a sales leader, it can be challenging to choose the right CRM for your tool. Comparing features like task automation, syncs, compatibility, and price can help with the decision to a great extent.

Trying out a few CRMs would give a better and clearer picture of the tool and its functionalities and go ahead with the one that satisfies your requirements the most. 

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