Cold Sales Email Campaigns – Types & Their Importance

Sustained cold sales email campaigns increase revenue & profitability, and cold calls are an integral part of that. Cold calling and cold sales emails are equally important in their respective fields and are equally effective.

Cold sales emails are almost similar to cold calling, just that instead of calling, a mail is being sent. As a matter of fact, there are many SDRs who prefer cold sales emails over cold calls since the latter is mostly perceived as irritating and bothersome. Cold sales emails respect the prospects’ time and privacy.

Even though cold emailing is an important part of sustained sales and marketing efforts, there are some niceties to designing and sending emails. Metrics such as open rate, click rate, and bounce rate have to be tracked. The right type of email, furnished subject line and appropriate content can boost the rate of conversion.  

To this effect, there are a few things that SDRs, sales leaders, or owners of small businesses need to do to make their cold sales email campaigns more effective.

Sales email campaigns for products or services do not require following the same pattern every time. There are different patterns of emails that can be sent and effectiveness can also be tested.  Cold email campaign software or sales enablement software can be used to send different kinds of articulate emails that suit each of your prospects.

One of the benefits of using this software is sales proposal automation. You don’t need to write emails from scratch every time, as the software will take care of that with the use of ready-made templates or customized templates.

However, you do need to take care of the type of email and the wording in them so that they are short, and crisp and can deliver the message effectively without being overtly salezy. This blog on “how to write a follow-up email” would also help getting conversions

The purpose of sending cold sales emails varies as per the products or services offered. Let’s check out a few cold email types that any salesperson can implement: 

Introducing yourself and your business to potential customers should be the very first step in your cold email outreach to consumers. This type of email does not immediately offer to sell products. Rather, the tone of such emails is laced with an inclination for friendship owing to their relevance in terms of business.

Following this email, the goal is for your lead to feel the need for your product and to establish trust with your brand. You can find many cold email templates in MailerLite email campaign software that can help you send the right message, at the right time, to prospective customers.

Your cold email campaigns should not appear overtly salezy. Hard selling may push away a few good prospects. The email can start with introducing yourself and giving a soft pitch on what your company does. There can be a soft connotation about buying a product or subscribing to a service, but it should not be the main subject. While it does not offer to sell something, it touches on the point without evoking a repulsive reaction from the prospect so you can move them to the next stage of the conversion funnel.

Social media and cold email are some of the ideal, low-cost tools for your salesperson. It is a great medium for reaching out to prospects. You can send an invitation from your LinkedIn, Facebook or other social media account and write a few lines about your outreach. Social media combined with email can work wonders. Your outreach should grab the recipient’s attention, pushing them to add you to connect or follow your social media profiles. The message may stress social media as a mode of facile communication, especially for business purposes. However, you also need to keep him in the loop about the possibility of sending cold emails since social media may not always be the most perfect medium for sharing private information.

Blog posts are a great way to enhance traffic to your website or webstore. However, to do that, you need to popularize the blog posts with high-quality content so that they can appear on top search results. A blog post can be used as a point of discussion over the cold email campaign. This can also show that knowledge is being shared rather than selling.

The initial words of these emails may be laced with a few tantalizing and friendly tones that can create a vibe of closeness in business and personal relationships. This can make recipients curious to click on the blog posts. Make sure you are offering them value from the blog posts, like tips and tutorials that they can use. 

You can also send some interesting offers, discounts or prepositions regarding your product or services by mail and ask the recipient to respond or call back. In fact, email marketing case studies show that companies have been able to enhance their open rate by making people call back and inquire after receiving emails. By simply making the contact number more visible, the number of interested customers increased to 7.7%.

When introducing a new product or idea, a meeting with prospective customers works better than many other modes of outreach. However, if you visit your customers without any intimation, the idea may backfire. So, asking your prospective clients for a convenient time period to have a discussion would be appropriate. 

It’s always advisable to ask for suggestions from great minds. This helps to establish a relationship with the person and gain trust. The person may get flattered and give some solid ideas which might be helpful. Once a relationship is built, then slowly the product can be pitched in front of him. This might give a high chance of sales conversion.

You can get a large number of templates in the cold email campaign software for such email campaigns. If there is no response you can follow it up with another email. There is art in writing follow-up emails after no reply which go a long way in securing meetings and customers.

Sum it – The importance of cold sales email

Despite people junking and deleting emails by dozens every day or week, the effectiveness of a cold email service is not lost. In fact, cold email is a powerful technique to find appropriate prospects and build a relationship. However, it must be said that to become effective, a cold email outreach has to be designed systematically.

Since there is no wrong or right way to send out a cold sales email, different strategies can be adopted to improve the open rate and the response rate. To this effect, using proper cold email software like can help you optimize the process. You can get a variety of cold email templates in this software and use the service effectively.

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