Cold Email Outreach: Ways You Can Use it !!

Obviously, using cold email outreach is a method to generate leads and interest in your product/service. There are other ways you can use cold email outreach as well.

Here are three other ways (aside from lead generation) I’ve used cold email outreach:

Determine Startup Viability

In today’s lean startup approach, it’s more important than ever to talk to your potential customers before you start going crazy with development and business plans.

I’ve actually used this approach to determine the viability of a business idea.

I would gather up a list of people in a target market and shoot them an email to determine what, if any, pain points they have. I’d look for common responses and then do research based on that feedback.

Or if I have the idea already, I would just direct them to a landing page to see what kind of interest there was.

Data Gathering

Another way to leverage cold email outreach is to gather feedback on surveys or to ask questions.

Let them know you’re performing research and planning to publish the results of the poll/questions/feedback in a future blog post on your blog.

This is a very soft way of sending people to your website without directly asking for a sale.


You might want to invite prospective customers to a webinar or a networking event (if they’re local). Create invitation that will attract customers to your event and engage them effectively.

Cold email outreach is a great way to increase attendees with prospective customers.


One of the best ways to scale your sales is to automate your outbound lead generation. Identifying key target accounts and then using cold email can be a great way to generate conversations.


Is cold email spam? NO!

Cold email outreach is a great method for generating leads as well as validating future business ventures. We built a seven-figure marketing agency using this approach, and now we’re doing it with LeadFuze.

Any other advice you’d recommend for cold email?

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