Can cold emailing be successful at all if it’s not followed up by phone call?!!

Answer: Cold emailing is the strategy used to get responses from the respondents. Respondents are generally those who are unaware of the fact that their responses can generate leads for the firm. There vote on the questions asked through cold emailing can effectively make a change. But, with no response it can impact the cold emailing marketing as a flop show. There are various pointers that the marketer of cold emailing needs to keep in mind:

Sending the emails at regular intervals: It is often seen that respondents might not directly reply to one email. They need to be poked at regular intervals. Don’t make it regular that they have to report. It is done to get the attention of the respondent.

Waiting time for the marketer: Patience can let a marketer accomplish his/her goal of getting response and generating leads.

Tracking email: There are many ways of tracking emails. Always keep a note of the respondents who have responded and who need to be re-emailed.

Selling the benefits: Everyone looks for their benefits. So, try to negotiate in terms of the respondents benefits which will automatically persuade to benefit the firm.

Cold calling refers calling the respondents in an attempt to sell goods or services or get online responses which will generate leads for the firm. It is usually done by the marketer when no response was received from the respondent when cold emailing was previously being used. It can annoying to the rational respondents, it can disturb then in between of their work. It obviously receives one to one response which is usually not received in cold emailing.

Along with that is the fastest way of communication. It provides a scope of improvement as the response received can make a difference and the marketer can rectify the way of communication. Personal scope of redrafting can be done on the calling according to the respondent which is not available in case of cold emailing. But there are certain skills and energy that needs to taken care of before persuading someone. Using correct language in order to attract the person so that he/she can clearly pay attention and look for their benefits . Cold emailing is preferred more than cold calling as it is less intrusive in nature.

Cold calling is treated as the dead end and last resort when no response is being received by the firm. It also needs to be kept in mind that emails can also be treated as spam which most of the customers do. Yet making it the most used technique out of the lot. It can be used with less resources, less hiring of salesperson which is done in case of cold calling. It is visually appealing than the oral one, scope of customization to make it look more attractive and beneficial for the respondents. But the biggest disadvantage of the same is time lag between sending a cold email and receiving the response.

There are various technical obstacles that need to be tackled that is spam reports and being blacklisted. Thus the marketer needs to be ready with all sorts of techniques that he/she might require if he/she is unable to receive response with either cold emailing or cold calling. But now a days cold emailing is preferred over calling.

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