Alternatives & Competitors  is an established platform for email prospecting and outreach. However, currently, there are numerous other alternatives & competitors offering diverse cold email functionalities and flexible pricing structures.

In fact, some of them are better in comparison to for cold email prospecting and outreach purposes. 

If you are here looking for a alternatives, then you might be facing some issues with the tool or looking for cheaper options. 

Some of the common issues with are:

  1. Error while searching bulk email addresses
  2. Accuracy of the email addresses found
  3. Sometimes emails are marked as spam 
  4. Limitation applicable on search
  5. Email enrichment might not be up to the mark and many more.

As a user, you might relate to one or more issues listed above. 

So, we have come up with a list of alternatives that you should check out for your next cold email outreach.

Top Alternatives in 2024 Alternatives #1


  • G2: 4.7
  • Capterra: 4.7 alternatives

Key Features: 

Prospect Finder provides ProspectDaddy free credits to compile a verified list of prospect details from LinkedIn, which includes business emails, LinkedIn profile links, names, company affiliations, job titles, locations, and more.

Multichannel Outreach

SmartReach helps you reach out to a wider audience using multiple channels such as email, LinkedIn, calls, WhatsApp, and SMS for your cold outreach efforts.

Cold Email Automation

You can set up unlimited automated cold email sequences and even pause campaigns automatically when you receive a response from the prospects.

AI-generated Content

SmartReach gives you the option to create AI-powered email content based on inputs such as use case, industry, writing style, etc. You can create different versions and choose the one that fits the best. 

Email Deliverability

SmartReach uses human-like email sending to make sure your emails reach your potential prospects’ main inbox. It provides a full suite of email deliverability features, including a spam test report, email warmup, checking for missing or broken merge tags, spintax, and a gentle start option.


With the assistance of customer columns, merge tags, and spintax, you can easily craft personalized

outreach messages for thousands of potential prospects without the need for manual editing in each communication.

LinkedIn Automation

You can automate LinkedIn tasks like profile views, connection requests, sending messages, and Inmail delivery. If you wish to add personal touch to every LinkedIn message, then you can add one step as a manual step as well. 

Inbox Rotation

With the inbox rotation feature, you can schedule large-scale outreach campaigns without concerns about sending limits. This feature also helps minimize email deliverability challenges.

Meeting Scheduler

Connect your Google or Microsoft calendars, send personalized meeting links to potential clients, and enjoy convenient features like round-robin scheduling and group scheduling.

Shared Inbox

This feature enhances team communication and transparency while also providing reply sentiment to monitor the health of the sales pipeline.


With SmartReach’s PowerCaller you could set up a direct cold calling campaign or add calling as a step in your multichannel sequence. You can add your calling script, display a personalized calling number, record the call, listen, whisper, and barge in during a call and more. 

Integration & Workflow

SmartReach seamlessly connects with CRMs like Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Zoho, along with email finder tools. You can also integrate with other CRMs using Zapier, ensuring your team has access to the latest data regardless of the platform they use. You can also integrate your favorite tool with API. 

Reports & Analytics

SmartReach offers in-depth reports, including team activity, deal grid, sequence performance, advanced tracking, hot prospect reports, and more. These SmartReach reports and analytics assist in making informed decisions based on data.

Pros of using 

  • Users find the platform intuitive and easy to navigate, requiring minimal training.
  • The interface allows for smooth campaign creation, management and execution.
  • You can easily import prospect lists to your campaigns from various sources, like uploading CSV, bi-directional  CRM data, or manually adding.
  • Automate outreach sequences using email, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, calling, and text messaging.
  • Centralize your daily outreach tasks within one platform for better organization and focus.
  • Automate follow-up emails for individual recipients or entire campaigns, saving time and effort.
  • Ensure the validity of your email lists before sending, improving deliverability and reducing bounces.
  • Generate detailed reports on team activity, deal progression, sequence performance, and more, enabling data-backed decision-making.
  • prioritizes data security and compliance and adheres to industry standards, giving you peace of mind when managing sensitive information.
  • Test different subject lines and email content to optimize campaign performance and increase response rates.
  • Leave internal notes on individual prospects for better handoff and contextual understanding within the team.
  • Avoid potential spam traps with SmartReach’s built-in filter detection, helping maintain a good sender reputation.
  • Schedule emails to arrive at the most favorable time for recipients, increasing engagement.
  • Features like warm-up sending and email validation help maintain a good sender reputation and avoid spam filters.
  • Use Power Dialer to have high-quality sales conversations.  
  • Integration with 3rd party tools viz help of Zapier to automate workflows and streamline processes.
  • Friendly, knowledgeable and motivated, 24×6 available customer support, dedicated to solving your problems effectively

Cons of using

  • Currently, some of the SmartReach reports are in development, such as multichannel engagement report & Linkedin sending profile report. Users amy expect to get them soon.
  • With such an abundance of features, users may need to invest some time in order to effectively learn the platform. Pricing

Pricing PlansMonthlyAnnually
Email Outreach (min 5 seats)$29$23
Sales Engagement (min 5 seats)$49$39
AgencyTalk to SalesTalk to Sales
EnterpriseTalk to SalesTalk to Sales

SmartReach Customer Service

SmartReach provides customer support via the below channels.

Live chat: You can submit queries via the live chat feature on the SmartReach website, with an average response time of approximately 5 minutes during working hours.

Call: Users on the paid plan have the option to schedule a call with support representatives to address any product-related issues.

Email: Users can submit their product-related queries to email: [email protected] Alternatives #2


  • G2: 4.8
  • Capterra: 4.6 alternatives

Key Features of

  • You can get access information for over 270 million verified contacts and 60 million B2B companies across various industries and regions.
  • Apollo provides access to rich information like email addresses, phone numbers, job titles, company details, and even social media profiles for deeper targeting.
  • You can eliminate the manual task of updating contact information in your CRM. automatically identifies and updates outdated data with fresh details.
  • With Apollo you can schedule personalized email sequences to nurture leads at different stages of the sales funnel.
  • Gain real-time insights into email opens, clicks, and replies to understand prospect engagement and optimize your outreach strategy.
  • You can connect with leads across various channels, including email, LinkedIn, and even phone calls directly within the platform.

Pros of using

  • Millions of verified contacts and company details at your fingertips.
  • Make data-driven decisions to improve your outreach strategy.
  • Manage your entire sales process within a single platform.
  • Automate tasks, personalize outreach, and track results for better efficiency.

Cons of using

  • The free plan offers basic features and may not be sufficient for all users.
  • While verified, some users report occasional inaccuracies in the database.
  • The platform offers many features, so navigating and utilizing them effectively might require some initial learning time.
  • Some users may have concerns about data collection practices. Pricing

Pricing plansMonthlyAnnually
Professional$119$99 Alternatives #3


  • G2: 4.4
  • Capterra: 4.6 alternatives

Key features of

  • It provides targeted discovery, where you can enter full name & company domain of your prospect to find the most likely email address.
  • You can verify the deliverability of discovered email addresses before sending your outreach campaign to avoid bounces and wasted efforts.
  • Hunter uses various techniques like email syntax checks, domain validation, and real-time checks to assess email validity with high accuracy.
  • You can automate repetitive tasks and manage your outreach effectively from a single platform.
  • Hunter allows you to personalize emails, schedule follow-ups, and track performance to improve engagement with potential leads.
  • Easily view and respond to email replies within the platform, keeping communication organized and centralized.
  • You can integrate your existing email account with Hunter Campaigns to seamlessly send and manage email outreach within the platform.

Pros of using

  • Simple interface and clear functionalities make it user-friendly.
  • Uses various data sources to find and verify email addresses.
  • Improves outreach efficiency by targeting the right people for your campaigns.
  • Connects seamlessly with your existing tools.

Cons of using

  • Free plan restricts the number of searches you can perform.
  • While accurate, some email addresses might be outdated or incorrect.
  • Paid plans may be necessary for extensive outreach campaigns. Pricing

Pricing plansMonthlyAnnually
Business$499$349 Alternatives #4



  • G2: 4.7
  • Capterra: 4.6 alternatives

Key features of Mailshake

  • Mailshake provides option to create and schedule multi-step email campaigns with automated follow-ups for efficient outreach.
  • You can control the timing and frequency of your emails to avoid overwhelming recipients and improve deliverability.
  • With AI you can generate different versions of email copy based on your input.
  • Capture leads who reply to your emails directly within Mailshake, streamlining communication and managing responses.
  • You can integrate Mailshake with various CRMs, marketing automation platforms, and productivity tools for a more streamlined workflow.
  • It’s data finder provides you access to 100+ million prospects, where you can find business contact information. 

Pros of using Mailshake

  • Streamline sending emails from multiple accounts, personalize messages, and manage email sequences for efficient outreach.
  • Utilize merge tags, spintax, and the AI-powered writing assistant
  • Track campaign performance through comprehensive reports and A/B testing to optimize your outreach strategy.

Cons of using Mailshake

  • Paid plans can be expensive, especially for larger teams, and some key features are only available on specific plans.
  • Some users report that they lack depth and granularity in their report as compared to other platforms.
  • Some users report occasional difficulties with integrating Mailshake with other tools, requiring troubleshooting and potentially impacting workflow efficiency.

Mailshake Pricing

Pricing plansMonthlyAnnually
Email Outreach$59$99
Sales Engagement$44$75 Alternatives #5



  • G2: 4.6
  • Capterra: 4.5 alternatives

Key features of Saleshandy

  • Saleshandy helps to send emails effortlessly from various email providers like Gmail and Outlook within the Saleshandy platform.
  • You can build personalized multichannel email sequences with automated follow-ups based on specific triggers or recipient behavior.
  • Personalize emails with dynamic information like names, companies, and locations for a more engaging experience.
  • You can integrate your calendar and allow recipients to easily schedule meetings directly within your emails.
  • Saleshandy also provides unified inbox where you can manage all your team’s email communication in one central location, facilitating collaboration and ensuring no message is missed.
  • With Saleshandy’s Lead Finder, you can effortlessly discover email addresses and phone numbers of your prospects for outreach, and seamlessly add them to your sequence.
  • You can connect Saleshandy with various CRMs, productivity tools, and Zapier for further automation and data syncing.

Pros of using Saleshandy

  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface with intuitive design and ease of learning.
  • Shared inbox, internal notes, and role-based permissions are frequently highlighted as valuable features for streamlined teamwork.
  • Automated follow-ups, scheduling, and bulk sending capabilities are reported to significantly improve efficiency and save time.
  • Real-time tracking notifications and detailed reports are appreciated for gaining valuable insights into campaign performance and recipient engagement.
  • Compared to some competitors, Saleshandy is considered affordable

Cons of using Saleshandy

  • While basic reports are available, some users find them lacking in depth and granularity compared to other platforms.
  • While integrations exist, users may encounter some limitations compared to the wider range of integrations offered by some competitor tools.
  • Some users report experiencing occasional technical bugs or glitches within the platform, requiring troubleshooting.

Saleshandy Pricing

Pricing planMonthlyAnnually
Outreach starter$36$25
Outreach pro$99$74
Outreach scale$199$149
Outreach scale plus$299$219 Alternatives #6



  • G2: 4.6
  • Capterra: 4.6 alternatives

Key features of Klenty

  • With klenty’s prospect IQ you can find prospects based on various parameters like industry, company size, location, job title, and even specific keywords within their profiles.
  • You can design and automate personalized email sequences with follow-ups triggered by specific actions or recipient behavior.
  • Automate tasks like sending connection requests, InMails, and personalized messages on LinkedIn, simplifying lead engagement.
  • You can utilize AI-powered scoring to identify high-potential leads and prioritize outreach efforts.
  • Assign tasks, track progress, and automate repetitive tasks within Klenty’s workflow management system.
  • Klenty gives option to enhance engagement by adding engaging videos and GIFs to your emails and other communication channels.
  • Gain real-time insights into campaign performance, individual rep activity, and lead engagement metrics.

Pros of using Klenty

  • Multi-channel outreach features like email sequences, calls, LinkedIn automation, and SMS.
  • The Prospect IQ feature and its AI-powered lead scoring are appreciated for helping sales teams identify and prioritize high-potential leads.
  • Users value the ability to personalize outreach across channels using merge tags, video/GIF insertion.
  • Task management, and reporting features are reported to improve collaboration within sales teams. 

Cons of using Klenty

  • Some users report that Klenty has a slightly steeper learning curve compared to simpler email outreach tools.
  • Smaller teams find the pricing structure to be on the higher end.
  • Some users mention encountering challenges with integrating Klenty with certain CRM or other platforms.

Klenty Pricing

Pricing planQuarterlyAnnually
Enterprisecustomcustom Alternatives #7


  • G2: 4.9
  • Capterra: – alternatives

Key features of

  • With Instantly’s lead finder tool, you get access to a database of over 160 million B2B contacts.
  • Enhance your existing contact information by adding details like phone numbers, social media profiles, and company information, leading to more targeted outreach.
  • You can send unlimited number of emails per day, allowing for large-scale outreach efforts without sending limit restrictions.
  • Personalize your email content with dynamic information like names, companies, and job titles for a more engaging experience.
  • Design and schedule automated email sequences with follow-ups triggered by specific actions or recipient behavior.
  • You can manage all your email communication in one central location, including sent and received emails, replies, and notes.
  • Connect Instantly with various CRMs, marketing automation platforms, and productivity tools to streamline workflows and centralize data.

Pros of using

  • Ideal for large-scale outreach efforts without sending limit restrictions.
  • Simplifies building a good sender reputation and avoids potential spam filtering issues.
  • Streamlines lead generation and enhances contact information for more targeted outreach.
  • Reportedly straightforward and easy to use, even for users with limited technical expertise.

Cons of using

  • Integration options might be more limited compared to some competitor platforms.
  • Users report potentially missing some advanced features found in other platforms, like detailed analytics or multi-channel outreach capabilities.
  • As a newer platform compared to established competitors, users might encounter occasional technical issues or lack specific features still under development. Pricing

Pricing plansMonthlyAnnually

What are the factors to consider before choosing any alternatives?

Before you choose the best alternative, Here are some key factors to consider. This is to ensure you choose the platform that best suits your specific needs and goals.

Email accuracy

Evaluate the accuracy and effectiveness of the tool’s email-finding capabilities and consider if it offers email verification features.

Multichannel Outreach

Assess the tool’s ability to support outreach across LinkedIn, email, SMS, WhatsApp, and calls.

Outreach Automation and Personalization

Look for features such as email sequence automation, personalization tools, A/B testing, and scheduling options.

Lead Management

Evaluate features for managing leads, including note-taking, tagging, and tracking communication history.

Integration with Existing Tools

Check if the platform integrates seamlessly with your CRM, marketing automation, and other productivity tools.

Pricing Plans and Budget Alignment

Compare pricing plans, aligning with your budget and team size while ensuring essential features are included.


Analyze the cost-effectiveness of each option, ensuring the value proposition meets your specific needs and expected benefits.


Consider if the platform can scale effectively as your team and outreach efforts grow.

Customer Support Quality

Evaluate the quality and availability of customer support provided by the platform for addressing potential issues.

Choose the right alternatives

After exploring different alternatives to, it’s important to note that there isn’t a singular “best” option. The most suitable platform depends on your specific requirements and priorities.

By carefully evaluating the above-mentioned factors and taking advantage of trial opportunities, you’ll be well-equipped to choose the alternative that empowers you to reach your outreach goals. 

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