Top 10 Calendly Alternatives | Meeting Scheduler Tools for 2024

Calendly is a fantastic online meeting scheduler but it’s not the only option in 2024. If you landed in this article searching for “free Calendly alternatives”, or “Calendly alternative tools”  you have hit the right place. 

In this article, we have curated a list of the top 10 Calendly free + paid alternative tools for you. They offer similar features((if not better) to what Calendly currently offers. Whether you need more customization, integration, reporting, or automation, these Calendly alternatives will perfectly suit your needs.

That’s not all.

Fortunately, we have taken time to use each one of them, and point down their pros and cons, to help you find the best Calendly alternatives for appointment scheduling.

So, let’s take a look at the list of Calendly alternatives that we are covering in this article – 

  1. SmartReach Meeting Scheduler
  2. Google Calendar
  3. HubSpot Meeting Scheduler
  4. Microsoft Bookings
  5. Doodle
  6. Zoho Bookings
  8.  Notta Meeting Scheduler
  9. TimeTap
  10. YouCanBookMe

What is Calendly?

Calendly is a popular online scheduler tool that helps you manage your time and appointments with ease. With Calendly, you can create different types of events, such as meetings, consultations, classes, or webinars, and share them with your clients, colleagues, or even students. They can then book a time slot that works for both of you, without any back-and-forth emails or phone calls.

Calendly meeting scheduler interface | Calendly alternatives for teams

It is used by many professionals such as finance professionals, consultants, marketers, customer service representatives, sales professionals, and others.

Calendly integrates with your calendar apps, such as Google Calendar, Outlook, or iCloud, and automatically updates your availability to others. Also, it connects with other apps and tools, such as Zoom, Stripe, and Salesforce. 

Top 10 Calendly alternatives to use in 2024

Below is the list of top Calendly competitors offering similar features to Calendly. Make sure you read the list of Calendly alternatives till the end to make sure you catch their important features. 

Calendly Alternatives #1

SmartReach Meeting Scheduler


⭐ G2 – 4.8/5
⭐ Capterra – 4.8/5 

An overview of SmartReach Meeting Scheduler

SmartReach Meeting Scheduler is a part of SmartReach’s suite of sales productivity software. 

With SmartReach’s commitment to robust data security, dedicated customer support, and building affordable sales solutions – SmartReach Meeting Scheduler is one of the best online scheduler tools for sales and marketing teams. 

SmartReach Meeting Scheduler is an automated meeting scheduler that offers a comprehensive solution for all your scheduling needs. Whether you’re an individual or part of a team, this tool has features designed to make your scheduling process as smooth as possible.

BTW, It’s not just a scheduling tool; it’s a complete solution that caters to every scenario, ensuring you never miss a meeting or get double-booked.

Unique solutions SmartReach Meeting scheduler offers

Tailored links for every scenario

With SmartReach Meeting Scheduler, you can set availability, location, duration, and more on a per-link basis. You can send bookings to different calendars or set a default, providing a tailored link ready for every scenario.

Customizable meeting links

Customizable meeting links make online scheduling easier by letting you use your brand name in the link, making it professional and easy to remember. They also add security and help you manage multiple meetings better.

Campaign auto-pause

The Campaign Auto-Pause feature automatically stops campaigns for a prospect once they book a meeting. This saves your team’s time, improves the customer experience by avoiding unnecessary communication, and provides useful data about your campaign’s effectiveness

Connect all your calendars

SmartReach Meeting Scheduler automatically syncs with popular calendars like Google, Microsoft, Apple Calendars, etc, and only offers slots for availability in your calendar. This feature ensures you never get double booked again and respects the valuable timing of the participants.

✅ Automated scheduling

This automatically sends meeting participants notifications, reminders, and follow-ups to streamline the scheduling process.

✅ Customized meeting scheduling

With features like round-robin scheduling, SmartReach ensures an even distribution of meetings scheduled across your team. Collective availability makes it easy to book your team when everyone is available.

Avoid meeting overload

SmartReach Meeting Scheduler allows you to limit people from overbooking you on a weekly or daily basis. You can put breathing room between meetings with buffers on either side and prepare yourself better with minimum notice periods.

Bi-directional CRM sync

You can easily connect your preferred CRMs with any SmartReach account. The SmartReach meeting scheduler syncs the latest lead status with your CRM database every time you go on a meeting with a prospect. 

Robust data security

SmartReach is securely hosted. It has passed Google OAuth security verification. All data is encrypted in transit and also encrypted when stored, and all communication with the web application is via secure encrypted endpoints (SSL). 

Secure data encryption

SmartReach is SOC-type -2 compliant and ensures security for both the platform and supporting infrastructure. It also adheres to the GDPR compliances for data protection. 

Cons of using SmartReach Meeting Scheduler

  • Learning Curve – With so many features and customization options, there might be a slight learning curve for new users.
  • Overbooking – While the tool helps avoid meeting overload, users must be proactive in setting their availability to prevent overbooking.

Pricing of SmartReach Meeting Scheduler

Currently, it’s free with all plans. Standalone pricing for SmartReach Meeting Scheduler is not yet available.

Calendly Alternatives #2

Appointment Scheduling with Google Calendar


⭐ G2 – 4.6/5 
⭐ Capterra – 4.8/5 

An overview of Google Calendar

Google Calendar is something that almost everyone uses these days (at least the Android users). Powered by Google’s safety, Appointment Scheduling by Google Calendar is one of the best Calendly alternatives readily available on mobile, PC, tablet, and desktop for free. It can be used effectively for booking appointments, and events, and creating a to-do list with the RSV option. It also has multi-language support option.

It is used by both the personal and business users. For business use, it is recommended to use it along with Google Workspace for a powerful meeting scheduler tool.

Pros of using Google Calendar

  • User-friendly – It has a very easy-to-navigate, simple user interface that lets anyone schedule meetings at ease.
  • Customizable meeting – it offers customizable meeting duration and time slots making it ideal for group meetings.
  • Mobile supported – Users can easily access Google Calendar from their mobile, laptop, PC, or even computer.
  • Time insights – Google Calendar automatically analyses your meetings to show you how much time you are spending on what activity and who you are spending with.

Cons of using Google Calendar

  • Not suitable for Microsoft 365 users – For those who use Microsoft 365 suite of applications, investing in Google Workspace for accessing Calendar is not recommended. 
  • Limited functionality –  Compared to Calendly, Google Calendar lacks functionalities in terms of complex scheduling and task management.
  • Not Mobile friendly – Some Android users report that Google Calendar UI becomes confusing while working on scheduling meetings with multiple calendars. 
  • Lack of direct integration – It lacks direct integration with popular tools outside Google except for Zapier.

Pricing of Appointment Scheduling with Google Calendar

For individual use, you can use it for FREE.

For business use, Google Calendar is available with every Google Workspace account. The pricing of Google Workspace plans is given below. 

Business StarterBusiness StandardBusiness PlusEnterprise
$6/month/user$12/month/user$18/month/userContact for pricing

Calendly Alternatives #3

HubSpot Meeting Scheduler


⭐ G2 – 4.4/5 
⭐ Capterra – 4.6/5 

An overview of HubSpot Meeting Scheduler

HubSpot Meeting Scheduler is a meeting scheduler created by the leading CRM brand HubSpot. It’s a part of HubSpot Sales Hub.

It’s one of the best Calendly alternatives for marketing and sales teams. It is used by mainly sales and marketing teams to automate the scheduling of online meetings and appointments.

It lets users schedule team meetings, group events, etc. making it perfect for customer relationship management and appointment scheduling. That’s not all.

It automatically synchronizes calendars like Office 365 and Google Calendar so that users can stay updated in their lead-generation efforts.

Pros of using HubSpot Meeting Scheduler

  • Database growth – It automatically adds and syncs the data with your HubSpot contact database every time a prospect books a meeting with you.
  • Meeting flexibility – It lets you round robin scheduling as well as group scheduling allowing users flexibility to schedule meetings with multiple stakeholders of an organization.
  • Insightful reporting – The HubSpot meeting scheduler analyzes meeting data and creates insightful dashboards based on meetings and their outcomes.
  • Calendar Emailing and Embedding – Users can easily schedule a meeting from their website by embedding the meeting calendar on the website. No coding is required. Also, users can email the calendar link via email for meeting scheduling.

Cons of using HubSpot Meeting Scheduler

  • Expensive – It’s a relatively expensive tool compared to the other Calendly alternatives we have on this list.
  • Limited usage – This platform’s usage is limited to sales and marketing needs. For other use cases, it’s not the best tool out there.
  • Steep learning curve – For new users, learning HubSpot’s broad suite of tools can be difficult. 

Pricing of HubSpot Meeting Scheduler (All prices are billed in USD annually)

HubSpot Meeting Scheduler is not a standalone tool. It requires a subscription to HubSpot Sales Hub. The pricing of HubSpot Sales Hub is given below.

Minimum seat offered12510

Calendly Alternatives #4

Microsoft Bookings


⭐ G2 – 3.7/5 
⭐ Capterra – 4.3/5 

An overview of Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings is an effective Calendly alternative tool for business meeting bookings. It comes along with a Microsoft 365 subscription. 

This tool allows you to customize booking requirements, appointment details, etc. This tool easily syncs data with the Microsoft Office calendar to find out the best possible slot for meeting bookings. Users can attend meetings using Skype and Microsoft Teams.

Pros of using Microsoft Bookings

  • Microsoft integrations – For regular Microsoft users who use other Microsoft 365 tools, this tool will be helpful.
  • Step-by-step guidance –  This tool provides step-by-step guidance for users to book meetings. 
  • Customized questions – Users can easily customize questions to requesters so that they can prepare themselves better for the upcoming meeting. 
  • Customized meeting bookings – Users can easily set up customized appointment lengths, types of appointments, booking calendars, etc. 

Cons of using Microsoft Bookings

  • Limited features –  To access all the features users have to buy expensive premium plans.
  • Limited functionality – From the cost POV, you will get better tools with more functionality in this range.

Pricing of Microsoft Bookings (all prices are billed in USD monthly)

Microsoft Booking is not a standalone tool and can be only used with Microsoft 365 paid plans with Outlook web/app enabled. Below is the pricing for Microsoft plans. 

FeaturesBusiness BasicBusiness StandardBusiness PremiumFor Business

Calendly Alternatives #5



⭐ G2 – 4.4/5 
⭐ Capterra – 4.6/5 

An Overview of Doodle

Doodle is one of the best Calendly alternatives out there for its branding customization, wide range of integration options, and other features related to meeting engagement. 

They started back in 2007 and currently, they have 10 million plus monthly users. Doodle is used by a wide range of users such as recruiters, salespersons, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and enterprises.

BTW, Doodle runs on a freemium basis so you can try out all their plans and features before subscribing to any plan – which makes them a unique contender in the list. 

Pros of using Doodle

  • User-friendly – Doodle offers a clean, easy-to-navigate, and professional interface for smooth operation.
  • Wide range of integrations – It offers a wide range of integrations with popular platforms such as Zapier, Microsoft Exchange, Google Meet, Zoom, Apple iCloud beta, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Google Calendar, Outlook Add, etc. 
  • Branding customization – Users can customize the logo, booking page, etc. to give a brand impression.
  • Advanced group scheduling – The premium version offers unlimited 1:1 calling, unlimited booking pages, and group polling. 
  • Robust security – It provides privacy and security features, such as ISO 27001 compliant AWS infrastructure, Cloudflare for DDoS protection, SSO for end-user authentication, 99.9% availability SLA, guaranteed response time, and SOC 2 Type II and Cyber Verify Level 3 accreditation. 
  • Mobile accessibility – It provides mobile accessibility for users to join and set up meetings on the go.

Cons of using Doodle

  • Limited features – Their free version has limited features which may not be suitable for professional usage. 
  • Ads supported – Their free version supports ads all the time which irritates a lot of users.
  • Few integrations – As a Calendly alternative, it offers fewer native integrations compared to Calendly. 

Pricing of Notta (all prices are billed in USD annually)

Price$0 forever$6.95/month$8.95/monthContact them
Minimum Seat Offered115Customized

Calendly Alternatives #6

Zoho Bookings


⭐ G2 – 3.7/5 
⭐ Capterra – 4.5/5 

An overview of Zoho Bookings 

An integral part of the Zoho Business suite, Zoho Bookings is one of the best Calendly alternatives in the space of meeting schedule tools. 

It allows you to set your availability, customize your booking page, sync your calendars, send automatic reminders, and integrate with other Zoho apps and third-party tools. You can use Zoho Bookings to offer services to your customers, whether they are online or offline, paid or free, one-on-one or in groups.

Pros of using Zoho Bookings

  • Brand customization – Zoho Bookings allows you to customize your booking page, booking form, notifications, and scheduling options to suit your business needs and preferences.  
  • Wide range of integrations – Zoho Bookings supports two-way sync with Google, Outlook, and Zoho calendars, as well as integrations with popular online meeting tools, payment gateways, SMS providers, and other Zoho apps.
  • Multi-language support – Zoho Bookings enables you to offer multilingual and multi-time zone support to your customers and staff.
  • Buffer time – Users can add buffer time in between, before, or after meetings for self-preparation. 
  • Auto Sync with CRM: Each meeting you book with Zoho bookings automatically syncs with your Zoho CRM database. Thus, it helps in customer relationship management.

Cons of using Zoho Bookings

  • Steep learning curve – Zoho Bookings has a slightly confusing interface and navigation, which might require some time to get used to and learn how to use effectively
  • Expensive – If you are already using Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, paying for Zoho One to use Zoho bookings can be an expensive move.

Pricing of Zoho Bookings (all prices are billed in USD annually)

Forever FreeBasicPremiumFlex
Rs. 0/seat$6/seat/month$9/seat/monthCustom pricing based on the user’s need

Calendly Alternatives #7


⭐ G2 – 4.4/5 
⭐ Capterra – 4.6/5 

An overview of is a booking and scheduling system created for service-based businesses. It’s a great Calendly alternative tool offering more unique solutions than what Calendly is currently offering. 

This platform is built for sales and marketing needs with an array of customizable features that attract and nurture business leads. 

Its unique ability is its payment-receiving system that allows users to collect full customer payments on the booking page. 

Pros of using

  • Multichannel online booking –  Users can easily accept meeting bookings from various sources such as websites, mobile apps, or even social media such as Meta, Instagram, Google, etc.  
  • Accept payments – Users can accept payments and deposits through its wide range of payment methods such as PayPal, stripe, and more.
  • Wide range of integrations and API – offers a wide range of integration and API options with email marketing tools, video conferencing tools, social media platforms, and more.
  • Promotional opportunities – offers promotional opportunities through its coupons, gift cards, etc. 
  • Tight data protection – offers strong data protection for you and your clients based on HIPPA compliance. Hence, it’s a great tool for medical professionals. 
  • Mobile support – It can be used via mobile, computer, and tablets for scheduling meetings and appointments.

Cons of using 

  • Expensive – Its basic, free, and entry-level plan lacks the majority of the features. 
  • Custom features add-on – Most of the custom features this tool has are add-ons and have to be purchased separately. 
  • Limited meeting bookings – Paid plans offer monthly up to 5000 meeting bookings after that your users need to purchase more.

Pricing of (all prices are billed in USD annually)

Booking limit501005002000
Minimum seats offered151530

Calendly Alternatives #8

Notta Meeting Scheduler


⭐G2 – Not available
⭐Capterra – Not available

An Overview of Notta Meeting Scheduler

This is a freemium meeting scheduler developed by Notta that allows users to create and share events with the invitees. 

You can use this Calendly alternative to specify the event name and description, pick your video conferencing platform, determine the event duration, and establish your weekly availability hours. It also supports integration with popular online meeting platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

Pros of using Notta

  • User-friendly – It is a user-friendly tool that allows you to schedule and manage virtual and in-person meetings.
  • Easily compatible – It is easily compatible with popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.
  • Security – It provides a secure platform that complies with security regulations such as SSL, GDPR, APPI, and CCPA.
  • Multi-device access –  You can easily set up meetings using Notta through mobile, tablet, and computers.
  • Strong data encryption –  Notta encrypts all of your data with AWS’ RDP and S3 services. Thus, only machines process your data and it’s never accessible by humans.
  • AI meeting transcription – It provides online meeting recording transcriptions generated by AI that support up to 104 transcription languages. 
  • Audio/Video transcription – It provides audio and video transcriptions that can be exported easily.

Cons of using Notta

  • Expensive –  It’s quite expensive compared to the other Calendly alternatives and competitors on the list.
  • Lack of analytics – Users report a lack of comprehensive analytics and reporting features. This can make it difficult to track booking trends, meeting effectiveness, and team utilization.
  • Limited integration – Compared to competitors like Calendly, Notta currently only syncs with Google and Microsoft calendars. This can be inconvenient for teams using Outlook, Exchange, or iCloud calendars.
  • Heavy reliance on the internet – Its live AI transcription feature works with only a high-speed internet connection.

Pricing of Notta (all prices are billed in USD annually)

Price$0$8.25/month$44/monthCustom pricing based on business needs
Minimum Seat offered11221
Meeting duration2 hours/month30 hours/month40 hours/monthcustom

Calendly Alternatives #9



⭐ G2 – 4.4/5 
⭐ Capterra – 4.5/5 

An overview of TimeTap

TimeTap is an online appointment scheduling software that allows you to automate and streamline your business scheduling needs. It is one of the most secure Calendly alternatives built especially for enterprises.

This Calendly alternative offers various features such as multiple staff calendars, automatic text and email messaging, custom booking forms, automated waitlist, payment acceptance, and more.

Pros of using TimeTap

  • User-friendly – It’s easy to navigate. You can create a booking portal for your business in minutes and manage your appointments from any device.
  • Customizable – TimeTap users can customize their different scheduling scenarios, booking forms, and selection fields to suit their business needs. Users can also add multiple locations, tiered accounts, and zip code filters to manage their availability and coverage.
  • Robust security – It provides security and compliance based on HIPAA, GDPR, AICPA/SOC2, and other security standards. You can also set up custom access permissions and security agreements for your staff and clients.
  • Payment acceptance – TimeTap users can directly accept payments and deposits.
  • Multi-language translation – Users can easily set up their base language and the languages they support. TimeTap translates the booking page content to the client’s preferred language. 

Cons of using TimeTap

  • Limited customization – It has limited customization options compared to some other Calendly alternatives in this list.
  • Technical glitches and bugs – Some users have reported problems with calendar syncing, mobile app functionality, real-time notifications, etc.

Pricing of TimeTap (all plans are billed in USD annually)


Calendly Alternatives #10



⭐ G2 – 4.7/5 
⭐ Capterra – 4.6/5 

An overview of YouCanBookMe

YouCanBookMe is a customizable and simple meeting scheduler that works as a perfect Calendly alternative for businesses of all sizes. 

With YouCanBookMe you can easily customize your booking page, share your availability, and send booking links to your customers for automating the scheduling process. 

Also, you can manage all your meeting bookings from a single platform, send notifications, and track the performance of the meetings. 

Pros of using YouCanBookMe

  • Automated scheduling process – It automates the entire scheduling process by sending notifications, reminders, follow-ups, and tracking no-shows. 
  • Wide range of integrations – It offers a wide range of native integrations with popular tools such as Google Calendar, Stripe, Zapier, Gmail, Outlook, Zoom, MS Team, and Google Meet. 
  • Customizable booking page – It allows users to customize their booking pages based on different availabilities, currencies, time zones, and currencies.  

Cons of using YouCanBookMe

  • Limited native integrations – It has a limited number of native integrations compared to its rival tool Calendly.
  • Extra pricing –  For accessing advanced features such as custom domain, SMS, and notifications you have to pay extra on top of your plan. 
  • No Apple Calendar support – It no longer supports Apple Calendar integration.

Pricing of YouCanBookMe (all prices are billed in USD annually)

  • Paid Plan: $10.80 per calendar/month 
  • Free Forever plan: $0

Calendly Alternatives #11


Calday is a fantastic alternative to Calendly, especially designed for small businesses and solopreneurs. One of its strongest features is its flexibility, allowing you to customize your booking pages to suit your business needs. I also love their built-in calendar, which seamlessly integrates with your favorite calendars like Google, Apple, or Outlook, making it super convenient to have all your events in one place.le.

Pros of using Calday

  • User Friendly – This is the simplest solution on the market, featuring a user-friendly interface that’s designed for everyone.
  • Branding Customization – upload your images and give your clients the chance to easily recognize your brand.
  • Booking page – you can enhance your booking page by adding various services and additional addons, giving your clients a more flexible way to book the right appointments.

Cons of using Calday

  • Limited functionality – They’re one of the newer tools out there, so some features, like integrations, are still a bit limited.
  • Limited customization – the booking page offers limited customization options when compared to the most advanced tools available on the market.

Pricing of Calday (all plans are billed in USD annually)

  • Free
  • Pro: $10/month 
  • Enterprise: Custom

Calendly Alternatives: FAQ

1. What are some free Calendly alternatives?

Some of the free Calendly alternatives are Notta Meeting Scheduler, Zoho Bookings, Google Calendar, ScheduleOnce, acuity scheduling, etc.

2. Is there a better alternative to Calendly?

Yes, there are some better alternatives to Calendly in terms of pricing and overall functionality. Zoho Bookings, Google Calendar, Clickup, etc. are some of the best examples. 

3. What is the best free scheduling app?

The best free scheduling app in 2024 is Zoho Booking for its overall functionality and ease of use. 

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