10 Best Cold Email Templates That Give You Guaranteed Leads

A cold outreach template is predefined email content that you can use for the purpose of cold email outreach. In a modern-day business,  lead generation has become a very important process as businesses are constantly trying to outdo their projected sales targets. Revolution in the internet and technology has not only enabled businesses to try a variety of marketing techniques but also be innovative at the same time.


Cold outreach email outreach is one of the most trusted ways for businesses to generate leads. The use of email automation tools can play a  great role in cold email marketing Having said that, cold email campaigns can be tricky. What communication do you send? Are there cold email templates you can use? Which cold email template actually works? In this article, we have answered these questions and provided you with the 10 best cold email templates that will give you great results.

Different Types of Cold Email Templates

The  Decision Maker Template

This kind of email clearly states the purpose of reaching out to that business and also includes information about your previous projects to establish credibility.  In order to help the prospect take faster decisions, in this cold email template you include all key pointers (in-short) which are important. This email includes the follow-up as well as the call to action outline steps.

 Subject Line: Can I Help You With Higher Sales?
Hi [First Name],


Seek your assistance to connect with the Head of Marketing  at _____________

He’ll want to look into this marketing software before the end of this quarter.  It would definitely help his team hit those KPIs in just a few weeks and save your business (and your customers) a lot of money doing it.

I know you’re busy, so won’t get into the details of how [insert your company name] works right now. But do want to highlight the benefits (or USPs) of the software.

  • Benefit 1
  • Benefit 2
  • Benefit 3

Some of our top clients include ________________________

I want [insert company name] to join this list.

If you are the appropriate person then, what does your calendar look like this week? If not then, would appreciate it if you could get me connected.


[Your Name]

Call To Action Cold Email Template

This is a classic copywriting formula that can easily be applied to cold email outreach. The content of the email is aimed towards grabbing the prospect’s attention and it outlines the steps to include in your email’s main body: attract their attention, outline why it should interest them, build a desire, show them how to take action to get the benefits you’ve outlined. 

 Subject Line:  Hey [Name], Check This Out
Hi [First Name],


What would you do with an extra 10 hours each week?

The reason I asked this question is that our clients with similar businesses like [prospect company name] have such savings – if not more – after adding our software to their tech stacks.

You can refer to industry players like [existing customer]  that we are happy to count as satisfied customers.

I’d love to set up a time to take you through a personalized demo of our software. Would you be free sometime next week?

B2B Cold Email Template to Establish Value

What do you have to offer the prospect? This template lets you briefly explain the benefits they’ll receive by working with you or using your product. Value addition in businesses or processes is the most important factor decision-makers consider before introducing any change or new development. This B2B email template allows you to showcase the value of your product/service, engage with prospects, and help to generate leads.

 Subject Line:  A Better Way To Increase Conversions
Hi [First Name],


I saw you recently downloaded a whitepaper about [Competitor Company]. I’ve worked with similar companies in [field/industry] hence thought I’d reach out.

I would love to understand what your goals are for the year.

We often assist companies like yours to grow with:

X solution/result

Y solution/result

Z solution/result

If you’d like to learn how [Your Company] can help you reach [goals], feel free to book time on my calendar here: [Meeting Link]

Warm Regards,

[Your Name]

Missed your Phone Call Template

This cold email template is a follow-up to let potential clients know that you have been trying to get in touch with them for a long time and that you are not using automated software for the sake of it but are sending emails with actual consideration and personalization. This type of email makes a prospect engage immediately as the email is more directed towards personal connection. 

Subject Line: Got Information You Can’t Afford Missing Out
Hi [First Name],


Sorry I missed you on the phone today, I was calling because…. (leave a one-sentence reason for your call or the name of the referral/event that introduced you)

In the message I left after the call, I mentioned that I will call you back on [DATE] at [TIME] and of course, you can always reach me before then at [YOUR PHONE NUMBER].

I look forward to connecting.

Warm Regards,

[Your name]

Personalized Content Email Template

The aim of a personalized email template is to let the reader (Prospect) know that you follow their industry trends, have studied their company, and know exactly how your product can help them. Emails don’t need to be hyper-personalized, but they do need to give enough information to show the reader (Prospect) that they aren’t receiving a generic blast.

 Quick Question Regarding [Project]
Hi [Name]


I just came across your mention [or prospects product name] on [mention website name] and thought the points you made were very insightful and completely agree with your thoughts.

It also made me want to reach out, to talk to you about how [prospects company] could benefit from our software and that also addresses the issue you raised about [issue].

I’m free on (insert date) afternoon if that suits for a quick chat

Thanks a lot,

[Your name]

Remarketing Email Template

This type of email marketing is not aimed at cold prospects. It could be sent to users that have visited your web page or Users that have clicked on a CTA button and have provided you with their email addresses. Since the intent of the user is still unclear, this email will qualify as a cold email. It still takes a certain effort to convert these cold leads into profitable clients.

Maintaining a separate email list of these cold prospects will help you track the marketing activity better. You should write a personalized email to these leads which emphasizes and acknowledges the actions they took on your web page.

 [Your Brand Name] – Exclusively For You
Hi [Name],


You recently visited our [website] and [took this action].

If you’re interested in [content topic] then I can recommend the following additional offerings:

[relevant resource 1]

[relevant resource 2]

Our company also offers [product/service] which could help you achieve your set objectives and goals. 

Are you free for a call tomorrow at [give possible time options] to take our discussions to the next step?

Template for Early Adopters

Most businesses find it difficult to keep up with the latest trends, new developments, significant changes, or competitor strategies in their industry. This cold email template will help you reach prospective clients with the approach of showing them what’s new and innovative. Since the decision makers always welcome innovative ways to grow business or tackle problems, you’re sure to attract them with this approach.

 A Smarter Way To Reach The [Target/Solution]
Hi [Name],


My name is [your name] and I work with [company name].

We help busy executives free up time for higher or key priorities.

I wanted to understand the various productivity tools you’re currently using and showcase what we’re working on.

Are you available for a brief call next week?

Problem Solution Template

This cold email template gives you great chances of response as it talks about logical solutions for your prospects. Problems, obstacles, and challenges are frustrating, and often costly to address. This template leverages that by throwing the spotlight on the challenges faced by your prospects. It highlights the challenges, emphasizes the pain points, and finally offers a solution.

Let’s Cut To The Chase
Hi (insert name)

When’s the last time you finished everything on your daily to-do list? This can be really infuriating.

Our software has helped many entrepreneurs save as much as ten hours per week which is now channelized towards their top priorities. 

I’d like to give you a personalized demo. Do let me know a suitable time to connect next week.

Thank you.


It is quite natural for every individual to read about his own achievements or success stories. In this cold email template, you will be appreciating the success of the client which will make him engage with your email. Very quickly you show him a picture where things can be better or further growth is just around the corner if you were to associate with the brand. 

 Quick Question Regarding [Project/Achievement]
Hi [name],


Congrats! I just read that under your management, the [name company] has achieved a 28% increase in offline consumer touchpoints. This is a fantastic achievement.

As you’re preparing for your next expansion milestone, it’s natural to fall behind on a few other key tasks. We have a solution for you that will help keep up the pace. I’d love to show you how our software can assist you to automate key follow-ups and processes, thereby helping you remain more focused in key expansion areas.

Could I have ten minutes of your time next week to give you a personalized demo?

Outreach Follow-Up Email Template

You have sent an outreach email but heard nothing back. Stats show that cold emails generally invoke a response if it is opened. In case an email was opened by the recipient but did not invoke a response then probably you’ll never get a response. If you believe that there is a chance for the prospect to get interested in your sales pitch, you need to play it smart by reaching out a second time. You need to write a follow-up email in a way that is direct and brings his attention to the subject matter. 

Here is a template that you can use to follow up on your original email:

 Quick Question Regarding [Project/Achievement]
Hi [Name],


I could imagine that you are keeping busy, and wouldn’t follow up if I didn’t strongly think that [your company] can help [prospect company] solve [challenge] by [product/benefit #1] and [product/benefit #2].

Let me know if we could jump on a call, so I could walk you through what we do.


[Your Name]


To summarise, a cold email template should be used only as a guide for you to create your own. It is important to keep in mind the end result of your cold email marketing campaign. Let your goal shape the type of cold email template and content you want to use. Once you find the best email template that suits your campaign objective you’d be getting more responses than you’d ever imagine. A well-thought-out email template can elevate engagement, click-through rates, and sales.

Lead Generation can be done with the help of email automation tools and cold email marketing with close to 100% accuracy. Email automation tools ( like SmartReach.io) can be very handy, cost-effective, and ROI-driven. With very little human interference, these email automation tools can work wonders for sales representatives. Email automation tools reduce human efforts, save time and maintain accuracy in sales activity.

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