Cold Email Best Practices

Ready to scale your sales? Learning how to write a cold email will be critical for your success with cold email prospecting.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

How do your prospects look at the problem you are trying to solve? Have your cold email message met them where they are at, and does it help them solve a real problem.

Write Like You Talk

People can mark out “marketing copy” right away. Write your message in a personalized manner like something you would send to a coworker, not giving a speech to a theater full of audience.

Forget the Introduction

When someone views your email on their mobile device, and the first line reads, “I’m Rakesh with ABC Corporation,” you make it very enticing for your prospect to delete the message or not read it further, especially if you hit them on a busy day. Ditch this intro! There will be an appropriate time for an introduction later.

Get to the Point

You have a very limited window to get your prospects time. Move with your most compelling parts of info, and make it good!

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Keep it Short

If your prospect feels your message is a burden to read and/or respond to, they won’t. So keep it simple and precise.

Personalize What You Can

If you like, including your prospects first name is good, but not mandatory. Especially if you can move straight into a conversation they are eager to talk about.

Put All Contact Info in Your Signature

Make it simple for your prospect to do a little Sherlock Holmes work by styling your signature & including the links you want them to see. Be precise about this, less is better in many cases.

Avoid Images

Images are big culprits and they effect deliverability, and should be popping up on a landing page once your prospect clicks your link.

Include a P.S.

P.S. is a great way to satisfy the opt-out requirement, It keeps the message conversational rather than having the annoying opt-out link.

Close with a Question

Asking an instantaneous question can be a great way to lure your prospect into a conversation with you. A perfect way to start the relationship-building phase towards your sale!

Follow Up, then Follow Up Again!

If you find that your prospect doesn’t reply to your introductory message, don’t leave, go ahead and follow up. They may still be interested in your proposal, in fact they can revert when they have more time to respond!

Test Your Messages

Try different baits in each of your messages. Try giving them less or more details, and try different templates,links and educational aids.


Even if you feel like, Don’t ever quit! It can be a numbers game on some level, and a stalwart attentiveness to sales prospecting can bear a lot of fruit over time!

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