All in one cold email software with unlimited mailboxes & warmup

Scale your "meetings booked" with free email verification, prospect finder, inbox rotation, unified team inbox and an advanced campaign scheduler optimized for email deliverability

All features included | No credit card required.

cold email software - prospecting

Build prospect list in few minutes

Based on Ideal Customer Profile build list using ProspectDaddy

Generate high-quality leads for cold email that are more likely to convert, based on criteria such as job title, industry, and location

Get verified business email, Linkedin profile, designation, company etc of prospects

Seamlessly import prospects from ProspectDaddy or downloaded a CSV

Cold Email Software - Email automation

Automate cold email outreach with unlimited sending emails

Create and automate cold email sequences as per sales strategy

Boost reply rates by automating and scheduling your cold email & follow-ups

Send from multiple email accounts with in the same campaign using inbox rotation

Create unlimited custom workflows and tailor them to the CRM

Automate tasks with triggers and webhooks to streamline your workflows and optimise sales process

Cold Email Software - Personalization

Personalise cold emails at scale to get more replies

Add unlimited custom columns and conditional merge tags to generate personalized and dynamic content

Save and share cold email templates for future campaigns to save time and effort

Impress prospects with appealing and professionally formatted content

Automate & optimize the timing of your email campaigns to achieve better results

Add your personalized calendar link that pauses sending on prospect replies

Cold Email Software - AI Powered Content

AI driven content for cold email outreach

Effortlessly craft compelling emails with content recommendations based on yout Ideal Customer Profile and cold outreach inputs

Get AI-enhanced subject lines based on your email content

Rephrase sentences and content of cold emails with AI support

Ready-to-use cold outreach content templates to increase efficiency and save time

Cold Email Softwrae - Email Deliverability

Get cold emails to prospect's primary inbox

SmartReach's email verification software ensures that all prospects' emails are validated before sending

Cold email software provides free Spam Tests to analyze email configurations and avoid spam filters

Inbox rotation helps distribute sending volumes across email accounts and domains for better deliverability

Build your email reputation and avoid potential deliverability issues by using Soft-Start to gradually increase email sending

Auto pause cold emails to prospects when merge-tags are missing

Cold Email Software - Multiple Channels

Sales outreach with Linkedin, Email, SMS, WhatsApp & Calls

Cold email software that does more than cold emails

Reach prospects on their preferred communication channels

Tailor your cold outreach strategy by running multiple channels in a single sequence or separately

Focused completion of sales engagement tasks with SmartReach's Task Manager

Cold Email Software - Shared Team Inbox

Maximise cold emails with Common Inbox

Single inbox for all sending cold emails. Access replies, send emails, snooze conversations etc

Access multiple team or client inboxes from a single login

Categorize email replies for both prospects and non-prospects

Cold email Software to analyze and auto-categorize reply sentiment

Assign ownership of sales inquiries to reduce friction & improve lead allocation

Cold email software for faster response to sales inquiries

Cold Email Software - Integrations

Easily integrate with all business tools

Native integrations with top CRMs like SalesForce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho

Bi-directional CRM sync of contacts & email activity to keep all data current

Integrate with over +5000 apps through our Zapier integration

Powerful APIs and webhooks to integrate with lead generation tools

Connect appointment scheduling tools to streamline your scheduling

Calendar app with rotational feature to identify and book slots with available reps

Cold Email Software - Security & Compliance

Easy for your Compliance Team to approve

SOC-2 Type II certified and compliant

Prioritize security, confidentiality & availability to keep customer data confidential

2FA option for all team members

All network traffic is secured with SSL/HTTPS to protect against potential attacks

Cold email software to run periodic security test to detect & address vulnerabilities

Database changes are instantly shipped off-site to ensure data integrity & security

Cold Email Software - Pricing

Unmatch features at unbeatable pricing for cold email outreach

Plans incluse free email validations, free spam test report, free notification on domain blacklisting, free Linkedin email finder credits and more

Usage-based billing tied to "prospects contacted”

Send from unlimited email accounts

Cold email software meant for building B2B relationships

Send your cold emails to your prospects inbox and get you more replies