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You’ve spent years honing your skills, building a rockstar resume, and crafting the perfect LinkedIn profile. But then, a potential employer or collaborator lands on your LinkedIn profile and their eyes glaze over at your generic LinkedIn headline.

“Sales Manager at ABC Company” might be factually accurate, but does it scream expertise or spark curiosity? Probably not.

In this blog, we’ll explain all about crafting a compelling LinkedIn headline.  We’ll explore best practices, provide inspiring examples, and answer all your questions to transform your silent headline into a magnet for career opportunities.  

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What is a LinkedIn headline?

A LinkedIn headline is a short description that sits right below your name on your profile. It’s prime real estate, with a character limit of 220, to grab attention and tell people what you do.

Allowing LinkedIn to pick your headline is not ideal. By crafting your own headline, you stand out, catch the eye of potential connections and job recruiters, and begin showcasing what you bring to the table. 

Your headline on LinkedIn should clearly express the value you offer as a prospective employee.

What should your LinkedIn headline say?

Your LinkedIn headline should be clear what you do professionally. This can be achieved by mentioning your current job title and company, or if you’re not currently employed, by using a more general description of your skills and experience (e.g., “Marketing Specialist” or “Freelance Web Developer”).

You should also write about – what makes you stand out.  Do you have a proven track record of success? Are you an expert in a specific area?  Think about the unique value you bring to the table and communicate that in your headline.

Your LinkedIn headline will help recruiters and potential connections find you by including relevant keywords in your headline. These keywords should be related to your industry or your target job title. By including these keywords, you’ll increase your chances of showing up in search results when people are looking for someone with your skillset.

For example, instead of a generic headline like “Marketing professional,” a more effective headline could be “Growth Marketing Manager at [Company Name] | Driving User Acquisition with SEO & PPC.” 

This headline clearly states what you do (Growth Marketing Manager), highlights your value proposition (driving user acquisition), and includes relevant keywords (SEO & PPC).

How to write a LinkedIn headline?

LinkedIn headlines are the first impression you make on potential employers, recruiters, and collaborators. So, having a compelling headline is crucial for maximizing your profile’s impact. 

Here’s a detailed breakdown to help you write a headline that shines:

✅ Define Your Goals

Highlight keywords related to your target job title and industry. (e.g., “Digital Marketing Manager | SaaS Startups”)

Showcase your area of specialization and achievements. (e.g., “Data Analyst | Building Predictive Models for E-commerce Growth”)

Emphasize your collaborative skills and network-building focus. (e.g., “Strategic Partnerships Manager | Connecting Businesses for Mutual Success”)

✅ Craft the core message.

This is the heart of your headline and should be around 10-15 words. Briefly describe what you do using your current job title and company (if applicable) or strong action verbs and relevant skills.

If not currently employed, use action verbs to describe your expertise. (e.g., “Growth Hacking B2B Brands”)

✅ Highlight your value proposition.

Here’s where you separate yourself from the crowd. Why should someone connect with you?  Think about your unique skills, quantifiable achievements, or the specific problems you solve for clients. 

For instance, you could mention a significant achievement like “Increased website traffic by 30%,” a unique skill like “Multilingual Business Development Expert,” or the problem you solve “Helping Startups Secure Funding.”

✅ Sprinkle in relevant keywords.

Imagine the terms people in your field might use to search for someone with your expertise. These could be industry-specific terms, job titles, or even specific skills. Aim to organically incorporate 2-3 relevant keywords into your headline. 

This will increase your chances of showing up in search results when recruiters or potential clients are looking for someone with your skillset.

✅ Keep it concise and clear.

Remember, you only have 220 characters to work with. Every word counts, so prioritize clarity and impact. Avoid jargon or overly complex sentence structures. Read your headline out loud to ensure it flows naturally and is easy to understand.

✅ Proofread and refine

A typo or grammatical error can leave a negative impression. Double-check your headline for any mistakes before hitting save.

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Linkedin headlines examples

Here are some LinkedIn headlines examples for different categories for your better understanding and reference.

✴️ Examples for job seekers & freshers

Social Media Marketing Manager | Building Brand Awareness & Engagement (Open to New Opportunities) 

(98 characters)

This headline clearly states the desired job title (Social Media Marketing Manager) and highlights valuable skills (building brand awareness & engagement). It also incorporates a keyword (“Social Media Marketing”) and subtly expresses openness to new roles with the parenthetical statement.

Highly Motivated Customer Success Specialist | Seeking a Growth-Oriented Role

(77 characters)

This headline uses strong action verbs (“highly motivated”) and emphasizes a specific skill (“Customer Success Specialist”). It also expresses career goals (“seeking a growth-oriented role”), which can resonate with potential employers looking for ambitious candidates.

Content Marketing Specialist (Remote) | 5+ Years Experience | Creating Engaging Content that Drives Results 

(107 characters)

This headline specifies both desired job title (“Content Marketing Specialist”) and openness to remote work. It highlights experience (“5+ years”) and value proposition (“creating engaging content that drives results”).

Project Management Professional | Seeking a Challenge in the [Industry] Sector

(78 characters) 

This headline uses a broad skill set (“Project Management Professional”) but targets a specific industry by including it in brackets. It expresses a desire for a challenge, showcasing the professional’s drive and ambition.

Recent Graduate | [Degree Name] with a Focus on [Area of Specialization] 

(72 characters) 

This headline clearly states the recent graduate status and mentions the degree name. The bracketed area allows for personalization by including an area of specialization within the degree, showcasing the graduate’s focused knowledge.

Eager & Adaptable Graduate | Seeking Entry-Level [Job Title] Opportunity 

(72 characters)

This headline highlights positive qualities (“eager” & “adaptable”) and expresses a clear career goal (“entry-level [job title]” opportunity). This portrays the graduate’s enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

✴️ Example for students

Computer Science Student | Passionate about AI & Machine Learning 

(65 characters)

This headline mentions the field of study (“Computer Science”) and highlights specific areas of interest (“AI & Machine Learning”), showcasing the student’s passion and direction. This can be attractive to employers looking for potential interns or future hires with focused interests.

Marketing & Business Administration Double Major | Seeking Internship Opportunities 

(83 characters)

This headline clearly communicates the student’s educational path (“Marketing & Business Administration Double Major”) and expresses a specific goal (“seeking internship opportunities”). This is helpful for recruiters searching for intern candidates with a well-rounded skill set.

Graphic Design Student | Creating Eye-Catching Visuals for Brands 

(68 characters)

This headline mentions the field of study (“Graphic Design”) and highlights a key skill (“creating eye-catching visuals”). It showcases the student’s ability to deliver value to potential employers.

Economics & Finance Major | Aspiring Financial Analyst with Strong Analytical Skills 

(78 characters)

This headline clearly communicates the student’s major and career aspiration (“aspiring Financial Analyst”). It also highlights a valuable skill (“strong analytical skills”) relevant to the desired field.

✴️ Example for salespeople

Top-Performing Sales Representative | Exceeding Quotas & Building Client Relationships 

(86 characters)

This headline boasts a strong achievement (“Top-Performing Sales Representative”) and highlights valuable skills (“exceeding quotas” & “building client relationships”). It showcases the salesperson’s success and ability to cultivate client loyalty.

Sales Development Representative | Helping Businesses Achieve Growth Through Strategic Partnerships

(99 characters)

This headline mentions the job title (“Sales Development Representative”) and emphasizes how the salesperson helps clients (“achieve growth through strategic partnerships”). This highlights the value proposition and demonstrates a focus on client success.

Sales Account Executive | Building Long-Term Client Relationships & Exceeding Sales Targets 

(91 characters)

This headline mentions the job title (“Sales Account Executive”) and emphasizes two key areas of success (“building long-term client relationships” & “exceeding sales targets”). It demonstrates the salesperson’s ability to cultivate client loyalty and achieve results.

Medical Device Sales | Helping Hospitals Deliver Exceptional Patient Care 

(72 characters)

This headline uses a specific industry (“Medical Device Sales”) and highlights the salesperson’s focus on client needs (“helping hospitals deliver exceptional patient care”). It demonstrates the salesperson’s understanding of the healthcare industry and their value proposition.

✴️ Examples for HR managers

Strategic HR Manager | Building High-Performing Teams & Fostering Company Culture 

(81 characters)

This headline showcases the HR manager’s strategic focus (“Strategic HR Manager”) and highlights key areas of expertise (“building high-performing teams” & “fostering company culture”). It emphasizes the manager’s ability to contribute to the company’s overall success.

HR Professional | Championing Employee Experience & Talent Acquisition 

(70 characters)

This headline keeps it broad with “HR Professional” but emphasizes two valuable areas – employee experience and talent acquisition. This demonstrates the HR professional’s well-rounded skill set and focus on employee satisfaction.

HR Business Partner | Driving Employee Engagement & Talent Development 

(70 characters)

This headline uses a specific HR role (“HR Business Partner”) and highlights two areas of expertise (“driving employee engagement” & “talent development”). It showcases the HR professional’s focus on employee well-being and growth.

Global HR Leader | Building Diverse & Inclusive Workplaces at [Company Name] 

(78 characters)

This headline boasts experience with a powerful term (“Global HR Leader”) and emphasizes a core value (“building diverse & inclusive workplaces”). It showcases the HR leader’s expertise and alignment with the company’s mission (if mentioned).

✴️ Examples for sales manager

Management Leader | Increased Revenue by 20% Through Strategic Coaching & Team Building 

(87 characters)

This headline boasts a quantifiable achievement (“Increased Revenue by 20%”) and highlights valuable skills (“strategic coaching” & “team building”). It showcases the manager’s ability to drive results through effective leadership.

Data-Driven Sales Manager | Building High-Performance Teams for Sustainable Growth 

(82 characters)

This headline emphasizes a data-driven approach and highlights the manager’s focus on building high-performing teams (“Building High-Performance Teams”). It showcases their understanding of analytics and their commitment to long-term success.

Sales Manager | Helping Businesses Achieve Sales Goals & Exceed Quotas 

(77 characters)

This headline clearly states the role (“Sales Manager”) and highlights the value proposition (“Helping Businesses Achieve Sales Goals & Exceed Quotas”). It demonstrates the manager’s ability to directly impact the client’s bottom line.

Customer-Centric Sales Leader | Fostering Long-Term Client Relationships & Driving Growth 

(89 characters)

This headline emphasizes a customer-centric approach and highlights the manager’s focus on building long-term relationships (“Fostering Long-Term Client Relationships”). It showcases their understanding of client needs and their commitment to sustainable growth.

SaaS Sales Manager | Driving Growth in the Cloud Computing Industry 

(67 characters)

This headline mentions the specific industry (“SaaS Sales”) and highlights the manager’s expertise in that area (“Driving Growth in the Cloud Computing Industry”). It positions them as a specialist in a high-demand field.

Medical Device Sales Management | Helping Hospitals Deliver Exceptional Care

(76 characters)

This headline mentions the specific industry (“Medical Device Sales Management”) and highlights the manager’s focus on client impact (“Helping Hospitals Deliver Exceptional Care”). It showcases their understanding of the healthcare industry and their commitment to positive outcomes.

LinkedIn headline keyword list

Having a compelling headline is crucial for maximizing your visibility and attracting the right opportunities.

Here’s why a strong LinkedIn headline matters:

Increased visibility

Effective headlines incorporate relevant keywords from your industry or target job title. This helps people find you in searches, boosting your profile’s visibility to recruiters and potential collaborators.

First impression powerhouse

Your headline is your chance to make a strong first impression.  A clear, concise, and impactful statement can grab attention and entice viewers to learn more about your experience and skills.

Communicates value proposition

Go beyond just stating your job title. A good headline highlights your unique value proposition by showcasing your skills, achievements, or the problems you solve for clients. This helps you stand out from the crowd and attract the right kind of connections.

Sets the tone

Your headline sets the tone for your entire profile.  A professional and well-crafted headline signals you’re serious about your career and actively seeking opportunities.

Here’s a list of keyword categories to consider when crafting your LinkedIn headline:

  • Skills & Expertise: Keywords related to your core skills and areas of expertise (e.g., SEO Specialist, Data Analyst, Business Development)
  • Job Titles & Roles: Keywords related to your current or desired job title (e.g., Marketing Manager, Software Engineer, Project Manager)
  • Industry Terms: Keywords specific to your industry or field (e.g., Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, Supply Chain Management)
  • Action Verbs: Strong action verbs that showcase your capabilities and achievements (e.g., Drive, Develop, Lead, Manage, Increase)
  • Outcomes & Results: Keywords that highlight the results you achieve (e.g., Increased Sales by 20%, Improved Efficiency by 15%)

How to change your LinkedIn headline?

Here is a step-by-step process for changing your LinkedIn headline.

Step 1: Navigate to your profile

On your LinkedIn homepage, click on the “Me” icon in the top right corner. Then, select “View Profile” from the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Access edit mode

Once on your profile page, locate the section displaying your profile picture, name, and current headline. Look for a small grey pencil icon  (it might be slightly different depending on your device) positioned directly below your name and headline. Click on that icon to enter edit mode.

Step 3: Edit your headline

A pop-up window will appear with your name and current headline displayed. In the “Headline” section, you can type in your new, compelling headline.

Step 4: Incorporate keywords (optional)

Remember to consider including relevant keywords related to your industry, skills, or desired job title to improve search visibility.

Step 5: Save your changes

Once you’ve crafted your new headline and are satisfied with it, click the “Save” button within the pop-up window.

Your LinkedIn profile will now reflect your updated headline!

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What not to include in your LinkedIn headline?

While crafting your LinkedIn headline, it’s important to avoid certain elements that might detract from your professional image or hinder your searchability. Here’s what to steer clear of:

❌ Generic statements

Phrases like “Experienced Professional” or “Looking for New Opportunities” are vague and don’t tell viewers anything specific about your skills or experience.

❌ Excessive personal information

Your headline shouldn’t be your autobiography. Avoid including hobbies, personal beliefs, or anything unrelated to your professional brand.

❌ Emojis or unprofessional language

Emojis can come across as unprofessional in a business-oriented setting. Similarly, avoid using slang, jargon, or overly casual language.

❌ Typos or grammatical errors

Proofread your headline carefully before saving it. Mistakes can leave a negative first impression and make you appear careless.

❌ Job-seeking phrases (except for open candidates)

If you’re actively seeking a new role, there are better ways to signal that. Phrases like “Seeking a Job” or “Open to Opportunities” are redundant. Utilize the “Open to Work” feature on LinkedIn instead.

❌ Excessive length

LinkedIn limits headlines to 220 characters. Aim for conciseness and clarity, highlighting the most important aspects of your professional identity.

❌ Company name only

While including your company name can be relevant, relying solely on it doesn’t showcase your unique value proposition within the company.


Crafting a strong LinkedIn headline is an investment in your professional brand. It’s the first impression you make on potential employers, collaborators, and clients.

Don’t settle for a generic or uninformative headline. Take the time to craft a statement that truly reflects your expertise and career aspirations. Remember, your LinkedIn headline is a dynamic element. As your skills and experience evolve, update your headline to keep it relevant and impactful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use emojis in my headline?

It’s best to avoid emojis in your LinkedIn headline. While they may seem creative, they can come across as unprofessional in a business-oriented setting. Maintain a formal tone for maximum impact.

Should I mention my current company in my headline?

Including your company name can be relevant, especially if it’s a well-known organization. However, the focus should be on your unique value proposition within the company, not solely on the company itself.

I’m a freelancer/consultant, what should my headline look like?

If you’re a freelancer or consultant, consider including your areas of expertise and target clientele in your headline. For example, “Social Media Marketing Consultant | Helping Businesses Grow Their Online Presence.”

How often should I update my LinkedIn headline?

Your professional journey is dynamic. As your skills, experience, and career goals evolve, update your headline to reflect your current state. This ensures your profile stays relevant and attracts the right kinds of connections.

What if I’m still struggling to write a headline?

Brainstorm keywords related to your industry, skills, and desired job titles.  Look at successful headlines in your field for inspiration. Don’t be afraid to experiment and test different versions to see what resonates best.

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