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It’s extremely difficult to track a sales pipeline. Thus, you are here, reading this article trying to look for some sales pipeline templates.

And if these sales pipeline templates come for free, that’s like a cherry on top, isn’t it? 

Keeping your needs in mind, I will be sharing a set of free and paid sales pipeline templates in this article. 

In some cases, you can download these templates and put your data into them directly to manage them. In other cases, you might have to take a free sign-up and use third-party software to manage your sales pipeline.

First thing first, before we go into the various sales pipeline templates.

What are sales pipeline templates?

Sales pipeline templates are strategic blueprints that visually maps the sequential stages a prospect progresses through in your sales funnel. It functions as a compass for sales reps, guiding them on the critical steps required to nurture leads and convert them into loyal customers. 

By providing a clear framework for the sales process, sales pipeline templates help sales teams to optimize their efforts, identify bottlenecks, and ultimately maximize revenue generation. 

💡 Please note that in this blog, we will provide you 3 types of sales pipeline templates: 

1. Free spreadsheet templates offered by various companies; 
2. Templates offered by CRM software and
3. Templates offered by project management software. 

What are the benefits of using ready-made sales pipeline templates?

Here are the some of the advantages you will get from using the ready-made sales pipeline templates:

Time-saving: Pre-designed sales pipeline templates eliminate the need for creating a pipeline from scratch.

Uniformity: They ensure a consistent format for tracking sales, enhancing team understanding.

Proven Strategies: Sales pipeline templates often incorporate successful sales strategies, offering a wealth of expertise.

Adaptable: Despite being ready-made, they can be tailored to your specific sales process.

Efficient: Quick data entry and updates keep track of deals and highlight potential issues.

Insightful: They can reveal valuable insights, like stages taking longest or deals likely to close.

Training Tool: Templates can guide new salespeople through the sales process reducing their time of adoption.

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10 Best sales pipeline templates 

Here are some of the best free and paid sales pipeline templates for managing every stage of your sales pipeline. 

#1 Free Sales Pipeline template from Salesmate

Free sales pipeline template from Salesmate

Salesmate offers a free downloadable sales pipeline template that can improve your overall sales management. This customizable spreadsheet allows you to not only track deals at various stages but also configure win probabilities and craft insightful reports. 

With this template, you gain valuable foresight into your sales funnel, identify bottlenecks, and optimize your sales process for better conversion rates.

  • What I liked about this template: This entire spreadsheet based sales pipeline template is highly customizable to your specific needs. 
  • Requirement: You need to put your company name, full name with email address to get this copy delivered to your inbox.
  • Ideal for: B2B businesses with newly set-up outbound sales system.
  • Template Type: Spreadsheet.

#2  Free sales pipeline template from Tipsographic

Free sales pipeline spreadhseet by Tipsographic

Tipsographic offers different types of sales templates such as sales pipeline templates, sales funnel templates, sales report templates and sales forecast templates for sales management. 

This downloadable templates are compatible with Excel, Google Sheets etc. It lets you structure your sales process by stage, assign win probabilities for better forecasting, and customize columns to capture details specific to your business.  

You can even track deal value by quarter and visualize your progress for a clear understanding of your sales pipeline health. This free template can help you streamline your sales workflow, identify opportunities for improvement, and ultimately close more deals.

  • What I liked about this template: This template is easy to use and navigate.
  • Requirement: You need to have a google drive account.
  • Ideal for: Sales teams with low number of deals in the pipeline.
  • Template type: Spreadsheet.

#3 Free sales pipeline template from SmartSheet

sales pipeline template by SmartSheet

SmartSheet’s free downloadable sales pipeline template is a great starter for the small sales teams. SmartSheet’s template allows you to and assign clear ownership to each deal. You can dig deeper with specific details for each opportunity.  Also, track deal value, expected close date, and win probability for insightful forecasting. Overall, this is one of the most useful free sales templates for visualization of your sales pipeline.

  • What I liked about this template: You can do sales forecasting based on a number of different factors.
  • Requirement: None as such.
  • Ideal for: Small sales teams managing low number of accounts.
  • Template type: Spreadsheet.

#4 Sales pipeline templates from Microsoft Excel

Free microsoft excel sales pipeline template

Microsoft excel has plenty of free and completely customizable sales pipeline templates. Using them you can craft your own pipeline by defining stages (such as “Lead Qualification” or “Proposal Sent”) and adding relevant columns. Also, you can track deal size and assign owners using Excel’s dropdown menus. The built-in formulas can calculate win probability and forecast closing dates, giving you valuable sales insights. 

  • What I liked about this template: No download needed. You can easily put your numbers in the readymade templates.
  • Requirement: Access to Micrsoft Excel.
  • Ideal for: Detailed breakdown of each stages of a sales pipeline. 
  • Template type: Spreadsheet.

#5 Sales Hacker Pipeline Tracker Spreadsheet

Saleshacker sales pipeline template spreadsheet

Sales Hacker’s FREE spreadsheet tracker is a great tool to gauge the status of the sales pipeline. Using this, you can track deals by stage, assign win probabilities, and leverage the “weighted forecast” for laser-sharp revenue insights. 

The best thing is you don’t have to download the sheet separately, you can directly access the sheet using Microsoft excel or Google sheet from your device.

  • What I liked about this template: Detailed breakdown of the pipeline information based on opportunities information, economics of the deals etc.
  • Requirement: You must have a google sheet, microsoft excel or any other spreadsheet software installed on your device.
  • Template type: Spreadsheet.

#6 Sales Pipeline template by INDZARA

sales pipeline template by IndZara

INDZARA’s FREE Sales Pipeline Template throws you a life vest.  This user-friendly Excel template lets you ditch the generic stages and tailor them to your specific sales process. Track deals visually, with clear progress bars highlighting where each opportunity stands. Its built-in formulas calculate win probabilities and average deal closing times, giving you valuable insights to identify bottlenecks and optimize your sales funnel. You can download this for free.

  • What I liked about this template: Visually appealing sales key metrics.
  • Requirement: None as such.
  • Ideal for: Businesses looking to visualize their sales process in details.
  • Template type: Spreadsheet.

#7 SalesTable Free CRM Template by Close

Free CRM template by Close CRM

This spreadsheet offered by Close, keeps your leads organized, tracks key dates, and displays potential deal value. Plus, a dynamic dashboard provides instant insights into your sales pipeline, helping you close more deals faster. It’s the free CRM solution that fits seamlessly into your existing workflow.

  • What I liked about this template: Intuitive and visual dashboards that highlight the deal information such as open deals, closed deals and deal value.
  • Requirement: You need to enter your email address to receive the template in your inbox.
  • Ideal for: Small to medium sized sales teams looking for sales reporting tools.
  • Template type: CRM Software.

#8 Sales Pipeline Template by Monday CRM

Monday CRM free sales pipeline template’s Sales CRM offers a free sales pipeline template designed to streamline your sales process. This customizable template allows you to define and track deals across various stages specific to your workflow. You can visualize your pipeline with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, gain insights with automated reporting, and collaborate seamlessly with your team. It’s a practical solution that integrates effortlessly with Monday’s CRM platform, providing a centralized hub for managing your B2B sales activities.

  • What I liked about this template: The visual pipeline and automated reporting features.
  • Requirement: You must sign-up for a plan on Monday CRM to be able to use this template.
  • Ideal for: For medium to large-sized sales teams operating across multiple regions or countries.
  • Template type: CRM Software.

#9 Sales Pipeline Template by Asana

Asana sales pipeline template

Pic credit: Asana

Asana’s free sales pipeline template lets you to manage deals visually. You can easily customize stages, assign assignees, and track key dates, all within the familiar Asana interface. This template fosters team collaboration and provides clear insights into your sales funnel. It’s a practical solution for teams already using Asana, streamlining sales management without the need for additional tools.

  • What I liked about this template: This template easily integrates with their project management tools.
  • Requirement: You must have an Asana account (they offer 30-days free trial) to be able to use the template.
  • Ideal for: This template is ideal for sales teams already using Asana for project management.
  • Template type: Project management software.

#10 Airtable’s Sales Pipeline Template

Airtable free sales pipeline templates

Airtable’s free sales pipeline template offers a flexible and customizable solution for managing the sales process.  You can easily build a pipeline tailored to your specific needs with Airtable’s intuitive interface and powerful automation features. 

Additionally, you can track deals visually, collaborate seamlessly with your team, and gain valuable insights with automated reporting. 

  • What I liked about this template: Its flexibility and powerful automation, allowed me to customize the pipeline and automate tasks.
  • Requirement: You must sign-up with a free Airtable account for using this template.
  • Ideal for: Sales teams looking for flexible and customizable pipeline with powerful automation capabilities.
  • Template type: Project management software.

Build your sales pipeline using

Building and maintaining a pipeline can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive task. 

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SmartReach is a multi-channel sales engagement software, enabling you to automate personalized outreach at scale. Write compelling email sequences, take advantage of social selling tools like LinkedIn, Whatsapp and even integrate calling functionalities – all within the SmartReach platform. This eliminates the need for juggling multiple tools, increasing your team productivity and ensuring consistent messaging across all touchpoints.

But SmartReach doesn’t stop there. 

It provides real-time pipeline visibility, allowing you to identify bottlenecks and optimize your sales funnel. Gain valuable insights through in-depth reports and analytics, track deal progress with intuitive dashboards, predict revenue with Opportunities Pipeline report and improve team collaboration with shared inbox. This comprehensive approach empowers you to make data-driven decisions, prioritize deals, and ultimately close more deals faster.

Building a thriving sales pipeline doesn’t have to be a daunting task anymore. With SmartReach, you can build a sales pipeline on automation and semi-automation. This allows your sales team to focus on what truly matters – building strong relationships and driving revenue growth.

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