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Outlook is one of the market’s most influential and versatile email platforms and an excellent way for Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) to stay organized and manage their email outreach campaigns efficiently. 

If you’re an SDR looking to stay on top of your communication, scheduling emails in Outlook is called for. Regardless of how many sales outreach emails you send in a day, Outlook can help you keep your conversations organized and running smoothly. This guide covers all the basics of using Outlook to send and receive emails, manage folders, and customize your inbox.

Whether a beginner or a seasoned Outlook user, you’ll learn the tips and tricks you need to make the most of this powerful email outreach platform. Start taking control of your inbox today!

There are two ways to schedule an email on Outlook

  1. Directly on the Outlook platform
  2. Indirectly via email scheduling tools like

Schedule an Email Directly on Outlook 

Most people use Outlook as an email service for sending and receiving emails. Businesses and individuals use it for communication, scheduling, collaboration, and task management.

Are you tired of staying awake or missing events just to send emails at a particular time? We’ve got you a solution. Scheduling emails directly in Outlook is easier than you might think!

To get started:

  1. Open up Outlook and navigate to the “New Email” window.
  2. Type in the recipient’s email address, the subject, and the body of the message.
  3. Once you’ve finished your email, click on the “Options” tab and select “Delay Delivery.”

In the “Delivery Options” window, you can send your email at a set “Do Not Deliver Before” date and time. Once scheduled, click “OK.”

That’s all there is to it! Outlook will automatically send your email at the specified time so that you can focus on other tasks. Scheduling emails in Outlook using the traditional method is an easy and efficient way to save yourself some time and energy.

Outlook saves your scheduled emails in its Outbox folder and sends them at your preferred time.

The following are three factors to ensure email deliverability using Outlook.

  • Switch on your system at the time the email is scheduled.
  • Ensure you have an active internet connection.
  • Ensure you sync Outlook with your system’s date and time.

Let’s check out the steps in scheduling an email in Outlook using the indirect method.

Schedule Emails on Outlook Using An Indirect Method

Let’s look at a straightforward, step-by-step tutorial on scheduling email on Outlook via an indirect method using a professional tool like

SmartReach is software used by businesses to sell their products and services to other businesses. Its primary use case is cold outreach to businesses, basically B2B Sales. It’s not designed for marketing promotions.  

1. Integrate your Outlook Account with 

To start with, you’ll need to sign-up with a business email id and complete your email verification process.

The next step is to integrate your Outlook account with SmartReach. 

Step 1: Click on ‘Create New Campaign’

Create a New Campaign with

Step 2: Select ‘Send Emails From’ and choose an email address

Choose an email address to send your emails

Step 3: Select the Email Service Provider you want to integrate (in this case Office 365)

Select an email provider

2. Draft and Schedule Your Email

Once an SDR has drafted the email, they can schedule their email with the following steps:

Step 1: Select your campaign and select the Campaign Settings tab.

Step 2: Choose the “From” and “Till” times that correspond to when you want to send emails to your potential customers.

Save  Draft and Schedule Your Email

Step 3: If you specify a prospect’s country and time zone when adding or uploading the email address,  will send emails in that time zone; otherwise, the emails are sent out in the “Fallback Time Zone.” Its also has a “Sending Holiday Calendar” feature where you can step up a holiday calendar for prospects in a particular country or state and scheduled emails will not be sent on those days.

Step 4: Decide which days you want to send emails. Then click Save.

But why should sales reps schedule emails using the professional method? Let’s find out!

Benefits of Scheduling Emails on Outlook with

Scheduling emails in Outlook via SmartReach can be an excellent way for SDRs to ensure that important emails are sent on time and don’t miss any important messages. This is especially important for SDRs because they manage many emails daily.

The following are six benefits of scheduling emails on Outlook with SmartReach.

1. Send Emails Even When Your System is Offline

You can turn off your system and focus on other tasks once you’ve scheduled the email in Outlook with SmartReach. automates the sending of emails at the time you specify.

2. Email Open Tracking allows you to easily track your email open rate to determine whether or not the recipient has read your email.

3. Schedule Multiple Emails allows SDRs to schedule emails to multiple recipients at once. With the email campaign feature, you can – 

  • Add existing prospects to your campaign
  • Assign existing prospects to a campaign
  • Schedule email delivery to multiple prospects at once
  • Automate follow-up emails to prospects

4. Maintain Activity in CRM

There is no doubt that every business professional needs to add all his email activity in CRM. is one of the best CRM tools to help track a sales team’s activity in one place.

5. Auto Pauses On Reply

SmartReach identifies a reply received from a recipient or prospect and then auto-pauses all email sending for that recipient. 

6. Convenience

Scheduling emails in advance takes the stress out of having to stay in touch with prospects when you don’t have access to a computer or mobile device. It helps boost an SDR’s productivity by enabling them to schedule mail in outlook, responses, and follow-up threads.

7. Time Efficient

One of their main advantages is the ease and speed with which scheduled emails can be set up. They give you more control over how you spend your time and free you from waiting for the right time to email or follow up with prospects.

Scheduled emails are a simple automatic communication solution that increases an SDR’s workplace productivity by automating their email outreach campaigns.

8. Increased Professionalism

From a client or customer’s perspective, prearranged emails appear professional.

For instance, if you take the time to plan your emails to coincide with clients in different time zones, they would appreciate it. Sending them emails at odd hours of the night or early in the morning doesn’t look as professional as doing this. 

This straightforward demonstration of appropriate business behavior can help the company and its clients in the long run.

Wrapping it Up!

Now that you’ve understood how to schedule an email in Outlook and the benefits of doing the same, what are you waiting for? With the steps mentioned above, you can easily send emails using Outlook via SmartReach.

Outlook is a widely used email program as it allows SDR ( sales development representatives) to quickly and easily manage their emails and offers a variety of features that can help them to make SDR’S life easier.

Overall, scheduling emails in Outlook via helps sales reps control their inbox and ensure they get all the important messages. Not only can it help them to save time, but it can also help you to create better relationships with their contacts.

SmartReach provides features such as multichannel outreach via Linkedin, WhatsApp, email, SMS and calls. This helps to increase engagement among the prospects and widen the target audience. SmartReach also provides a shared inbox that creates transparency across the sales teams where each incoming email can be viewed by the team members. A shared inbox also helps with improved team communication and collaboration.

If you’re looking for a way to stay organized and ensure that you don’t miss any important emails, then scheduling your emails in Outlook through is something you should consider.

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