Top 10 Sales Agencies in Dallas

In the fast-paced and competitive business environment, a strong sales strategy is crucial for success and growth. However, not all enterprises have the resources or expertise to manage their sales operations in-house effectively. That’s where sales agencies come in, providing outsourced sales support to assist organizations in driving revenue and achieving their growth objectives.


Dallas boasts of a vibrant sales industry, with many sales agencies offering services across diverse industries and verticals. Businesses need help selecting the right sales agency, as each agency has unique services, experience, and reputation.

To help enterprises make informed decisions, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the top 10 sales agencies in Dallas, taking into account various factors such as revenue, client satisfaction, industry reputation, and expertise. Whether you’re a small business seeking to scale your sales operations or a large corporation looking to expand into new markets, our list provides a valuable starting point for selecting the ideal sales agency that aligns with your business goals.

Partnering with a top sales agency can help businesses leverage their expertise and experience to increase customer acquisition, drive sales growth, and take their company to the next level. With the right sales agency, businesses can access the support they need to stay ahead of the competition and succeed in their respective industries.

Before we dive in, a little bit about us “”. No, we aren’t a sales agency. We are a sales engagement platform used by similar sales agencies for the generation of sales-qualified leads or sales meetings etc. Our software helps with prospecting (creation of an in-house list based on your ICP), outreach to prospects (via email, Linkedin etc), and collaboration to book meetings (via shared team inbox). Our USP is email deliverability (now gets easier with the use of spintax). provides AI-generated email content based on the input given and email replies based on the communication received. It also provides AI-based subject line based on the email content.

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Top 10 Sales Agencies

The Scalelab

Founded in 2019, The Scalelab is a lead generation company that helps SMEs and large corporations enhance their outbound sales performance. The Scalelab has successfully scaled 27 companies and consulted with over 1,000 teams to improve their outbound performance, resulting in generating a sales pipeline of over 30 million USD.

Specialization: in creating human-to-human connections through hyper-personalized outreaches via email, LinkedIn, and multiple other channels.

Clients: serve businesses across various industries and are dedicated to helping them achieve their sales goals. 

The Scalelab Rating

Review: “Within 3 months of engagement, the team has generated more leads. The team communicates weekly via Slack and Scalelab provides weekly updates as well. The client is happy with their collaboration so far, especially the approach Scalelab is implementing.”


Founded in 2014, DemandZEN is a lead generation company specializing in account-based appointment setting for B2B technology companies. Their unique approach combines technology with human intelligence to quickly generate opportunity pipeline and bridge the gap between sales and marketing. DemandZEN focuses on solving the challenges around finding, engaging, and converting target accounts into real opportunities.

Specialization: Their specialties include SaaS, big data, cloud, data storage, containerization, IoT, AI, information security, networking, DevOps, and open-source products.

Clients: cater to early to mid-stage technology companies in need of lead generation services and are passionate about testing new tools to achieve results

DemandZEN Rating

Review: “With about one-third of the project completed, some meetings have already turned into opportunities. The sales team is very happy with what they’re getting.”

The ABM Agency

Founded in 2007, The ABM Agency is a team of B2B marketing professionals specializing in account-based marketing (ABM) and lead generation for mid-to-large organizations and enterprises. Their unique blend of ABM, B2B Lead Gen, and Sales Enablement accelerates revenue through Proof of Concept, 1:Many, 1:Few, 1:1, and Sales Support ABM campaigns that deliver an industry-leading 9x ROI.

Specialization: provide full-service ABM and demand generation solutions for SaaS, Fintech, Industrial & Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics, Tech, Pharmaceutical, and Healthcare organizations globally, executing 1:Few, 1:1, and sales enablement campaigns that drive revenue.

Clients: okta, Manhattan Associates, MedPost

ABM Agency Rating

Review: “Thanks to The ABM Agency’s work, the client has achieved a better online presence. Their online rating sits at 3.8 stars, and they now receive more than 180 applications per month. Overall, the team’s expertise, initiatives, and insights into the firm’s industry helps them achieve fruitful results.”

Demand Inc

Demand Inc. is more than just a lead generation service; it is your trusted partner in fueling business growth. Combining the power of human expertise with cutting-edge AI technology, Demand Inc. is a complete demand-generation solution designed to supercharge your revenues. They earned the trust of over 100 venture capitalists, 200+ leading startups, numerous professional sports teams, and iconic tech companies. Our reputation speaks for itself, as we are the best in the appointment-setting industry and have won $6B in the client pipeline.

Specialization: secure qualified sales meetings and assist in closing deals. They help you win the race in today’s competitive business landscape.

Clients: Slack, Uber, Intel, Amazon, Nike, Facebook


Founded in 2017, UnboundB2B is a marketing agency that specializes in providing end-to-end sales enablement services to Enterprise and Technology companies globally. They operate on a 100% pay-for-performance model and focus on improving the ROI of marketing spend while shortening sales cycles. UnboundB2B provides market insight and demand generation services, fulfilling clients’ MQL, HQL, and SQL requirements. Their platform connects thousands of potential buyers with customers every month, using the power of BI, data, internet, and human resources.

Specialization: in delivering quality results and building long-term partnerships based on trust, value addition, and continuous improvement.

Clients: nvidia, cisco, IBM

UnboundB2B Rating

Review: “UnboundB2B has helped the client increase their worldwide digital and marketing qualified leads. The client has also noticed a boost in their revenue by 24% YoY and a decrease in budget spending by 17%. Moreover, the vendor has helped build up marketing’s role as a revenue-generating organization.”

Green Leads LLC

Founded in 2007. Green Leads is a lead-generation and appointment-setting firm. Green Leads offers various services, including MQLs, HQLs, Outsourced SDR/LDR, and SQLs. The company has dozens of partners, hundreds of satisfied customers, and thousands of executed campaigns to its credit, making it difficult to find another lead-generation and appointment-setting firm with similar experience.

Specialization: operates with the aim of generating one lead, one meeting, and one sales conversation at a time

Clients: Lenovo, RingCentral, RedHat

Green Leads LLC Rating

Review: “Equipped with unwavering marketing solutions, Green Leads LLC’s efforts have resulted in a 600–700% investment increase. The client’s business has also gained more visibility within their marketplace. The team is dedicated to bringing results to the table, paving the way for a continued partnership.”


HIPB2B is a digital demand generation provider founded in 2009. They specialize in delivering high-value outcomes for technology clients through thought leadership content, historic behavior, and digital marketing. With millions of engagement points and targeting options, HIPB2B maintains an accurate contact database and exemplary lead quality standards. Their solutions include Classic Lead Generation, Campaigns for Early Demand, OmniChannel, and Social Advertising.


Clients: LogMeIn, Adobe, and Board, and delivered 409,000 qualified leads to clients last year.

HIPB2B Rating

Review: “The number of quality leads has increased dramatically, while the cost per lead has remained low. HIPB2B goes above and beyond to accomplish all goals, while their ability to target a very broad market has contributed to the project’s success.”


Founded in 2012. Operatix is a Sales Acceleration company that specializes in helping B2B Software vendors generate quality pipeline. They use a mix of account-based marketing and selling activities to network with organizations and identify decision-makers. Their services include Outsourced SDR Teams, B2B Lead Generation, Sales Development, Outbound Prospecting, Inbound Response Management, Account-Based Prospecting, and Business Development. Operatix has a wealth of experience in working with both established tech players and emerging software vendors worldwide.

Specialization: in accelerating sales cycles, increasing average deal value, and closing more business for its customers.


Operatix Rating

Review: “Operatix has helped the client increase their qualified leads, expand their business in the market, and allow their account executives to focus more on top-notch sales calls. Their professional and organized team takes their time to learn about the client, enabling them to deliver quality meetings.”

CIENCE Technologies

Founded in 2015. CIENCE is a B2B lead generation company. They work with a diverse range of businesses, including enterprise companies, start-ups, and global brands, in sectors such as healthcare, finance, and technology. Using their proprietary platform and a team of skilled resources, they provide sales solutions that combine human intelligence and technology to deliver measurable results. Their partners benefit from the 

Specialization: in the expertise of growth hackers, the analytical skills of a data science company, and the flexibility of their sales acceleration platform.

Clients: Uber, technicolor, usbank

CIENCE Technologies Rating

Review: “CIENCE Technologies brought a significant increase in the client’s brand awareness. They offered great opportunities to discuss their processes together. Although it’s taking a while to take noticeable results, they still”


Founded in 2007, specializes in demand generation and lead generation services. Their expertise in blending traditional and digital marketing approaches results in measurable programs that directly tie marketing efforts to ROI. With a focus on extensive strategy and quantifiable results, clients choose inSegment for their technological expertise, analytic background, and reputation as digital experts. They offer services such as SEO, paid search and display, web development, B2B campaigns, email marketing, and social campaigns.




inSegment Rating

Review: “Thanks to inSegment’s efforts, KPIs were improved across the board including a 33% increase in conversion volume. The team has done well from a project management standpoint. Their ability to execute quickly and their responsiveness is impressive.”


Founded in Genli specializes in B2B lead generation via LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. Their team can offer your product or service to your target audience and forward potential customers to your sales team or CRM. Alternatively, they can generate a database of your target audience for your sales managers to contact and sell your product. Start getting results for your sales team on day one without breaking the bank with Genli.

Specialization: in creating a targeted search based on client segmentation, connecting with the target audience, identifying and segregating interested leads, and sending them to the client’s sales team.


Genli Rating

Review: “genli targeted the right demographic and produced high-quality leads. Besides a few misunderstandings, their team communicated well. They understood project needs and worked hard to deliver everything on time.”


Choosing the right sales agency to partner with can be a daunting task, especially when you’re based in a competitive city like Dallas. It’s crucial to conduct thorough research and consider various factors to ensure that you find a sales agency that aligns with your business needs and goals.

When evaluating sales agencies, consider their industry expertise, services offered, and client reviews. Look for agencies that have experience working with businesses similar to yours and offer services that meet your specific needs, such as lead generation, appointment setting, market research, and sales coaching.

It’s also important to take into account the location and proximity of the agency to your workplace, as well as their communication and collaboration practices. While some of the top sales agencies in Dallas may have their headquarters located outside of the city, they may still have a significant presence and conduct business within the area.

To gauge the agency’s experience and success in your industry, review their client base and case studies. This can help you understand their ability to deliver results and identify any potential red flags.

Before committing to a partnership, ensure that you clearly understand the agency’s services, pricing structure, and contract terms. This can help you avoid any misunderstandings or surprises in the future.

In summary, businesses seeking sales agencies in Dallas should conduct thorough research and evaluate their options based on industry expertise, services offered, and client reviews. Finding the right sales agency can build a successful partnership that drives growth and achieves your business goals. And if you’re a sales agency looking to be listed on a reputable website, contact us at [email protected]/blog.

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