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The right sales analytics software is necessary for today’s business scenario. With the help of the right tool, you can skyrocket your revenue by gaining valuable insights into customer behavior and making data-driven decisions. The competition is ever-rising, and access to good sales analytics software can give you an edge. You might already know all this but wonder which tool to choose. As various sales analytics software are available in the market, choosing one can be a task too. Therefore, we are here to save the day by giving you the best options. However, before that, let’s understand how Sales Analytics will change things for you.

Why Do We Need Sales Analytics?

As mentioned above, sales analytics can help your business achieve your financial goals, but how does it happen? 

You can easily track your sales and marketing strategies using Sales Analytics. This gives you solid data to quantify what’s working and what’s not. It lets you make data-driven decisions, resulting in better marketing campaigns, improved targeting, and higher conversion rates. It has been proven that by using sales analytics, revenue can rise to 15%.

The increased revenue is not the only benefit of sales analytics; it also helps you reduce costs and improve overall efficiency. This is possible as sales analysis lets you identify trends and patterns. You can use these trends to optimize your sales process and streamline operations. Increased cost savings and efficiency result in more profit for the company.

You can also use sales analytics to improve your customer relationships too. When you have all the data about your customers, you can serve them better. Customer loyalty and satisfaction can be enhanced by providing detailed suggestions and tailor-made plans per their needs. You can help them reach their target audience, and what else do companies want?

Now, we have established the importance of sales analytics. Let us have a look at the ones that you should choose from.  

The Top 10 Sales Analytics Software Tools

Sales analytics software aids businesses to track their sales data and gain insight. They make it possible for companies to make data-driven decisions. Although all the different types of sales analytics software serve this purpose, they can offer a lot more. From advanced analysis features to AI support, you can almost get anything. Choosing the right one can be tricky, so you know what you want.

Let us explore some of the most popular sales analytics tools.

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a popular data analytics and business intelligence platform. The Zoho name might contribute to the popularity, but it has some fantastic features too. From extensive customization to a user-friendly interface, it suits firms of all sizes due to its affordable pricing plans.  

Zoho Features

  1. Chart Creation Made Easy: Zoho analytics simplify the creation of charts by providing features like drag-and-drop navigation that can be used on your report and the dashboard. Using this feature, you can create stunning visualization with zero coding knowledge.
  2. Seamless integration with other Zoho Products: Zoho has everything from Zoho CRM to Zoho Finance, and if you use these tools in your company, you can sync everything. The variety of Zoho products can be integrated to analyze data from multiple sources.
  3. Collaboration: Zoho helps work with other tools in the company and with people. By using Zoho, you can create a centralized workspace. This makes it easy for you and your team to discuss and share valuable information. You can also add your client to the workspace, as there is a separate feature.
  4. Zia: The world can’t do without AI today. Thankfully Zoho realized it and made the intelligent assistant Zia. This assistant can hold your hand the entire time you are using the program, guiding you every step of the way. It can do much like machine learning, language processing, and solving your queries using AI.


Zoho Analytics is $24 for two monthly users (billed annually).

Wyn Enterprise

One of the most popular analytics platforms in the market is Wyn Enterprise. It offers users various advanced features to analyze, report and visualize their data. Its vast popularity is due to the platform’s user-friendly interface, which is also customizable. 

Wyn Enterprise Features

  1. Advanced Storage Functions: All data, reports, images, or databases can be stored in one central location. You can keep your configurations, models, users, and dashboard in the exact location and never worry about losing it. Also, if you need additional data from web sources or local files, you can gather the same here.
  2. The Power of Portals: No, we have not been transported to the world of Wizards. Portals, in the case of Wyn, mean specialized functionalities for the users. The document portal lets you create custom themes, dashboards, and reports that enable businesses to tailor the platform to their needs. The admin portal provides functions, life security configuration, and various management tools. Lastly, the resource portal serves the data needed for your IT and DBA staff.
  3. Security features: Wyn Enterprise offers robust security features, such as user authentication and data encryption, that help to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access. It also uses row-level filters, role-hosted security, and many multi-tenant deployments to keep the data secure, even when it’s open to users.


You can access Wyn Enterprise’s pricing upon request.


Sisense analytics software allows businesses to embed analytics into customer and employee applications or workflow. Sisense is a highly customizable analytics cloud platform.

Sisense Features

  1. API Framework: Sisense lets you use AI for real-time insights and predictive analysis. To further enhance the predictive analysis capabilities of your sales analytics, integrating ML development services can tailor AI models to your specific business needs, unlocking new levels of efficiency and insight into sales trends and customer behaviors. It also recognizes the requirements of every company that differs in data analytics, providing tools like ETL< analytics, powerful databases, and visualization. This makes  Sinsense highly versatile and an all-rounder.
  2. Data Monitoring in Real Time: Sisense uses machine learning to avoid any inaccuracies in the data. You don’t have to worry about errors even if the data is modified multiple times. This is because Sisense uses set rules by you to monitor data by machine learning, ensuring you get the correct information every single time.
  3. Centralized Data Management: Like Wyn, you can manage your data in Sisense effectively by making them available in a centralized location. It uses core-in-chip technology to avoid slow data processing even when the data is significant. You can have a columnar and memory-optimized database that lets you use data from multiple sources in less time.


Sisense offers users customized solutions. You can access Sisense’s pricing upon request.


Looker’s sales analytics solution helps businesses drive results with real-time data and actionable insights to close deals faster. 

Looker Features

  1. Powerful data modeling: Looker’s capabilities enable businesses to easily create and manage data models, ensuring data accuracy and consistency across the organization. The advanced visualization tools in Looker make it easier to drag and drop elements per your requirements. This removes the need for any advanced technical knowledge to administer your work.
  2. Embedded analytics: Looker enables businesses to embed analytics within their existing workflows and applications, allowing the users to access insights and make data-driven decisions without leaving their current platform.
  3. Collaboration and Data Sharing: Looker’s collaboration features enable teams to easily share reports, visualizations, and insights, improving communication and alignment across the organization. This makes document sharing more accessible and faster among the group. Also, you can use this feature to share the data online without any hassle.
  4. SQL Learning: If you have no previous on the subject and want help without using the tool effectively, Looker has your back. You have a vast collection of videos and docs to help you learn more about SQL quickly.


Prospective customers can access Looker’s pricing on request.


The product is as fancy as the name; Reveal lets you easily collect, analyze and visualize data. It is an embedded analytics platform with many features for the users, this includes predictive analysis, data integration, and a customizable dashboard.

Key Features

  1. Effective Service Management: If service management has been a problem for you in the past, then Reveal is a tool you must consider. You get reliable service management with product support and intuitive partnership, including training, installations, and dashboard modeling.
  2. Low reliance on advanced IT features: By using Reveal, you will no longer have to rely on your IT team for everything. Data deployment can be quickly done by you so that you can install apps in the cloud or on-premises without any help. Other features are also easier to grasp for someone with a non-tech background.
  3. Affordable pricing plans: Reveal offers affordable pricing plans that make it accessible to small and medium-sized businesses. It offers a free program and paid plans with advanced features. The plans are simple and have no hidden fees.


Customers can access Reveal’s pricing information on request.

Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Powered by Einstein Analytics, Salesforce Analytics Cloud is a cloud-based platform that lets you make intelligent business decisions. It offers features like predictive analysis, language processing, and machine learning. Making it one of the top choices in the market.

  1. Collaboration and Integration with Salesforce: Salesforce Analytics Cloud is integrated with Salesforce. This allows you to analyze and visualize Salesforce data without any additional integration. Apart from this, the collaboration feature within the tool is highly advanced. It has easy-to-understand data visualization, live dashboards, and other sharing features.
  2. Data Rich Dashboards: Creation of dashboards is easy and quick using advanced customization features. Salesforce lets you create dashboards that can be used to track metrics and enables you to focus on specific data. You also get widgets, pages, and tables to simplify data processing.
  3. Einstein Discovery: No, you are not in your physics class again. Einstein discovery is a feature that lets you browse through large data sets to discover any significant correlations. You can create stories that reveal relationships between 2 or more variables in CRM data. These announced patterns will help you in analysis and better performance.


Salesforce Analytics starts at $75 per user per month (billed annually).


Another sales analytical software that can transform your business. QlikView, with its interactive dashboards, is one you should consider.

Key Features:

  1. Integrate Data: With QuickView, you can easily integrate data as many options let you easily connect to different data sources. This eliminates the need to transfer huge chunks of data from one place to another, which is a waste of time. You will get access to custom and default data connectors to ease data flow.
  2. Memory Tech: This technology lets you analyze and visualize large quantities of data. This feature in QuickView saves a lot of time and effort spent on data processing.
  3. Customization and Configuration: QlikView offers advanced customization options for charts and graphs, enabling businesses to create highly customized and interactive dashboards and reports. It has an open API infrastructure, meaning you can use the same tool for data processing. It integrates into any software ecosystem you can think of.


QlikView starts at $30 per user per month (billed annually)

SAP BusinessObjects 

SAP BusinessObjects Lumira is a self-service data visualization and analytics tool that enables businesses to access, analyze, and visualize their data efficiently.

SAP BusinessObjects Features

  1. Data Analysis Automation: SAP BusinessObjects Lumira provides self-service capabilities, enabling business users to easily access and analyze data without requiring extensive IT support. Sounds like a dream come true?
  2. Integration and Data Coordination: SAP BusinessObjects Lumira integrates seamlessly with other SAP products, including SAP HANA, SAP Business Warehouse, and SAP Crystal Reports. You can also compile all the data into a single module of several databases.
  3. A Huge Range of Visualisation Options: SAP enables businesses to explore their data using various visualization techniques, including charts, graphs, and maps. It has an extensive collection of multiple options for customization, so you have the power to your aesthetics. 


Prospective customers can request a price quote from SAP’s sales team.


Tableau uses AI-driven data to help sales teams increase revenue. With real-time sales analytics Tableau helps sales teams understand their customers better, thus helping them close deals faster.

Tableau Features

  1. User-Friendly Interface: Tableau’s user interface is top-notch, with the dashboard full of features to customize. It has a drag-and-drop interface that lets you easily use the tool without the need to study every aspect of it in detail. This means you don’t need advanced programming knowledge or special training. Sounds like a time saver?
  2. Quality Customer Support: It is annoying to wait in a queue for customer support and never get our query solved on time and without hassle. Well, this nightmare scenario can be avoided while using Tableau. They offer 24/7 technical support and also quick fixes in the form of FAQ’s and small manuals. If that’s not enough and you wish to be a pro at everything, you can opt for their classroom learning or consulting services.
  3. Different forms of Data processing: You can process data in some ways, and Tableau lets you do that easily. It enables you to combine different approaches and data views that can help you make better insights. Also, with Tableau, you enjoy seamless integration with other 3rd party tools and applications.


You can access Tableau’s pricing upon request.


If you haven’t realized it already, Sales analytical software is now necessary for all kinds of organizations. Whether your company is large or small, you need the software to access and analyze data. In the above article, you learned about some of the top sales analytics software; all of them have the power to skyrocket your sales and revenue by providing you with tons of features to make data-driven decisions.

Every tool mentioned above is slightly different from the others. These slight differences, however, should be ignored. If you wish to use one of the above software, carefully analyze the functionalities to choose one that fits your needs without exceeding the budget. Once you select the right tool, no one can stop you from reaching your business goals. 

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