Cold Email Clichés, or What Your Prospects Have Seen Too Many Times to Care!!

“The goal is not to sell, but to get a response showing an interest “

Cold Emailing is a technique you are likely to use on a daily basis if you are into sales and marketing. You need to give your prospects a clear view on the next step, but if the prospects are rolling their eyes everytime they read your e-mail and are confused about your intentions then it is something to get worried about. Cold Emailing is mostly harder because you don’t have any relationship with your audience yet and you lack on the non-verbal feedback because of which most of the cold e-mails fail.

So lets think about the reasons why your feeble language is turning them off.

Any unclear message would not captivate the prospects and won’t prompt them to take the next step, I also get cold emails and based on them I would advise you to follow a few guidelines:

  1. Select your Prospects carefully – It’s important that your cover message has a sign, that you have done your homework about the client and they may need you for that space to fill. Instead of yourself, try to talk more about your prospect in the mail and let them know that you have noticed their work.
  2. Check your Spelling and Grammars – Your language proficiency is the foremost thing, that the prospect will notice in your cover-letter for employment, if it has errors then it would be the basic reason to disqualify you. Any error in the cover-letter could be fatal.
  3. Be Short and Crisp – One of the most important point to be kept in mind is to be short. Any mail that reaches the inbox which exceeds two or more paragraphs is bound to be ignored. So be precise, avoid long sentences and escape reaching the trash.
  4. Don’t use templates – although you may find a lot of them doing rounds on the internet and they convince you that they would be great for your mass marketing and sales, but don’t use them. Trust me make your e-mail personalized instead of using a template.
  5. It has a clear CTA or Call-to-Action – Just tell the prospect what do you want from them and request them to reply. Make it easy for them to take the crucial step.

For example :

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Although cold emailing sounds problematic but don’t give up.There are many unusual people to meet, jobs to get and advice to receive . All of this can be achieved with cold emails if you work your best to send them to your prospects , getting a positive response from the prospect is precarious, but if your approach is right then brace yourself for some great news !!

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