Best SaaS Affiliate Programs

Before jumping on SaaS affiliate programs it is necessary to know what SaaS is and how choosing the right affiliate program will help you in monitoring the performance of your traffic channels.

What is SaaS?

Software as a Service (SaaS), also referred to as web-based software, hosted software, or on-demand software, is a business model in which an organization makes its program accessible to customers by hosting it on the cloud. The industry is estimated to grow to $195 billion by the end of 2023. 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing involves employing industry experts or influencers like crypto influencers to promote your company’s goods and paying these affiliate marketers on a commission basis whenever a pre-decided action is achieved on your website such as sale, click, visit, impressions etc.  

Affiliate marketers (industry experts or influencers) promote the product through several channels (websites, social media, funnels, friends, family, etc.) and receive a commission every time a customer purchases the product through their affiliate link.

However, the one question that would pop up in every affiliate marketer’s mind is – “Where am I going to find a profitable product?”

More money is made from digital products than physical ones. A lot of affiliate marketers make an excellent amount of recurring earnings monthly. Due to its simplicity and ease of entry, SAAS affiliate marketing is potentially a promising approach to developing a successful side business or making a full-time living. 

This post will help you narrow down your options and choose the best affiliate networks.

The Factors You Should Consider When Selecting a SaaS Affiliate Program?

The following are three factors to keep in mind when choosing an affiliate program to market.

Reputation in the Market

Selling products of well-established companies is much easier compared to promoting products of new or upcoming ones. However, working with companies that provide high-quality goods will help keep your audience happy regardless of brand awareness, which raises the likelihood of developing strong affiliate relationships.

Upgraded Technology

Affiliates should check to see if the program they choose is committed to using the latest technology carelessness could cost the affiliates a lot of money!

Use a Landing Page to increase conversions

Landing pages are important because they eliminate clutter and give your intended audience a crystal-clear call to action (CTA).

Without further ado, let’s dive into the twenty-one best SaaS Affiliate programs out there.

20 Best SaaS Affiliate Programs in 2024 is an all-in-one sales engagement platform for all business teams. It’s used to reach out to any company with whom a business has no prior relationship. Its called “Cold Outreach for B2B Sales

It enables sales representatives to source prospect lists and then reach out to these potential customers using various channels like Linkedin, Whatsapp, email, SMS, and calls. By leveraging multichannel outreach, sales reps can expand their reach and provide a customized experience to prospects, which in turn increases engagement rates.

In addition, SmartReach’s shared inbox feature helps to streamline communication and collaboration among sales team members. The shared inbox facilitates transparency and allows team members to access all incoming emails, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

Earning Potential: Businesses use to sell their products or services to other businesses spread across the globe. This means that every growing business needs a sales engagement platform like SmartReach. 

Type of Businesses using SmartReach: Sales teams of SAAS, PAAS, CPAAS, IAAS, Cloud Storage, CRM, Cloud Computing etc (basically software products “XAAS”), companies providing services like AI development companies, recruiting, hospitality etc, recruitment firms use to source and reach out to candidates, marketing teams use it to reach out to influencers, backlinking, public relations outreach, etc, business development and partnership teams, OEMs for outreach to distributors and clients, event bookings, etc. Sky’s the limit.

SaaS Affiliate Program Name: Affiliate program

Why should you partner with

  • offers up to 25% commission consecutively for up to 12 months
  • Get a 25$ performance bonus for every ten paid customers you refer
  • No cash-out limit. You’ll receive your commission every month
  • No cap on the payout
  • There is no limit on the number of people you can refer to
  • Uses FirstPromoter for affiliate tracking


There is no doubt that CloudTalk is one of the best places for medium and small-sized organizations. It makes it easier for modern sales and customer support teams to operate remotely and set up a cloud call system quickly.

SaaS Affiliate Program Name: affiliate program


  • Sign-up bonus No upper limit
  • Recurrent lifetime commission

Commission: 25% monthly commission and after 4 sales, you get a 30% commission after, 7, you get a 35% recurrent commission for life.

WP Provider

WP Provider is a leading web hosting provider specializing in WordPress hosting solutions, offering a comprehensive range of services including Managed WordPress hosting, email hosting, domain registration, and free SSL certificates. With a focus on performance, security, and reliability, WP Provider ensures seamless website management for businesses and individuals.

SaaS Affiliate Program Name: WP Provider Hosting Affiliate Program


1 – 5 sales per month: $75/sale

6 – 10 sales per month: $100/sale

11 – 20 sales per month: $125/sale

21+ Sales per month: Custom Commissions

WP Provider’s affiliate program offers competitive commissions and flexible payout options, making it an attractive opportunity for affiliate marketers. Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or just starting out, WP Provider provides the tools and support you need to succeed. Join the WP Provider affiliate program today and earn commissions for every sale you refer.


LambdaTest is one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in the cross-browser testing space. Its affiliate program is an excellent opportunity to make money quickly by promoting the LambdaTest platform across niche audiences. 

SaaS Affiliate Program Name: Lambda test Affiliate program


  • No minimal payment
  • No cap on the maximum
  • Offers unique coupons
  • Payments are made to your Paypal accounts every 15 days.

Commission: LambdaTest Affiliate Program offers a flat 25% recurring commission for all annual plans sold by your affiliate link. And for monthly plans, marketers get a 50% commission on the first transaction, followed by a recurring 25% monthly commission for a lifetime.


Leading SaaS provider Freshworks offers various organisations ready-to-use, simple-to-install, and easy-to-use business software to help them expand their internet presence. 

SaaS Affiliate Program Name: Freshworks Affiliate program


Affiliate marketers receive $5 per lead each time a genuine user registers using the referral link you provide to your followers or clients. You will also receive 15% of the monthly recurring revenue (MRR) for an entire year each time a referral becomes a paying client.


Leadpages is a top-tier digital lead-generating platform.Marketers can publish landing pages using Leadpage, which helps convert clicks into buyers. 

SaaS Affiliate Program Name: Leadpages Affiliate Program


All Leadpages Affiliate Partners earn a recurring base commission of 10% for referrals (past and present), with the opportunity to earn up to 40% and 50% commission based on the number of new customer sales they refer each month. 


This program by Aweber is for aspiring and seasoned affiliate marketers. There is no sign-up fee, and all payments are made monthly.

SaaS Affiliate Program Name: Customer referral program


Affiliate marketers earn 30% commissions on paid accounts referred. Refer ten or more new paid accounts in the trailing 12-month period to receive 40% commissions. Refer 50 or more new paid accounts in the trailing 12-month period to receive 50% commissions.


Bluehost is a site hosting service portal. Bluehost uses cutting-edge and specialised technology, with proprietary tracking hard-coded into their platform, to guarantee that each affiliate marketer receives credit for every referral. They have a committed group of affiliate managers.

SaaS Affiliate Program Name: Bluehost Affiliate Program


The Bluehost affiliate program gives an incredible $65 for every signup. Bluehost then tracks the referrals marketers send to our website through your affiliate link and gives a commission per qualifying signup.


Teachable is an online course creation and sales platform. At Teachable, you may make thousands of dollars from a single email thanks to one of the top affiliate programs in the business. 

SaaS Affiliate Program Name: Teachable affiliate program

Commission: Teachable offers a 30% commission when anyone purchases a teachable subscription. Marketers earn $450 per month on average and continue to get the commission as long as they stay on the platform.


Geekbot aims to save time and increase a team’s productivity by running standup meetings in platforms like Slack and Microsoft teams. Furthermore, Geekbot helps teams automate recurring tasks and collect surveys from teams to keep the manager updated on the team’s productivity and well-being.

SaaS Affiliate Program Name: Geekbot Affiliate Program


For every referral a marketer makes, Geekbot allows you to earn a 20% recurring commission every month for 12 months.


SiteGround is a web hosting company providing solutions for shared hosting, cloud hosting, email hosting, and registering domains. Additionally, SiteGround provides web hosting services for WordPress and WooCommerce websites. SiteGround pays weekly commissions with no minimum payout requirement and pays affiliate marketers based on their preferences.

SaaS Affiliate Program Name: SiteGround Hosting Affiliate Program


  • 1 – 5 sales per month: $50/sale
  • 6 – 10 sales per month: $75/sale
  • 11 – 20 sales per month: $100/sale
  • 21+ sales per month: Custom Commissions


Zoolz aims to provide its customers with affordable and secure cloud storage solutions. Additionally, Zoolz delivers a highly low-cost storage solution for your data storage for a lifetime. Zoolz’s Genie9 cloud storage affiliate program offers a commission on every successful cloud backup sale.

SaaS Affiliate Program Name: Genie9 Cloud Storage Affiliate Program

Commission: 75% commission on each valid sale.


Privy is an all-in-one eCommerce marketing platform built to help online sellers increase sales. Privy allows its customers to grow contacts, save abandoned carts, and send emails and messages through one platform alone. 

SaaS Affiliate Program Name: Privy Affiliate

Commission: Marketers earn a 10% revenue share for life when a customer purchases a Privy subscription through the affiliate link.


Iconosquare aims to help make the life of social media marketers easy by allowing marketers to connect all their social media accounts to one place. Moreover, the platform enables marketers to easily view all social media analytics from one dashboard and schedule content.

SaaS Affiliate Program Name: Iconosquare Affiliate Partner

Commission: 15% recurring commission on every new user. As long as the user remains a subscriber to Iconosquare, you continue to get paid.


You can make graphics that are professional-looking for free using Canva. Only PhotoShop and Canva are required; you don’t need pricey software or design expertise! Canva is simple to use and pick up. Designers can create intuitive designs in minutes.

Commission: Canva has an affiliate program in the SaaS niche with commissions up to $36.00 per sale of Pro plan on Impact.

Additional services include: How-to instructions, exclusive affiliate ad templates, and comprehensive affiliate resources to get you started.


Moosend helps you to send effective email campaigns with the aid of the email marketing and automation tool by Moosend.

The Moosend affiliate program offers single-tier commissions.. The affiliate program also provides a set commission structure with a $5 minimum payout.

SaaS Affiliate Program Name: Moosend Affiliate program

Additional services include: They give you access to an affiliate resource centre with a selection of quick videos, banner ads, and social media posts. 

Commission: 40% lifelong recurring commission.


One of the most well-known and reputable SEO software tools is SEMRush. It provides all the resources you require for success, such as thorough on-page and content optimization and thorough analytics data. Semrush boast of an excellent affiliate support team

Commission: $200 commission per subscription. Commissions are paid twice in a month


HubSpot is a customer relationship management software to expand and nurture your company. As an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies draw customers by converting leads into revenues.

SaaS Affiliate Program Name: HubSpot’s Affiliate Program

Commission: Marketers receive a 15% commission rate up to 1 year and Flat 100% of first month’s revenue.


Woorise is a lead generation platform to help marketers create competitions, landing sites, forms, surveys, and more. Woorise offers all you need to build effective campaigns that reach your customers.

SaaS Affiliate Program Name: Woorise Affiliate Program        

Commission: 30% recurring commission for any plan. As long as the user is subscribed, you will receive commission.

SUMO scheduler

The SUMO Affiliate Program gives businesses and individuals a chance to spread the word about SUMO and earn commission on recurring sales for the whole ACV.

SaaS Affiliate Program Name: BOOST

Commission: Affiliate marketers can earn up to 25% commission. The heavy lifting is handled by SUMO, which provides marketers with marketing materials and technology so they can concentrate on selling.


Unbounce is a platform for improving conversions. It is used to develop overlays (tailored calls-to-action to be launched on any web page) and landing pages (pages dedicated to a specific purpose within an overarching marketing campaign) to generate leads, clickthroughs, signups, etc.

SaaS Affiliate Program Name: Unbounce Partner Program


Unbounce will reward you with 20% of the recurring revenue on your referrals for as long as your referral is an Unbounce customer.


The above list of SaaS affiliate programs is worth investing time and energy in. It’s time for you to choose the program that best suits your interests and diversify your sources of income.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a SaaS affiliate program?

SaaS affiliate marketing is the process whereby a user or customer clicks on a link and is then directed to your product or service.

2. What is the highest-paying affiliate program in 2023?

Semrush,, HubSpot, and AWeber are some highest-paying affiliate programs.

3. How to start affiliate marketing?

  • Decide on a niche you are interested in
  • Select an affiliate program
  • Decide the platform you’ll use to get traffic
  • Create content consistently on that platform to build the trust of your audience
  • Engage with your audience and build your network

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