How to write business collaboration emails for B2B?

With various modes of communication being used, 99% of professionals check their emails daily, and 90% check their email thrice a day. So, sending emails is still one of the most effective and efficient ways of reaching out to prospects and also for collaboration. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to write business collaboration emails, especially for B2B.

Keep in mind that writing a good collaboration email is half the work done.

What is also imp is that you get your business collaboration emails infront of your intended audience using humanlike automation (no bulk emailing). Tools like specialise at this and it starts $24 per month for unlimited sending emails. Want to talk to an expert?

What is a Business Collaboration Email?

Business collaboration emails are written formally and contain a business proposition to benefit both parties. The purpose of sending a business collaboration email is to initiate, propose, or discuss a potential collaboration or partnership between two businesses.

Meet Tim, a young professional in the world of business communication. One day, he came across the saying, “First impression lasts long”. This means that the way you start things can leave a significant memory. He thought about how to make his emails special, so people would want to talk more.

As Tim’s primary task was to write emails to the other businesses inviting for collaborations, he knew it wasn’t an easy task and had to maintain some guidelines. So, he did his research work and came up with a list of items that he should take care of while searching for prospective businesses and drafting a collaborative email. 

Writing a Business Collaboration Email: Things to Keep in Mind

A business collaboration email should adhere to a few ground rules to be effective. An effective partnership email can enhance your ongoing relationship. The following are three rules you should follow when writing a business collaboration email:

Identify the right fit for you.

Tim knew he needed to find brands that fit well with his goals. He made a list of things, like what the target audience and what the brands stood for, etc. 

When the list of brands is set, Tim digs deeper and researches the brand. Then he finds about the point of contact and extracts their email address. 

Focus on recipients

Tim writes his emails very carefully. He gets his email personalized using automated outreach tools like SmartReach. He mentions what he liked about them. He explained how they could both benefit from this collaboration. 

Tim believed in being honest and open, so he said why he thought they were a good fit. Tim also uses reputable SMTP servers to ensure that his emails are delivered reliably once drafted.

Prepare yourself for a negative response.

Tim knew that not everyone would say yes. Some brands might already be ahead in terms of collaboration, so they might not reply positively. 

Tim knew he had to focus on the brands that responded positively rather than whining over those that responded negatively. Adding a reply sentiment to all responses helped Tim keep a track of his pipeline

What are the Main Elements of B2B collaboration emails?

The key to writing effective business collaboration emails lies in great copywriting techniques. B2B collaboration Email messages often fail to demonstrate good business communication skills. Many people who would never send a poorly drafted corporate memo send badly drawn emails regularly.

When drafting effective collaboration emails, Tim listed out essential components of a cold emailing business email:

– The Subject Line
– The Preview
– The Body
– And the Signature

The Subject Line

Tim knew getting someone to open his email was the first step to a successful collaboration. He had read about the importance of a strong and effective subject line, and he was determined to get it right.

He understood that the subject line was like a headline for a newspaper article – it had to grab attention, accurately represent the content, and make the recipient want to read more. Tim noted some tips:

  • Capture the reader’s attention immediately,
  • Represent the content accurately,
  • Encourage the recipient to keep reading.
  • It should summarize, not describe.
  • It should avoid one-word descriptions

Tim learned that subject lines of around 60 characters  were ideal. They were short and easy to read on a phone screen. He also learned that the words he chose are crucial; they shouldn’t sound too pushy. A well-written subject line could make all the difference in getting his emails opened.

Lately, boring 4 word subject lines all written in small caps are giving the best opens. For example, “grow your traffic now”

As per research, around 64% of professionals decide to open an email based on the subject line.


Tim knew the importance of writing a preview. The first few lines of his email were just as important as the subject line. It could make the recipient decide whether to continue reading or not.

Tim made sure his opening lines were clear, not more than one or two sentences. He made it a point to always include the following points:

  • Explain the purpose, question, or concern clearly and concisely.
  • There should be no more than one or two sentences, and you should provide the necessary details below.
  • Don’t send emails that cover more than one topic unless they’re closely related.

It is necessary to ensure that the first line of the body of your email conveys the same message as the subject line but in a more detailed manner. Subject lines and preview text that generate interest are more likely to encourage recipients to open your email.  

Body Text

By now, Tim has captured the importance of writing effective subject and preview. Then, his journey of writing engaging body content has begun. He knew that the heart of the email lay in the body text. 

Tim made sure that the body content was simple and easy to understand. He listed out a few points to get his point across without overwhelming the reader.

  • Describe the background or supporting information necessary.
  • Stay within several bullet points or a few short paragraphs. If you wrote long-form paragraphs in an email, run them through a text summarizer. It will summarise them in short ones. Also, with the summarizer you can convert normal text into bullet points.
  • Provide only the necessary information to explain the issue or ask questions in a short or descriptive paragraph.
  • Improve the content language using an articlerewriter’s rewording tool. The tool will refine sentence structure, improve vocabulary, polish tone, and make the text more engaging and worth reading.
  • If the email contains a file attachment, describe what it has and what actions need to be taken.
  • When presenting or discussing issues, be polite, professional, and respectful.
  • Always insert your signature that includes all the necessary information, for example, your virtual number for international communication, your designation, and your company name, because it looks professional. To reduce the clutter, you can compile all this information into a digital business card and add it to your email signature.

When email outreach is concerned, personalization is very crucial. Personalization is effective when a prospect’s need, interest, and pain point are clearly understood. By customizing business collaboration emails, you can connect with each prospect, establish a genuine connection, build trust, and increase the chances of a positive response.

A Clear Closing

Tim didn’t like to leave his recipients hanging. He understood that a clear closing was essential, so he ended his emails with a specific request and a timeframe. 

A clear call to action made it easy for recipients to know what he expected from them. If he needed an opinion or permission, he would ask for it directly. 

A personalized call to action converts 202% better than any basic CTAs. 

Our cold email masterclass provides details on writing compelling emails and follow ups. provides AI content generation as a feature to create high converting business collaboration emails in a few seconds. You simply input a few details about your target audiences, email context and boom your email content is ready. You could then edit it further to suit your style.

Email templates for collaboration

Partnership Email Template

Hey [Name],

Let me just say that I am a great fan of [Company Name]. My sincere opinion is that [ Personalization ] is very effective.

My Name is [Name], [ Your Job Title ] at [Company]. We’re a [ Describe What You Do ].

I am writing this email to discuss the potential integration between [ Company Name ] and [ Your Company ]. It is evident that there is a great deal of market demand for our data, and I have no doubt that if we can make it happen, it will be a major success.

It would be great if we could schedule a call and discuss how we can establish a win-win partnership.

Are you up for it?

Let me know.

[ Signature Name ]

Collaboration Email Template for Affiliate Programs

Hi {Name}

My Name is {Name}, and I am with {Company Name}. {Describe your brand briefly}. We adore your {Describe what motivates you} and enjoy following your journey on {Social media Id}.

I am reaching out to you as we believe you would be a great partner for our Company {Link}.
Are you interested in becoming an affiliate partner?

We can share some affiliate links with you so that you can earn money through our affiliate program.

Please let me know what you think. We would love to chat about future possibilities to work together.

You can reach out at any time to [Phone number/email]

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards

Brand Ambassador Email Collaboration Pitch Template

Hi [Influencer Name],

I’m [insert name] from [insert company]. We have been following your review of [insert topic] and would like to know if you are interested in [insert topic].

We are looking for individuals who are passionate and enthusiastic about our product. Let us know what you think about our Company by becoming an ambassador. Your followers can benefit from our offerings if you share them with them.

I would like to offer you to become a brand ambassador for our Company. If you are interested, please forward your resume along with some photos and links on social media, as well as your profile engagement rate, so we can see what kinds of things others may find inspiring.

Are you interested in our ambassador program? Feel free to contact me with your contact information, and we will schedule a time to speak.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon.


The Content Partnership Email Template

Hi {Name},

I hope you are doing well and safe.
I just completed going through your post, {url}, and your list of tools is excellent.

As a matter of fact, I shared it with my team over here at [Your Company] to see if they could assist.

It would be helpful if we could share a bit more about what we do in order to see if we might be able to work together.
{Give a brief overview of your Company and what you do in two or three sentences}.

Are you interested in collaborating with us? It would be great if we could work together to benefit our audiences.
Please let me know what you think.

Regardless, I love your stuff. Keep up the good work.

[Your Name]

The Influencer Collaborative Email Template

Hi [Influencer’s Name],

I’ve been loving your [content platform] and your ability to connect with your audience.

I’m from [Your Company Name], where we specialize in [brief description].

We’d like to team up to promote our new product, [Your Product Name]. It’s [brief product description] and we think your followers would love it.

Benefits of our collaboration:

– [Brief compensation or perks].
– Early access to [Your Product Name].
– Freedom for your authentic touch.

Keen to discuss this? Let’s chat about the details and how we can create awesome content together. Share your availability, and we’ll set up a quick call.

Excited to collaborate!


The Give-Away Collaboration Email Template

Hi [Partner’s Name],

I hope this message finds you well. I’ve been following your fantastic work on [platform] and I’m truly impressed by your engagement with your audience.

I am reaching out to you as I have a product that your audience might find quite useful. Would you be willing to test the product and give a review?

Let’s join forces for a giveaway:

– You share with your audience.
– We offer [your giveaway contribution].
– We both promote across platforms.

Interested? Let’s talk details. When are you free for a quick chat?

Excited to collaborate!


The Podcast Collaborative Email Template

Hi [Podcast Host’s Name],

I’m a big fan of [Podcast Name] and your impactful content. I’m with [Your Company/Brand Name], specializing in [brief description].

How about a podcast collaboration? We could discuss [specific topic] that aligns with your theme. With my expertise in [your expertise], it could be a great episode.

Here’s the plan:

– I’ll bring engaging insights.
– You’ll host the episode.
– We both promote it.

Interested? Let’s chat. When are you available for a quick call?

Excited to collaborate!


The follow-up Template

Hi [Name],

My Name is [Name], and I am with [company name]. I sent you an email [date of when sent] that I believe could benefit if we partnered up. I’ve come across your work and liked it.

I thought you might be interested in partnering on this because [give the reasons]. I would love to hear your take if you are interested and how we can move forward together.

The following are some examples of successful projects I have worked on: [link to projects].

If you want to work something out, please feel free to call me on [phone number] during [specified time].

[Email Signature]

Quick Tips on “How to Write Collaborative Email”

  • Address the recipient by name and reference something specific about their work or content to show that your email is tailored to them.
  • Start with a friendly and engaging greeting, mentioning your appreciation for their work or content.
  • Clearly state what’s in it for them. Explain how the collaboration can benefit both parties.
  • Outline your collaboration idea or proposal with clarity. What do you have in mind & how would it work?
  • Highlight the benefits and unique aspects of the collaboration, such as exposure, mutual growth, or shared goals.
  • Share why you think they’re a good fit for the collaboration based on shared values, audience, or expertise.
  • Clearly state what you want from them, whether it’s a call, a meeting, a guest post, or any other specific action.
  • Mention your willingness to discuss further or provide additional information if they’re interested.
  • Include a professional email signature with your name, title, and contact information.
  • Check for grammar and spelling errors. A well-written email reflects positively on your professionalism.


A business collaboration email template can be an effective tool for growing your business. The use of collaborative emails can be an effective means of establishing trust between brands and customers.

You can contact another company using the above strategy, email template for collaboration proposals, and tips. Keep these things in mind when contacting other brands for collaboration. Likewise, if you are targeting an IG business account, make sure you get enough likes to build social proof. These email template samples can be customized according to your needs and the preferences of the other Company. These steps will increase the likelihood that you will be able to collaborate, and both brands will benefit from the collaboration. Get a more precise understanding of writing a collaboration email with some extra tips provided in our cold email masterclass.

Sales engagement platforms like can help you craft a perfect B2B collaboration email. SmartReach offers AI-generated email content where users can provide input on such things as email context, structure, tonality, etc. Users can generate subject lines based on the email body. Specific lines or phrases can be rephrased or shortened if required. Get intelligent replies to prospect queries as well.

With Google’s and Yahoo’s new email sender policy in the picture, your sending might have been affected. But SmartReach has got a solution to this, it’s new inbox rotation feature. Here you can send multiple emails within a single campaign. The number of emails you intent to send goes out from different email accounts which the system randomly selects.

Many a times is impossible to get verified email addresses for business collaboration. So you have the option to run an automated LinkedIn outreach campaign and reduce the load off cold email outreach.

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